Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (3-Another 2)

Story 3-Another 2『Repeated Feelings』

The open, overflowing night sky continued on endlessly. The stars sparkled, and pale moonlight shined on the world. I felt the rustling of the gentle wind across my whole body.

This is definitely outside of the dungeon.

“… Alright, is everyone safe?” (Daichi)

I, who with this have been transferred three times, checked on the safety of my nearby comrades.

“T-that… was my first dungeon clear.” (Arianne)

The first to respond was the Slut. That’s not it. I wasn’t asking you.

“Nothing for me. Everyone else?” (Tamaki)

“Nothing is wrong for me as well.” (Leadred)

One by one they announced their safety and for now I was relieved. It seems that the transfer was successful.

“Is Katsuragi-kun also unhurt?” (Fuuko)

“Yeah, there’s no problem.” (Daichi)

After finishing taking revenge on Samejima, we separated into two groups.

The group that returned to the surface and the group that stayed in the dungeon.

Since we couldn’t take the executed Samejima and sleeping Sajima along, we had to bring the Slut to the surface.

So I sorted the best selection of personnel into two groups… Five people, including me, were in the surface group.

Tamaki, Fuuko, and Leadred. Arianne was here as an extra.

Though I wanted the two people who were Sajima’s best friends to stay behind and care for her, Lily pushed me into taking Tamaki along. Although Shuri was a probably a little dissatisfied, I wanted to have a small talk with her, just us two without being crowded.

The official reason was that I didn’t want to carry the baggage myself, I decided that was good enough.

“Well, being outside after a long time is nice!” (Leadred)

Leadred stretched out her arms to loosen her muscles. She seemed to be bored since she hardly did anything this time.

She’ll definitely have a chance to run wild according to the plan, so she’ll have to endure for now.

… Well.

“Now then, we’ll be behaving different from here on.” (Daichi)

Saying that, I split the surface groups further.

Tamaki and I will go to Russell, to retrieve Miare and the luggage left at the inn. Fuuko, Leadred, and Arianne will go to the walled city Gandarosu, with the purpose of buying a house to use as a base.

Numerous demons joined my party, so I decided that I’d passed the limit of concealing them in an inn. Besides, it is unlikely that diving into the next dungeon will be like this one.

So I decided to have Miare also join the party as a safety measure for that.

So, the team was organized with Arianne as the native, Fuuko as the intellectual, and Leadred as the guard.

“I also wanted to go with Katsuragi-kun…” (Fuuko)

Fuuko glued to my body and asked with an upturned gaze.

“Sorry, Fuuko. Because today there is something I have to talk about with Tamaki.” (Daichi)

“Yeah, I understand. I just want to say… Sometimes, look at me too please?” (Fuuko)

“… Understood.” (Daichi)

Fuuko smiled and went back to Leadred after I said so. The Trash Slut also had something to say but we pretended to not hear her and started to depart for our separate destinations.

After exiting the dungeon, we safely arrived in Russell and had returned to the Inn. We got in contact with Miare at the guild information desk and were to meet with her tomorrow morning.

So, here’s the problem. Silence pervaded since we half-understood each other’s feelings. It was going good until we sat side by side on the bed. However, we didn’t move after that.

I took a fleeting glance at Tamaki, I was nervous and unable to calm down, though having said that I didn’t attempt to return to my room. Like that, I was also unable to bring up a subject to talk with her about.

Not only that, my body was filled with a sensation that I was not used to. It was restlessness.

Even the usual retorts came to an end. My mind was blank, and as soon as I calmed down to speak the words would vanish. And now, I’ve missed the timing.

I wonder what I should say in this kind of a situation.

In such an awkward atmosphere, Tamaki murmured.

“Can I call you… Daichi?” (Tamaki)

Even though I was cornered by the sudden request, I agreed.

Since it wasn’t as sudden as I thought.

“Then… I’ll also use Yuina.” (Daichi)

“O-okay… Daichi.” (Tamaki)

“Y-yeah…” (Daichi)

“… …” (Tamaki)

“… … …” (Daichi)

『… … … … …』

The silence returned.

I didn’t think this would be so embarrassing. Since I could talk with Shuri without pausing, I couldn’t consciously bring up a topic like this.

“… D-Daichi.” (Tamaki)

“W-what?” (Daichi)

“U-umm, it’s… actually, since Lily wore me out, tonight… she said to enjoy tonight slowly… s-so…” (Tamaki)

The ending was weak, and Yuina’s voice was barely audible.

However, I earnestly listened to her and understood what she wanted to say. Therefore, Yuina probably wanted me to say it. Since it’s embarrassing.

It would be tasteless to have her say any more. If you understand, show your intentions through your actions.

“Ah…” (Tamaki)

I took Yuina’s hand who was next to me and grasped it tightly. It was nice and cool, a good feeling.

“Then… is it okay, Yuina?” (Daichi)

“Y-yeah… Because I’ve already decided. I want to smile next to Daichi.” (Tamaki)

“… I also want to see Yuina’s smiling face. I want to monopolize all of you.” (Daichi)

“——!!” (Tamaki)

Yuina blushed from ear to ear in the blink of an eye.

It’s a reaction I’ve seen many times, but it’s still cute.

“Sh-… should I take that… as a proposal?” (Tamaki)

“… Is it a good proposal this time?” (Daichi)

“… Should it be a secret again?” (Tamaki)

“… No.” (Daichi)

A replay of some time ago. We both concealed it at the time.

However, this time is different.

I saw that trial, I’m aware of her heart, of her resolution. I wouldn’t have a foolish idea like leaving her.

I wish that we… could spend our lives together.

I couldn’t hold back my feelings for her any longer. I absolutely want to make this woman happy by my hand.

Right, I feel that from the bottom of my heart.

I will convey my feelings.

“I love Yuina.” (Daichi)

I said that and Yuina burst into tears with a happy expression, she wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, and finally hid her face with her hands. I would probably have the same reaction if I were in her position.

It was really amusing. Therefore, I decided to make fun of her.

“Yuina… I gathered my courage to confess but what’s your answer?” (Daichi)

“I-I know that but…!” (Tamaki)

I stared at Yuina from the distance of a finger. I wasn’t afraid at all. In fact, my feelings increased.

“… However, I haven’t heard it firsthand. I only heard it from in the trial.” (Daichi)

“B-because of that you can endure. I’ll die from shame if I say it twice.” (Tamaki)

“I still want to hear it from your mouth.” (Daichi)

“… It’s no good if I don’t say it?” (Tamaki)

I selfishly shook my head at her question. Yuina gathered her determination and turned towards me, unintentionally letting out an “Uwah” at the distance between us.

And then, the feelings she held in her chest were conveyed.

“… I am also… in love with Daichi…” (Tamaki)

They were simple words, but they firmly held one’s irreplaceable pure feelings. I was embarrassed from having her say them, and my temperature suddenly increased.

The returned feelings blew away all words, and my body moved on impulse, embracing Yuina. She also accepted it without disliking it, unlike what I felt back at that time.

“… Love. I love Daichi.” (Tamaki)

“I love Yuina.” (Daichi)

“Do you love… Shuri-chan more than me?” (Tamaki)

The sudden question put me at a loss for words as I compared the two. Yuina laughed from seeing my face and clapped my back without holding back.

“It’s a joke. I know how important that girl is to you. However, could you cherish me the same?” (Tamaki)

“… I promise, even if it costs my life.” (Daichi)

“Th-… then, it’s fine.” (Tamaki)

Yuina embraced me strongly. The usual Yuina would probably have stopped here. However, it is different now. She continued with more words. Our relationship advanced one step further.

However, today… please give me a lot of Daichi’s love.” (Tamaki)

The second she said that, Yuina closed her eyes. What she wanted to do, of course I understood. Or rather, I don’t think there is a guy who would have the self-control to not.

I brought my face near Yuina’s face that was dyed red—and pushed her body covered with pure white skin down, hanging over her.

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