Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (4-2)

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Story 4-2Demon King

The Demon Goddess Messiah sleeps in the Forest of the Demonic Dragon.

It would be simple for her to throw this world into chaos.

People remembered the disaster of the past with fear, and would immediately desperately hunt that person down.

It was information dangerous enough to shake the world.

“… How do you know something like that, Lily? Weren’t you sealed up until the other day?” (Daichi)

“That’s right. However, I knew it beforehand. The fact that Garfunkel hid Messiah-sama in this dungeon.” (Lily)

She began to talk more about the events from those days.

“Remember when I originally spoke about betraying humans for the demon’s side in【Scorching Execution Ground】? This is a continuation of that.” (Lily)

“When I became a demon I immediately brought information related to Claria. She had Transfer Gates that connected the world we lived in to this one in various places. Because of that it seemed that she could replenish her dead. Messiah-sama understood the reason why the amount of human soldiers didn’t decrease even when they were killed and placed Akina as a commanding officer, forming a special attack unit. The role of the unit was to destruct the Transfer Gates. With the Transfer Gates destroyed one by one, Claria began having trouble replenishing her forces and the situation tilted in the demons’ favor. It was enough that we thought we could win by continuing as we had been… However, that didn’t go well. Claria summoned the strongest human ever—Terias.” (Lily)

“It became a tragedy from there. Terias was a monster. With a single swing of his sword he’d kill tens, hundreds of demons. Akina lost, with Fantra also beaten, the demi-human tribe entirely annihilated. We were the last ones remaining. It was a fierce battle. Even if us three from the Six Demon Generals grouped up, we were no match. In the end, Messiah-sama strained her own power to bury that guy… her injuries were not normal. Messiah-sama weakened, and we also didn’t have the energy to fight. Therefore, in the hopes of someday restoring the demon’s side, we each were sealed in dungeons. It was Garfunkel that was to take responsibility for hiding Messiah-sama. Therefore, that’s how I know… Satisfactory, Hero-sama?” (Lily)

“Y-yeah… That was more than I imagined.” (Daichi)

… Yeah. Much more.

Terias’ power from the past war. The story was different from what I read from the books in the library.

“Well then, I have another. Want to hear it?” (Lily)

“By all means.” (Daichi)

“… In her last moments Messiah-sama constructed a ritual for us to summon a hero as a countermeasure against Terias for the sake of the demons. Not to be summoned that time, but in the future. The one summoned by that—” (Lily)

Lily pointed her sharp nail towards me.

“… Me?” (Daichi)

At first, I was the only one to manifest a Unique Ability, 『Revenge of the Resented』. Since Fuuko and Yuina also gained『Crimson Eyes of Destruction』and『Chant Substitution』later, it was probably from Messiah falling in love at first sight.

Then, that means I was under Messiah’s watch since the time that I came to this world… the moment I was completely discarded from Claria’s hands in【Rigal’s Den】, my hidden power arose.

As the hero summoned by Messiah.

Therefore, the Hero of Demons. The demon’s hero is not on the side of humanity. Then, I… I am definitely—

“However, Claria is not a fool. It is conjecture on my part from here… but she probably sensed it in advance. Therefore, when she summoned Samejima and the others, her reason was to kill the Demon King. To kill the hero that Messiah-sama summoned… In other words, Hero-sama. You are—the Demon King.” (Lily)

—the enemy of mankind.




We finished with that shocking story and decided to go to Gandarosu to procure weapons and equipment, piece together a strategy, and adjust our fighting method. Noticing that it had become night, we decided would leave early the next day, and before long we had already each departed to our rooms.

Demon King. The king that stood at the apex of evil, controlling fiends and demons. A symbol of fear that threatened the human race.

I had vaguely guessed it. Also not engaging with Leadred, it became logical thinking about it. Considering my situation as well, it was plenty possible. That being the case, hearing it unexpectedly just then caused my chest to tighten and thump.

First of all, I am an enemy to mankind. I’ve become an existence that should be destroyed…

“… That said, nothing’s changed.” (Daichi)

I said as I collapsed onto the bed.

I am the Demon King for certain.

However, I am me and that is just a title. I am Katsuragi Daichi. Then, I can decide what to do. Obliterate the cowards who frightened and living in the Royal Palace.

We’ve already considered things about that. Everyone talked together about it.

We will wake Messiah up first. She was just exhausted, not dead, and according has been storing up magic. Although Messiah instructed the monsters in the dungeons until now attack me in order to increase my strength, it seems the treatment I’ll have in the Forest of the Demonic Dragon will be different. There will be no attacks at all.

However, the entrance that hid Messiah was even designed by humans that so that it wouldn’t be known. This also seemed to be effective against Claria, so that even that f*cking goddess couldn’t make a move.

By now, she should be upset by losing Samejima that was her greatest strength. She may soon replace him like back then.

Then now was our best chance. As soon as we find the entrance, we’ll all embark. We’ll head to Messiah and add her to our group.

Then… we’ll crush the remaining classmates as well as Claria.

“… Well then, could you cut it out already, Fuuko…” (Daichi)

“Aww.” (Fuuko)

I who had changed my decision lightly flicked the forehead of the red-eyed girl that always clung to me. A pleasant *Pechin* sounded out.

The room assignments on the third floor of the mansion were me and Fuuko, Leadred and Miare, Shuri and Yuina, with Sajima, Selen, and Arianne each having their own room. The Shuraham couple were in the remaining room on the first floor.

By the way, the rights for sharing rooms with me seems to have been decided by a game of rock paper scissors. They seem to do it every night. It is… amusing. Anyway, for now I’m passing time with the Literature Girl Fuuko-san.

… I wonder, can I survive the night…?

Although such a thing might be impolite to the girl… the only thing I see in the future is getting attacked when I fall asleep.

“W-what is it K-Katsuragi-kun… I went through great pains to enjoy this smell…” (Fuuko)

“I think a statement like that is reason enough to—“ (Daichi)

“What’s bad about smelling the fragrance of your beloved person!?” (Fuuko)

It’s no good, this girl. I have to do something quickly.

I turned towards Fuuko who was breathing roughly and looked at her with cold eyes. Reacting to that she embraced my body.

“K-Katsuragi-kun… Please, don’t look at me with such cold eyes… I may awake to a whole new world.” (Fuuko)

I wanted Fuuko to learn by example and be positive, or perhaps I should say I wanted to challenge her. Although she’s always so docile, I wondered what kind of character she has always hidden away in her chest. When thinking that, I was glad to see a new side to my important comrade.

“Ah, an opening! Katsuragi-kun!” (Fuuko)

Fuuko jumped at my opening and attached to me, it was a pleasant feeling. In the blink of an eye she had me in a hold and buried her face into my chest.

“Mm~… After all, I love this scent. It calms me down…” (Fuuko)

“Are you willing to go to sleep after calming down? We have to get up early in the morning.” (Daichi)

“That’s not allowed. Because it’s… painful being away from Katsuragi-kun…” (Fuuko)

Fuuko raised her face, and kissed me for a split second. A bit of the soft feeling remained.

“… Ehehe. A kiss… I did it.” (Fuuko)

She said that with a smiling face. However, she noticed for the first time that she was face to face with him. Her expression and tone changed slightly.

She gave the feeling of fragility, of loneliness. Her words trembled slightly.

『… What’s wrong, Fuuko?』would be simple to ask. However, she would try to deny it. She would keep it to herself.

Then, what is the right thing to do?

The correct answer would be『Show through actions』.

“Eh-ah-katsuragiku…” (Fuuko)

I placed my lips on hers. My tongue invaded and entwined with hers. Messily, to indulge in it.

“… Haah… Katsuragi…kun…?” (Fuuko)

When our lips separated, there was a clear thread stretched between us. Her glossy lips rapidly increased my desire. Her cheeks were flushed. Her broken breathing was captivating, her power escaping by her defenseless exposed body. I peeked down into the cleavage of her projected breasts.

“… Fuuko… There has never once been a time where I have lost interest in you.” (Daichi)

“–…” (Fuuko)

Fuuko’s expression trembled. Her eyes shook.

“Is that… the truth?” (Fuuko)

“Yeah. I think Fuuko is also cute… above all I find you attractive… Unfortunately I’m the kind of man that is particularly honest about that…” (Daichi)

“… Ah… Katsuragi-kun… that’s…” (Fuuko)

“… Since it is embarrassing, please don’t say any more… However, with this do you understand? I also think of you as precious. I also love Fuuko. However, it’s shameful that I cannot say you are the only one.” (Daichi)

“… No. It’s not like that. I mean, right now, I am so happy…” (Fuuko)

And so even though Fuuko had stashed it away, it overflowed all at once. I caught her, and embraced her.

Fuuko spoke while crying.

… She was afraid. Even though she tried her hardest to appeal I treated her lightly and didn’t lay hands on her, yet the girls around her received my affection.

Despite that she would put on a smiling face to not worry me, hiding herself as always. Due to that when just the two of them were alone together she’d reached her limit.

“Someone like me has no good points. At that time… I felt that I had returned to being someone that didn’t stand out at all… I… I was scared.” (Fuuko)

“…. I am sorry. Fuuko went through a painful experience because of me…” (Daichi)

“It’s… already okay. I understand that Katsuragi-kun likes me… … And—“ (Fuuko)

Fuuko’s hand extended towards my lower abdomen, putting on a smile.

“… From now on… I will… experience your love as well you know?” (Fuuko)

“… As you command, plenty of it.” (Daichi)

By the third kiss, she pushed me down in order to sit on top of and embrace me.

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