Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (3-Last)

Note: There are two extra chapters after this, then eighteen more chapters of volume four.

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Story 3-Last 『Scorching Execution Ground』

『… Damnit, damnit, damnit!! 』 (Samejima)

I cursed and cursed the events that happened until just before dying, scared of the death coming afterwards.

It was stuck in my mind.

The scene of death and pain were linked to me even now.

Piercing through, like gouged meat.

『… Gu-…. Ah…! Hah, hah…!!』(Samejima)

Katsuragi Daichi…!

I was made to do humiliating acts by the guy I bullied in school.

Made to lick his shoes, taking my life in the end.

Do I yield? Impossible.

I am nobler than anyone else, a person to rule others. However, at that time, I bowed down for my valuable life.

Thinking about it annoys me.

F*cking behaving like that…!

Arianne and Selen as well. Giving in to Katsuragi so f*cking easily!

Kill him, kill him, kill him, kill him, kill him!

“I’ll absolutely kill that guy!!” (Samejima)

Normally, a loud voice would usually come out.

Why? I was killed by that trash.

My limbs moved. Also, my view was filled with light.

I felt a little uneasy… however, I don’t give a damn right now.

Claria probably resurrected me. Yeah. She’s a god. I’m a hero. She’d be troubled if I weren’t here. It must be like that.

I’m definitely alive.

If it’s like this I can kill that guy…!

“Just wait, Katsuragi…! I’ll definitely kill you…!” (Samejima)

“You haven’t reflected at all? Die.” (—)

“—Hahi-“ (Samejima)

The moment I heard that detestable guy’s voice, I felt something cut into my head and my vision went pitch black.


“… Killing that guy makes me feel refreshed no matter how many times I kill him after all…” (Daichi)

While I wiped away the blood that was stuck to my sword, I described the thoughts I had looking at the corpse split in two at my feet.

“Well, Katsuragi-sama! That was splendidly done!” (Arianne)

Arriane openly gave me a compliment. Although it didn’t feel bad to be praised, for me she had the position of a Slut.

Since my trust in her is low it’ll probably be necessary to turn her into a slave as well. After Samejima’s execution is finished.

We’re in the bottom room. In other words, we were still in the same place where Samejima was killed.

Lily and Yuuma are with us now as well. Knowing the position of the two hero parties, there was no harm since they wouldn’t pursue this far in.

I asked Shuri and Fuuko to watch Sajima.

“I guess that it was natural that she would come… Then, what now? Explode him next?” (Tamaki)

Lined up next to me, Tamaki proposed the next method to execute Samejima.

She took useless crystal stone out of her bag.

“… I see. Let’s go with that.” (Daichi)

Understanding her intention, I cast the spell to revive Samejima for the second time using the power of『Wight King』.

“To thou, this one now grants a new life. A second life is bestowed. Pledge your oath, and devote one’s self. 『Wight Back』” (Daichi)

Light began to converge and began regenerating the body. Although I’ve taken revenge on Samejima with all my strength once, unfortunately just that much did not settle my anger.

So I figured that I’d revive him as a slave and do it again.

At first I thought to make him live his life as low class trash, but since levels go up naturally, he would be able to attack everyone other than me. Though don’t think he would stand a chance when ability is considered, there was a chance.

Besides, leaving Claria’s favorite person close at hand would just be an uneasy factor.

First of all, since just looking as his face is revolting, I dismissed the idea. Above all, the opposition from the girls was amazing.

“Tamaki. Since the meat scattering around would be troubling, surround him with a wall of ice after he eats this.” (Daichi)

“Roger. Here, the crystal stone… Ah, he’s reviving.” (Tamaki)

“Yeah, then shall we begin?” (Daichi)

I stamped down on the fallen Samejima. Just after reviving and regaining consciousness, Samejima immediately felt pain from the shock and let out a panicked voice.

“K-Katsuragi? Why are you… still here?” (Samejima)

“Because I decided to revive you.” (Daichi)

“Ha-!? You can do something like—mugu-!?” (Samejima)

Since his reaction was bothersome again, I closed his mouth after putting a crystal stone into it.

“Understand now? Your life is in my hands. I can kill you at any time. From now on I’ll be enjoying the taste of your fear (full course) to my heart’s content.” (Daichi)

I plainly explained the crystal stone. At the same time, Tamaki jumped back after isolating him in a private room of ice.

“T-take it out! Please take it out!?” (Samejima)

He frantically beat on the ice wall with a cramped look of fear. Immediately after that, that guy’s body burst into pieces.

The walls of ice were covered in blood.

Chunks of meat were spread all round.

Shuri’s group had taken refuge over there. Those girls would not be able to endure this.

Tamaki was amazing for taking that into consideration.

She now had a calm face and collected the pieces of meat together with the ice walls.

“… What? You’re staring.” (Tamaki)

“… No, it’s just that Tamaki is cute and praiseworthy.” (Daichi)

“I-… if I’m going to be Katsuragi’s wife, this much is natural…” (Tamaki)

“… May I embrace you, Tamaki-san?” (Daichi) [TN: Woah. ‘-san’.]

“I-idiot! … When we leave the dungeon.” (Tamaki)

Tamaki started to fiddle with her hair busily, purposely looking away.

What is this cute thing?

However, it’s as she said.

I revived Samejima to execute him again.

“Hee-!? S-stop it!! I-I was wrong!” (Samejima)

To Samejima, with the memory of his death still fresh, it seemed that just seeing my face caused a rejection response.

Though I hadn’t done anything yet, his face was sloppy with tears and mucus. Without resisting, he prostrated himself. [TN: Dogeza]

I just smiled as usual and stuffed his mouth full on Yanu Leafs.

A large quantity of toxins would spread through the body, eating him from the inside out.

“Ah… no-, baba… ba…” (Samejima) [TN: Gurgling.]

Samejima writhed in agony and fainted, exhausted with bubbles foaming from his mouth.

I repeated the revival and killing after that.

“Ah… please… sto-“ (Samejima)

I strangled him with an earth chain.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sor—gapo-!?” (Samejima)

I drowned him using water magic.

“It hurts, please forgive me and stop i—!!” (Samejima)

I used a layer of soil like a vice to crush him to death.

“I don’t… don’t wanna die…” (Samejima)

I killed him with Berserk Tempest.

“S-stop! Stop it stop it stop it stop it—eh-” (Samejima)

I ordered him to commit suicide.

Samejima’s mind was already wearing out, his eyes had become unfocused.

His mouth was half open, but when I approached his body trembled, and he began crying and repenting.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.” (Samejima)

“Even if you apologize how much of it is true? Next is… to experience the same thing as me. Lily, Yuuma.” (Daichi)

“Yes.” (Lily)

“Leave it to the adults.” (Yuuma)

The two snapped their fingers and Samejima was surrounded with multiple layers of expanding magic formations. When the light burst open, the master of the bottom floor’s demons (servants) suddenly appeared.

“Eh… ah… aah…!” (Samejima)

Of course, I ordered him so that he couldn’t counterattack.


The ferocious beasts saw the feast in front of it and drooled a lot.

They couldn’t wait.

They wanted to have it soon.

They wanted to eat.

Those instincts weren’t suppressed and were displayed.

Therefore, I released them.

“Kill him, you guys.” (Daichi)

As though that were the trigger, the beasts tore off of him with their fangs, biting their prey.

“Aaaaaah! Uaauoah!?” (Samejima)

His arms were stretched and he screamed.

It was immediately bitten off, and his voice became tiny.

*Bicha*, *Guchari*, *BichaBicha*!!

Only chewing sounds were heard.

I revived Samejima again after confirming his death on the status screen.

And then, he became food again.

“Eeyaaauo!?” (Samejima)

Revive him. Become food.

“Ow, owowowow-!!” (Samejima)

Revive. Eaten.

“Death… no… aaaah…” (Samejima)


Samejima alone experienced falling into the depths of endlessly being killed.

Let’s make the end of this performance appropriate to this dungeon’s name.

“Earth Layer. Earth Chain Binding.” (Daichi)

Earth chains manifested and fastened to the ground.

I approached, piercing his empty stomach with my sword. I twisted it and punctured the soil layer, boring through the meat and firmly fixing him to the ground like a screw.

“I’m sorry, forgive me because the pain I inflicted on you was wrong please please forgive me.” (Samejima)

“… … …” (Daichi)

I ignored him and continued working. Samejima began to sob.

Do you think you’ll be forgiven by crying?

If it’s like that, I too did cry. Instead of enduring it, I bared my feelings.

Even so, do you, the one who more than anyone else wouldn’t allow me to do that, think that that will help…?

Letting the anger boil and flow out, I began chanting.

“Emperor of Flame. Thou, judge this criminal who committed an evil unto the throne.” (Daichi)

A large amount of magic was poured into the Emperor-class fire magic I heard from Fuuko earlier.

“Burn tremendously, Six Flame Pillars. Intensify and burn all as a wick. Leaving nothing behind that proves there was once life!” (Daichi)

“… Ah… Ah… Ah… Ah.” (Samejima)

With his mind broken into pieces, Samejima who had lost his ego was unable to speak, and was constantly muttering incoherently.

“… This is your true end. Atone and be burned in the fire of hell. –Suicide of Ashes and Dust.” (Daichi)

In that moment, Samejima was surrounded by six flaming pillars and crucified. Before long they united to become one, consuming Samejima.

This scene expresses represents this place the most. It’s exactly a【Scorching Execution Ground】.

His body was carved as he let out agonizing cries. No relief was given. His pain and agony ignored.

“Die and… suffer the pain of death.” (Daichi)

A cry of sorrow echoed.

After making sure he had burned to death, we left.

My revenge is complete.


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