Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (3-Another 3)

…. Why are these outside of the standard numbering system, seriously?

Story 3-Another 3 『Vessel』

The intense contest with Yuina continued till daybreak. Although I was a little surprised at how much she knew despite her naivete, there was still a difference in experience. I’d taken the lead.

I became increasingly aware of my greed for Yuina’s innocent reactions and her seductive voice, to the point that she scolded me. Even so, we continued until the end.

Because her scolding was adorable.

It was about then that Yuina said it was a good time to rinse off and enter the bath. I also agreed with her since the sweat felt unpleasant. However, I let her go in first on the principle of ladies first.

When I said, “I’ll wait for you to finish.” She responded with, “What are you talking about? Aren’t we going in together?” So now we’re both in the bathroom. My mind was on a rampage, after all.

“… So? Does it feel good?” (Tamaki)

Yuina asked for my thoughts on her rubbing my back with a sponge. I definitely did not have a problem with it.

“Y-yeah… H-however, this is…” (Daichi)

“A-at any rate… don’t mind it since I’ve seen it all… Just leave it to me.” (Tamaki)

And then, she added more.

“Since I want to do this… be quiet and let me spoil you…” (Tamaki)

Winner: Instincts!

Because he only had a few strands of reasoning remaining right then, his male instincts took the lead and won the battle. It could be said that it was a perfect fight.

“Is this much strength alright?” (Tamaki)

“It’s just right. There are no problems.” (Daichi)

If there had to be a problem, it would be my ‘son’.

That doesn’t mean that we would do something indecent though.

I only came in to the bath in accordance with Yuina’s demands. Indeed, occasionally something soft would brush against my back.

“I thought this earlier but… Daichi’s… is big, huh.” (Tamaki)

… Did she just say something indecent?

This is Yuina we’re talking about here so she probably meant my back. I mean, I have a towel hung on my legs so that she can’t see my front.

… Well, I’ll just enjoy myself for now.

“… ‘Kay, done… Now for the front?” (Tamaki)

“… I think that we should stop here because if you did that the effort we put into getting washed would be pointless, there is also the appointment with Miare. Don’t you agree, Yuina-san?” (Daichi)

“… Your real intention is?” (Tamaki)

“I want to mess you up.” (Daichi)

“So…Your self-control is… no good?” (Tamaki)

Yeah, I had no self-control.

Let’s just say that because of that I couldn’t resist Yuina’s sweet temptation.

After that, we met up with Miare. When she noticed that we had reached that kind of a relationship she teased Yuina like a toy, but that’s for another time.


We merged with the group of three that had already left the dungeon, and pursued the group that had gone towards Gandarosu.

On the way Miare made Lily’s group look human, and we were also made to look like other people.

So now what was the perpetrator of the only problem in this team? Sajima Nanami, but that was easily resolved.

I told Sajima my identity and my powers, that I killed Samejima, and that I was going to take revenge on the people that were left.

Shuri and Yuina also talked with her to try and persuade her, and it turned out that Sajima accepted it easily and became our comrade.

According to her, she wanted to be with Shuri and Yuina. Samejima’s group suffered the consequences and she didn’t mind.

Everything progressed too smoothly and I found it hard to swallow, but I had no reason to deny her.

I also had her show her actual status screen. Her magic specialization was the almighty Healer. Only, her special ability didn’t focus on support.

I asked for Lily and Yuuma’s opinion, but they said it wasn’t suspicious.

“Please take care of me, Sajima.” (Daichi)

“Yeah, if you get hurt leave it to me… At the same time, I’m sorry. I couldn’t do anything…” (Nanami)

“Oh, don’t worry about it. You never did anything to me… besides, the main culprit is dead.” (Daichi)

“Okay… thank you. I’ll do my best!” (Nanami)

Sajima Nanami’s admission was decided in this way.

Under Lily’s guidance, we arrived at Gandarosu after two days. Currently, we were in front of a large mansion after being led by Fuuko from meeting her at the city’s entrance.

… Huh? Huh!?

“… Fuuko-san. What is with this mansion?” (Daichi)

I unintentionally stood upright because she secured this imposing property. Even though we have eleven people in all, we’ll still probably live without inconvenience.

Three stories. Four rooms on the third floor, with two on the first floor. The second floor is considerably big and is the living area.

“Well, it’s… it won’t take long to explain so…” (Fuuko)

Fuuko told us that what happened while we weren’t here.

First of all she went to find some real estate, and was told “No” when she requested a house for everyone to live in.

However, when Fuuko used『World Retrieval』, she found that there was a mansion, and it showed why the estate was concealed.

Listening to the reasons, the mansion was abandoned by a millionaire because a demon had settled down here and safety could only be guaranteed outside of its walls, so purchasing the estate was not recommended.

Fuuko immediately began negotiations.

It would be discounted if she drove out the demon. If they accepted the damaged real estate, a cleaning service would definitely be attached.

I could guess the result without hearing it just from seeing the tidy mansion.

“Is that so… Fuuko, you did well.” (Daichi)

“If possible could you caress my head as well… or… is that no good?” (Fuuko)

“That’s easy considering what you’ve done.” (Daichi)

I fulfilled Fuuko’s request and moved my hand to her well-maintained hair. She was smiling happily.

“Then, feel free to go inside!” (Fuuko)

Fuuko cheerfully opened the door, feeling satisfied.

What came into sight was–

“Welcome back, Katsuragi-sama~! I, Arianne, have sincerely awaited your arriva-fu-!?” (Arianne)

–the Bitch in a naked apron.

It couldn’t be helped that I hit her out of reflex from her trying to cling to me.

Annoying. Very annoying.

I can’t describe how annoyed I was.

We bought ingredients with a portion of the money that was planned to buy the house with and held the『Samejima’s Murder Celebration Party』.

Ranks were put aside for today.

Leadred and Lily opened ten bottles. Yuuma was also being a bad drunk and kept the two company. I didn’t think Leadred would be like that, but expected it for Lily.

That’s rare, I thought, as I reached my hand out to the arranged food on the table. The moment I tasted it, a question arose.

It was good. Just from the seasoning I could tell it was different from Shuri’s cooking.

Did Yuina, Fuuko, or Yuuma make it?

No. They were chatting happily.

Then who?

I anxiously shifted my attention from the living room to the attached kitchen.

“Ah, Katsuragi-sama. You’re looking this way… did you run out of food?” (Arianne)

While putting on a sugary voice, the Bitch appeared holding a pan.

You again…!?

I tsukkomi’d in my mind.

Her title changed from Slut to Joke Slut.

“Next time you boast too much, I’ll slap you. How about following Selen’s example a little?” (Daichi)

I compared her to the girl behind her holding a dish, supplying beverages.

“Selen is Selen, I am me. Don’t worry. Rather, Katsuragi-sama! This dish is specialty!! I have confidence in it because I practiced it so that men would fall for me!” (Arianne)

Her reason for practicing was also bullshit. Come on, I’ve never seen someone like this…

However, I’m getting angry that her cooking is seriously delicious. It’s vexing, but I think that I could eat all of it.

I noticed that the nearby foods like fried rice were quickly eaten.

“… Seconds.” (Daichi)

“Yes! Oh, have me as well.” (Arianne)

“I don’t need that!!” (Daichi)

“Ow!?” (Arianne)

I threw my spoon at the Slut who just wouldn’t give up. It hit her head splendidly… however, that Joke Slut had ingredients in the frying pan.

The piping hot ingredients flew towards me from the frying pan in her hand because of my attack.

Red, green, and yellow ingredients took flight. They were colorful vegetables. They were definitely heading towards us…

It goes without saying but after that a number of voices shouted out.


Around the time those in the unlisted house in the neighborhood fell asleep from the merrymaking they had, rough breathing could be heard and stood out from the quiet and deep calm of the night.

A silhouette ran to the dungeon that did not have a lord.

The demons had been ordered to not allow anyone inside, but although they tried to defeat the person they were buried by the overwhelming difference in ability.

Without rest, she did nothing but head towards the bottom floor. For the sake of healing them.

And then, the girl arrived at the transfer magic formation, warping to her destination at once.

“… No abnormalities, alright.”

She confirmed that there were no enemies nearby. She ran knowing that she was safe, sitting down in front of a fallen corpse.

Then, the intruder began to heal it.

Of course, it didn’t work. At best it only healed the wounded and burned skin. It wasn’t revived. This person would have to be a god or something.

“I did it…! Finally… I have a vessel…!”

Though humble, she raised a voice of joy.

That person embraced the corpse of the young man that was killed in revenge.

“With this… I can see you at last. It’s been… so long… Oh, how I want to see you soon—“

Then, with a smile that seemed to melt in ecstasy, she muttered.



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          All this i learned from Occul research back in highschool. A hobby i went through. The above may seem contradictory to you and raise questions if you think about it carefully. If so its cause the subject has been researched and argued over many times before with various theories thrown in, and im not so knowledgeable here. It was hard to follow for me.

          “All this is theory, i dont think it can be successfully performed. The material needed to seal and hold even a lower ranked soul, incantation for its summoning and procedure for the placing of the soul in a vessel are all unknown or have been lost to time.”– is roughly what i read in some obscure book. 50 Points to me for remembering that much 🙂

          ‘Course, i never believed in this stuff myself but it was interesting at the time. I was bored and had nothing better to do. After this i tried Lucid Dreaming. After 2 Months of diligently following the steps i found on how to Lucid Dream… It worked!! Hurrahy for Google-sama!! So who ranted longer and in a more condescending way, you or me?

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