Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (4-1)

Another chapter… to celebrate the end of Volume 3. Or maybe to celebrate 2,000,000 page views? Anyways, here’s 4-1. Enjoy!

Story 4-1 『Sleeping Beauty』

I got up around daybreak. The light from the window woke me up.

I rubbed my eyes to wake up my sleepy mind, and my blurry vision gradually cleared.

“… Did we overdo it…?” (Daichi)

I looked around the disastrous scene of the room and felt regret. It’s messy.

Scattered sake bottles and food dishes. Everyone sleeping huddled on the floor.

This is too unreasonable.

I want to clean. The impulse to clean right now urged me to move. However, it was still early in the morning. Since I thought it would be bad to wake everyone up after staying up so late, I endured.

… Maybe I should go for a change of pace and take a stroll…?

For the time being, I closed the window curtains and quickly changed my clothes in another room before gently leaving through the entrance way.

“… Ah, Katsuragi-kun. Good morning.” (Nanami)

“… What’s up, Sajima. Were you taking a walk too?” (Daichi)

I had been walking along the road that went from the house to Gandarosu when I encountered Sajima Nanami from up ahead.

“Yeah, something like that. You also woke up at an unexpected time… Katsuragi-kun?” (Nanami)

“Well, something like that.” (Daichi)

“Hmm, well, can I follow you? I also want to deepen my friendship with Katsuragi-kun… is that okay?” (Nanami)

“Yeah.” (Daichi)

I agreed with Sajima without resisting and she stood next to me.

… So close, so close. At a distance that I could feel her shoulder.

She held no prejudice against anyone. I am witnessing part of the reason the human named Sajima Nanami is popular.

I started walking even though I was in wonder. Sajima also matched her pace to mine and followed.

“… Between Shuri-chan and Yui-chan, who does Katsuragi-kun like?” (Nanami)

This woman, so abrupt. No privacy at all.

“… That’s sudden. Isn’t there another subject?” (Daichi)

“Ah, sorry. Yesterday, I heard talk about love affairs…” (Nanami)

“To what extent did you hear?” (Daichi)

“… I-it’s a secret…” (Nanami)

Sajima didn’t tell me the contents of the conversation. Though since her face reddened, in seems like the source was her close friends.

… Rather, to what extent to they talk about others…

Yuina is going to be punished when I get back. I cleared my throat to clear away the awkward atmosphere that was beginning to appear.

“This might answer the question… it’s imprudent, but I like those two about the same. They are the most important people in the world to me.” (Daichi)

“… You love them huh.” (Nanami)

“Only good children would love someone such as me. It’s natural.” (Daichi)

… Although it’s true that saying it is embarrassing.

Saying that they even『Love』my ugly side. For Shuri, it will be like that from here on.

“Everyone… everyone is important.” (Daichi)

I clearly said it.

Sajima looked down and said something.

“… Me as well?” (Nanami)

“Hmm?” (Daichi)

“Am I also… included in that『Everyone』?” (Nanami)

“Sajima… what are you saying…” (Daichi)

My words were interrupted.

Suddenly, Sajima came with a kiss that I did not expect.

–However, I blocked it by putting my hand between us.

“Muu…” (Nanami)

Probably because Sajima didn’t succeed, she angrily flailed at my head two, three times.

“… What are you doing…?” (Daichi)

“I wanted to kiss Katsuragi-kun.” (Nanami)

“Why did you want to do something like that, didn’t you listen?” (Daichi)

“Didn’t you say it first? That I was also one of the important『Everyone』?” (Nanami)

“… Haaah.” (Daichi)

Therefore, I wonder where the idiots that want to kiss me are. Though I thought Sajima to be a person with common sense… I may be forced to change my impression of her.

This person is misunderstanding something.

“You know… You are also included in my important『Everyone』.” (Daichi)

“—Eh?” (Nanami)

“… Well, to be precise, you are an important close friend to Shuri and Yuina. I also think of you as important.” (Daichi)

“… Katsuragi-kun, are you coming on to me?” (Nanami)

“No. There was a time when I was charmed by you. Rather, the you of now became like this?” (Daichi)

“… Being denied to that extent… is frustrating. Even though I’m like this, I can still feel pain you know?” (Nanami)

Well, even though we have almost no connection, if I keep receiving so many affectionate smiles from her there may be misunderstanding and end up falling in love, and then Maji LOVE 1000%. [TN: Uta no Prince-sama reference.]

However, I’m different. I’m surrounded by Shuri on the right, Yuina on the left, and Fuuko in the back… oh, the front is vacant. I didn’t add Sajima… but damn, a person that likes me…

The pink-haired Slut came to mind but flicked that thought away.

… Hmm, three people is plenty. Surrounded, I’m surrounded.

“Unfortunately, I already have girls more attractive than Sajima.” (Daichi)

“Uuu… the obstacle is high…” (Nanami)

… However, she continued.

“… If I’m important to you… I’m happy with that.” (Nanami)

Sajima was naturally feminine, being bashful.


After returning from the strange stroll with Sajima, everyone had already gotten up and we had breakfast.

After that, when I tried to go to Leadred for some sword training in the garden, I was stopped in the living room by Lily.

In addition, Shuri, Yuina, Fuuko, and Sajima were sitting there. Arriane and Selen had left with Yuuma and Leadred to go shopping.

Since Yuuma invited them, it’s probably a topic that they shouldn’t hear.

“… Well then, there is a reason why I gathered you all. However, I want to say something before getting down to business.” (Lily)

Lily began to talk.

“Do you know why Gandarosu is enclosed in walls? (Lily)

“Because the forest that surrounds Gandarosu contains demons… right?” (Fuuko)

Fuuko answered. Nothing unusual for her. While we waited she probably examined the area.

Because of the artificially created ten meter high walls that tower around the city, Gandarosu is called a walled city.

Although the walls ruin the view, Gandarosu is surrounded by a thick, lush forest anyways.

If it were an ordinary forest, it would be no problem. However, there are many kinds of demons that live there.

Demons continue to invade and lay waste to towns. Even if it is cut down, it doesn’t diminish. The next day, the deforested areas will grow new trees. The cause was still unknown.

So the wall was built as a last resort countermeasure.

“So, this is the important thing—demons don’t leave dungeons.” (Lily)

“Eh-…” (Fuuko)

Fuuko was so surprised, her voice leaked out. For even Fuuko to not know meant that human beings don’t know that information.

Of course, we were hearing this for the first time. Demons don’t leave dungeons. The places that demons appear are all dungeons.

Linking this to the previous conversation, this means that…

“The forest that surrounds Gandarosu… is a dungeon?” (Daichi)

“Bingo! That is correct, Hero-sama. This is the dungeon of the Dragonmen’s chief, Garfunkel Arthnight. Its name is the Forest of the Demonic Dragon. It’s unique as a dungeon in that it is already overflowing with demons from its entrance.” (Lily)

“… Wait a minute. Isn’t it strange? It feels like this house is definitely at the entrance to the forest…” (Tamaki)

Yuina raised red flags one by one with her explanation.

Her guess is reasonable. I also remember, when I took that stroll I confirmed that.

The mansion is near the forest.

“In the case of Lily’s story, doesn’t that mean demons will come here? However, no attacks have happened yet. If I had to guess, demons lived here from the start. Is there a case where demons don’t attack humans?” (Tamaki)

“Hmph. It’s as Shield said. Since that war, demons have been able to attack humans.” (Lily)

“Then—“ (Tamaki)

“Wait for a moment. Don’t be impatient.” (Lily)

Lily stopped Yuina, breathing deeply once. Because of that the air that had been disturbed by the new information was reset.

Yuina also seemed to regain her composure.

“… Shield. Once again, you hit the nail on the head. There is in fact, a single exception. When that goddess gives us an order. And so, this means that Messiah-sama knows that we are here.” (Lily)


Not only Fuuko this time, all of the voices overlapped. It was like an earthquake.

Lily temporarily cut everyone off, clearly saying what will be the main subject on the agenda.

“Here, in the Forest of the Demonic Dragon——Messiah-sama is sleeping.” (Lily)

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