Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (4-3)

Story 4-3The First Couple


“Fuwah…” (Daichi)

“… You seem awful sleepy, Katsuragi-kun.” (Shuri)

“… I guess. I didn’t get to sleep till late from hearing those things yesterday.” (Daichi)

“… Hmm.” (Shuri)

I’ll just pretend to be convinced. Katsuragi-kun may be skilled at deception but I can tell when he’s lying.

Katsuragi-kun’s lack of sleep, and Hayase-san’s skin shining one and a half times more than normal.

There can only be one conclusion drawn from these.

Those two cross that line last night.

Katsuragi-kun lacked sleep because of the act.

… Uuu… this is bad… Even though it was just me I had almost completely finished besieging Katsuragi-kun.

A substantial three people became Katsuragi-kun’s brides. Nanamin also said she was interested in Katsuragi-kun…

… No. Losing your nerves is no good. Because we are now alone together at last.

To search efficiently, we divided the Forest of the Demonic Dragon into north, south, east, and west. We decided to search one direction each day.

Additionally, we partitioned it into four segments to search for the entrance faster. Since it can only be discovered by demons (since Katsuragi-kun is the hero of demons, he’s an exception), we put together four teams in total. The members were evenly distributed into『Katsuragi-kun, me』『Leadred-san, Arianne-san, Hayase-san』『Miare-san, Yui-chan, Nanamin』『Lily-san, Yuuma-san, Selen-san』. The person who finds the entrance would inform the others by launching a red smoke bomb into the sky.

This layout was created by Yui-chan considering the power balance of the members… Although I say that, demons won’t come to attack us…

This fact was legitimized by us encountering demons several times and us passing through them without stopping. Nevertheless that doesn’t mean that we should lower our guard.

“There’s no reaction here… It would be good if the other three teams found it though.” (Daichi)

Katsuragi-kun shrugged and shook his head.

Although he said that, he didn’t seem to expect much. Each team was divided approximately evenly. Given that we finished examining the area we were in charge of today, it would be reasonable to think that the other teams have already finished as well.

The first day was a failure huh… Unfortunate. There isn’t much time left. We have to unfasten the seal on the goddess while Claria is preoccupied with replenishing her forces.

We needed to carefully and quickly handle this. It was nerve-wracking. Actually Katsuragi-kun seemed tired as well, so we sat down and took a break.

“Are you alright, Katsuragi-kun?” (Shuri)

“Yeah, I’m just a little tired. We’ll rest for a moment and return to the house.” (Daichi)

“I see… Then, I’ll also…” (Shuri)

I laid down next to Katsuragi-kun. Therefore, the conversation paused.

It’s not that I couldn’t speak exactly.

My heart was broken by Lily’s trial in the【Scorching Execution Ground】, but Katsuragi-kun still knew that we were advancing closer together. At that time, I wonder just how much was I saved.

Several days have passed since then. As a friend to Katsuragi-kun, I could only be in contact with him as a friend. I stopped using keigo to start with. Although until now I could simply tell him my feelings in my usual tone, I stopped that as well.

After that I had lost the housework to someone else.

It became a rotation system, so that I could also have days off.

Or more precisely, Arianne-san is amazing. She has many dishes in her repertoire, her skill is… although it’s frustrating, better than mine. He other housekeeping abilities were also amazing. She even cleaned the rooms that weren’t being used, finishing so that there wasn’t even a speck of dust. I thought that I would ask for her to teach me her skills, but was too embarrassed to ask.

So then I asked Selen-san who was together with Arianne-san from the start and it seemed she was the daughter of a high-class family. However, she didn’t know any more than that. Although she was a perfect superwoman, it felt wasted because of her personality. A disappointing beautiful girl.

Be that as it may, thanks to her I could relax and spend that time mingling with Katsuragi-kun. Thanks to that, I could even notice the small changes. For example, that he dislikes that foodstuff that looks like a tomato or that he has a chuunibyou-ish side to him. That, once in a while, he unconsciously mutters “… How cool, those eyes” when looking at Hayase-san’s red eyes is my well-kept secret.

Even on the way to Gandarosu, I thought now that we had a base I would be sure to find out more about him. I was genuinely happy.

I thought that it was good to try over again from as a friend. Because I understood that I failed that time.

… However, I felt that this relationship is frustrating as well.

“… Hey, Katsuragi-kun.” (Shuri)

“What’s up?” (Daichi)

“If you’re tired… do you want… a lap pillow?” (Shuri)

“… An attractive offer, but we should wait a bit more.” (Daichi)

Ever since that day, it turned into me being evaded like this. According to him, that is, there would be no point if he gets spoiled… So he says.

I understood what he wanted to say. Although I understood… is it selfish for me to think this isn’t good? Girls would be anxious at all times after all.

Especially Yui-chan’s recent amazing ‘dere’ style. She even called Katsuragi-kun『Daichi』.

I’m a little bit envious. I told myself sorry excuses like that we also had a special connection… Excuses notwithstanding, since they exude a happy aura, it made me clench my fists a bit, though.

“… Haah.” (Shuri)

There are many rivals around me.

I was just the first… they’ve increased.

… Thinking about it, maybe Katsuragi-kun is a womanizer… But the weird thing is that seeing everyone’s attentions only makes me feel happy.

… I thought about the small things too much. My emotions were welling up endlessly.

… Let’s calm down. I closed my eyes as I thought so.




“Uu… n…?” (Shuri)

The scenery had changed when I opened my eyes. I was looking up at the open sky, not the numerous lush trees that were spread throughout my vision. My viewpoint was higher than usual as well, and I was swaying back and forth.

“Ah, you woke up, Shuri.” (Daichi)

I understood what kind of situation I was in without words. I am… on Katsuragi-kun… a piggyback ride.

“Eh…. What, why…?” (Shuri)

“Oh. Since Shuri looked too comfortable sleeping there, I carried you without waking you up.” (Daichi)

Suddenly waking up, I was embarrassed.

Though since I can snuggle with his body, I can endure it. Because I have the experience from up till now.

My sleeping face was seen by the boy I love. Both when we had our love affairs and when we were inside 【Rigal’s Den】, I went to sleep later than Katsuragi-kun and woke up earlier. This is very embarrassing.

You might say so what. But I don’t like it. My untidy side was seen.

Even though I had been careful until now… I was even seen in such a place…

“Uwah…” (Shuri)

I was embarrassed and reflexively buried my face into his neck to hide.

“… What’s wrong?” (Daichi)

“… I don’t want you to know, probably.” (Shuri)

“… Now I want to know. But… well, it’s fine. I was even able to see Shuri’s cute sleeping face again.” (Daichi)

“Eh…? Again?” (Shuri)

“Yeah. The day before yesterday, when you celebrated with everyone. At that time you were drooling.”

“—-!?” (Shuri)

My face turned bright red from it coming out.

D-drool…!? Something like that was seen…!

I want to a hole and bury myself in it right now. I want to go hide. I can’t make eye contact with Katsuragi-kun for at least three days.

“Uuu… uuu….” (Shuri)

“… What are you moaning about, Shuri-san?” (Daichi)

“I-if you see drool wake me up! Even if a gentleman saw it they wouldn’t say it!” (Shuri)

“… Perhaps, are you worried that I saw your sleeping face?” (Daichi)

“Uuu…” (Shuri)

I felt my response was straightforward. Bulls-eye. Katsuragi-kun had on a wry smile looking at me with such a face.

“You shouldn’t mind something like your sleeping face you know?” (Daichi)

“I mind!” (Shuri)

My beloved person saw my goofy drooling face. He saw an uncool image. Katsuragi-kun wouldn’t understand how embarrassing it was. Of all the things that he could say, he said that. I’m sure only girls would understand.

“I’ve seen more embarrassing things. We both have.” (Daichi)

“Wha-!? T-that’s a different issue! In the first place, Katsuragi-kun should have more decen—“ (Shuri)

“But such a careless Shuri is also cute, I like her.” (Daichi)

—My heart thumped with a great *Dokun*. At the same time, my chest felt as though it were suddenly attacked by a cold feeling. There’s none of the heat from before. Instead, this time was different from before… What came was a heat that had a warmness that gently spread throughout my body.

… In spite of having placed a prohibition for things like that on myself, that surprise attack was sly, me.

Thanks to that, the anger I felt from my sleeping face flew away somewhere.

… Come on. I have to hide my face for a different reason now. Do you believe that if you say that you like me everything will be forgiven, Katsuragi-kun?

Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Idiotic Katsuragi-kun.




I love you.


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  1. Especially Yui-chan’s recent amazing ‘dere’ style. She even called Katsuragi-kun『Daichi』. It is pleasing to thine mind that thoust has understood the unimaginable prowess of Yuina-sama’s [Dere Mode]. Though you love thine master, Daichi-sama, thou has a long way to go to be able to stand up to thine mistress, Katsuragi Yuina-sama. Good luck in thine endeavors, Hamazaki Shuri-san, but thine shouldn’t forget that Yuina-sama is the number one in Daichi-sama’s heart, lest you…will…die!!!!


        1. Activated [Worship Mode].
          All DaMaki church followers and devotees, let us stop for a minute, and revere the great Messiah-sama, our Lord Daichi-sama’s number one yandere.
          Hallelujah, hallelujah, yandere dere dere!

          1. Cupcake Ninja : “Hendricksen !! You would have us kneel and scrape to one who is not Yuina-sama?
            To revere another… I would rather die!! Are you such a coward that a single threat by a pathetic Messiah follower is enough to shake your sacred vows to worship only Yuina-sama? You… You are not fit to lead us, you traitor!!

            Come, true followers of the DaMaki Church, let us topple this fool who kowtows to some yandere whore and would forsake our beloved Yuina-sama!!! ”
            Cupcake Ninja, having rallied the loyal followers of the DaMaki Church, led an assault on the Holy Cathedral where Hendricksen’s forces had holed up in. Soon after blood coated the Cathedral’s walls red Hendricksen was dragged out, shouting in defiance. Gagged using the severed hand of a dear friend and paraded through the City, Hendricksen vowed vengeance at first but the torture which was overseen by Cupcake Ninja personally proved too much for the mind to bear and Hendricksen was forced to endure against many unspeakable acts, slowly bending to Cupcake Ninja’s will.

            Ten days later Cupcake Ninja watched the flames lick the body of one he once would have called friend, a slight smile etched on his face. His eyes, like great pools of darkness, were void of any emotion.
            ( this was always to be your fate Hendricksen. For those like us, only by bringing others down can we succeed in our goals. Now i shall spread the DaMaki Church’s name throughout the world and topple those other fools who would threaten our supremacy. Haha, its a shame you will not bear witness to our rise to power but your usefulness has ended. Did you know, Hendricksen, that it was your most cherished one who helped orchestrate you downfall?) with those thoughts in mind Cupcake Ninja stepped lightly towards the Cathedral, his once empty eyes flashing like cold blue flames, a scent blood following in his wake.

            From there the usurper led a mass war against the remaining rival Churches, killing by the millions. He had long since planted sleeper agents in their ranks and used his overwhelming tactical genius to swiftly conquer his enemies. He would be known as the Tryrant Emperor, a man who would bring despair to his enemies. In years to come many so-called heroes rose against him yet the few who would survive would have their minds broken and reforged into his loyal servants. Yuina became known as the Great Goddess and, with her rivals’ supporters defeated and hopelessly outmatched by her her most loyal follower Cupcake Ninja, she established a monopoly on Lord Daichi.

            1. Please note, Hendricksen, that absolutely no offense was meant and this was only done out of extreme boredom. Hopefully you’ll find it amusing and not plot my death.

            2. Lel. If you really did all those traitorous and blasphemous acts, not only do you defy Yuina-sama’s desire of a polygamous relationship with Daichi-sama, but you alsp fail to realize that Yuina-sama… Yuina-sama… IS A CLOSET YANDERE! You foolish knave! Having so little faith in the founder of DaMaki church, who do you think you are!

              From this moment forward, I hereby excommunicate you from the Imperial Royal Church of DaMaki. You shall be in our blacklist, blacklisted for blasphemy! I do hope you enjoy collaborating with your simpleton underlings, because you will never, NEVER BE THE POPE OF THE DAMAKI CHURCH… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
              ( goes to Cupcake Ninja’s home afterwards… )
              Me: ummm… can you return to my church??? I swear I’ll give you benefits!!!
              Cupcake: But..but.. you excommunicated me!! LIAR, FOOL.
              Me: just return already!
              Cupcake: why should I, you threw me away ( sounded like a wife who was cheated on hahahaha )
              Me: … w-well, i-tt’s n-not l-like I n-need your help in s-surpressing the r-rebellion against me, BAKA! ( runs away, MOE style )


            3. Btw, do really personally think that Messiah is a yandere whore? But I also like how loyal she is to Daichi you know… and she’s not whore!!!
              ( bewitched mode activated )
              ( dispelled )
              But seriously though, if it weren’t for Yuina-sama, I would haved followed Messiah.

              1. Nah i like Messiah. Yanderes are all awesome. well Yuno from Future Diary was a bit excessively crazy. And the bitch from school days.Messiah is a Goddess and was on Daichi’s side before anyone else, she even killed one of her followers to give his ability to one of Daichi’s women. Messiah reminds me of tat girl from Date A Live. The one controls time or whatever. She is definitely one of my favorite characters. If not for the fact Yuina-sama’s spent a longer time with Daichi and understands him better, i would killed all the rival Churches supporters and appointed Messiah the Main Girl.

                Also who is arrogant enough to betray the DaMaki Church? Fine, i’ll take care of it for you. But i want cupcakes. Lots of ’em.
                And hold my sandwich. I’ll got kill the traitors and be back in five minutes.

                1. Mofo, I don’t even need a second to make all blasphemers kneel down in the face of Yuina-sama’s might! You still need training, dear cardinal of mine. Hahahahahaha. Anyways, the cupcakes are in the storage room, right beside the holy sculpture of Yuina-sama and Daichi-sama.

                  1. –__–

                    …Uh,Well, you see… I already found those ones awhile ago, and they just looked so good that… i kinda already… you know…

                    1. Fuck your grandmother! How dare you disturb this Holy Pope’s leeching hours!!! ( reading a wuxia novel @ wuxiaworld <3 )
                      Taste my Profound Truths of Moe!!!

                    2. Hmm sounds like CD. I stopped after he met the War God. The fighting was epic but I felt the story just made the MC into a guy who focused on combat and little else. The harem was wasted on him too. I didnt wanna read anymore if it was just gonna be a nonstop search for power. He got too addicted to training. ST was better in the regard of balancing action and romance but i didn’t read anything after his woman was taken back by her clan..
                      I may pick ’em both up sometime. Im concentrating on MGA , AGT, BTTH, KS and others for now.

                      And its called the True Way of the Everlasting Moe. Pfft. Noob 🙂

                    3. The story in CD stops focusing quite so much on pure combat in the newest few TLed novels, but it is (obviously) still mainly that as it is Xanxia

                  2. Eh? Really? Good. All the fighting got very monotonous. I kinda prefer Wuxia more. The whole pursuit of immortality and the “Xiantian life form” stuff is interesting but there has to be more to the story then constant training. i think the Authors of works like Martial God Asura, Against The Gods and Kuang Shen understand this. Dont get me wrong though, Xianxia is great.
                    Though i likely wont get the motivation to continue with CD til i’m out of other things to read, but thanks for the heads up . Damn, how can a person balance Anime, Manga, WNs and LNs all at once? . I can barely understand what the words “real life” mean anymore O.Q

                    1. Are you misunderstanding something? Martial God Asura, Ni Tian Xie Shen, Coiling Dragon, Stellar Transformations are XIANXIA!
                      Xianxia= immortal hero ( has to do something with becoming an immortal )
                      Wuxia= martial hero ( as the name suggests )
                      Anyways, lets not continue this discussion… Ziru’s gonna get pissed hahhaha

                    2. Alright this my last post here then.
                      I know CD and ST are Xianxia but i dont think MGA and ATG are. The MCs of those two are not pursuing Immortality, just power. I read all the currently TLed chapters of MGA/ ATG and at least in the story so far there isnt much having to do with Immortality. In later chapters, maybe there will be.

                      Okay discussion over.

                      Heh, i talk too much

  2. I might be wrong, but i think おかげで細かな変化とかもわかってきた。例えば、トマトのような食材が嫌いだとか、中二病みたいな一面があったりとか these sentences is talking about Katsuragi. Maybe it is something like: [Thanks to that I can find out little things (komaka na henka:literally little change, but i dont know how to put it in this sentence) about Katsuragi. Like his disliking tomatoes, or that he has some chuunibyou side]

    I don’t have much confidence in my Jap or Eng so sorry if there’s any mistakes

  3. I think it makes no sense that only demons can’t see the entrance, it’s probably the other way around and only demons can? (also the MC can as well because he’s the demon’s hero)

    1. Yeah. I still don’t understand the logic for it…


      (Demons)(<-at)(<-nothing but)(not understand)(<-given that/because of)

      “Given that no one but demons can not understand)
      Ignore double negatives because English hates using them except for defining nuances or worldplays ->
      “Given that everyone but demons can understand”


      1. I don’t know if it’s acceptable, but from some MTs it seems to say Since it’s unrecognizable unless it’s a demon (liberal aggregation from the several translators but the message is consistent)

      2. shika + negative verb is treated as a positive. So in this case it would be “Since only demons understand”

        Infact, I don’t think there’s ever a time where Shika is with a positive verb.

  4. just wanted to declare something ! >>> i suspect Selen to be some sort of cleric/healer which puts her as the person trying to revive Terias… i conclude this using the-law-of-mystery which intentionally hinting on someone else while it was another person.. plus Selen character wasnt described much making her more suspicious

  5. Lol, I knew it, you guys are funny lol, better just read the comment than the whole novel above dude ahahaha.

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