Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (3-Another 1)

Story 3-Another 1『Nanamin Religion』

Daichi: “Err, good morning. Good day, good evening.”

Shuri: “Thank you for waiting. I think I’ll announce the results from the『Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero Popularity Contest』!”

Shield: “This time we have Katsuragi and Shuri-chan, with me, Tamaki Yuina, as the coordinator. Nice to meet you.”

“It seems we’ve gathered 1,000 votes in total.”

“That’s right! Moreover, there is the possibility that we could have gotten more votes but the limit was set to 1,000 votes and the poll was stopped midway!”

“Endless thanks to the readers. Thank you very much.”

“Well then, shall we immediately move on to the announcement?”

“I’d like to mention that the first place has a brief story. Whose hands hold the glory of first place!? Well then, let’s see!”

“First of all will be 10th to 6th!”



• Samejima 2 votes 0.2%
• Fantra Angas 2 votes 0.2%
• Lily Shuraham 2 votes 0.2%
• Claria 2 votes 0.2%


• Kijima 3 votes 0.3%


• Messiah 11 votes 1.1%


– Akina Leadred 39 votes 3.9%


“… The first one seems like a typo, I wonder about the others?”

“10th place was omitted because it had 0 votes. Originally, it couldn’t be helped because the amount of choices were low.”

“There’s the name that all readers to have forgotten. Like Kijima, or Kijima, or Kijima.”

“Though it’s only one person… I don’t know why Messiah got less votes than Leadred-san.”

“Her sleeping face is so pretty~.”

“Perhaps it was affected by how much she loves fighting. Saying that, it’s probably a perfectly normal spot for a main character.”

“However, the person in question worried about it considerably. She’s thought more on it. See, look over there.”

“Hmm? … There’s a Maid-san sitting on the floor holding her knees…”

“Eh? Are you depressed?”

“… At any rate, I am a muscle brain woman who loves fighting. Although I love fighting, maid clothes? I’m wearing maid clothes… Obviously I’d be incredibly embarrassed for getting used to the frills, baka.” (Leadred)

“I-I haven’t seen her do something like rapidly mutter idle complaints before…”

“P-pulling myself together for the next ones, 5th and 4th place~!”



• Katsuragi Daichi 43 votes 4.3%


• Hayase Fuuko 47 votes 4.7%


“… Oh? Am I imagining it? I wonder why Katsuragi-kun’s name is in a place like this?”

“… Shuri-chan? For the time being, can you put your hands down? It’s dangerous. It was the voters.”

“That’s right, Shuri. Usually, a man can’t take first place in this kind of a popularity contest.”

“Then, first place is…”

“By the way, first place has been snatched by a heroine.”

“I-in other words, it’s very likely that I’ve gotten first place…!”

“Something like that. So, don’t act rashly, Shuri.”

“Y-yeah! Thanks, Katsuragi-kun!”

“Oh, they’ve started flirting again… I’ve had enough. Back to the story, the fourth place spot went to the one who, like me, joined the group midway through: Hayase-san.”

“Hayase-san’s image changed to cute in one go, don’t you think?”

“It’s hard to believe. A typical ‘before and after’ situation. She’s become really cute. It’s a pity she’s not here.”

“Hayase-san will probably feel happy from just those words. Come on, we’re wasting time, shall we go to the next one?”

“Reasonably, won’t it be Yui-chan?”

“… W-who knows? I-I don’t. IThat aside, why don’t I start from first place from here?”

“Hmm? What’s the matter, Shield?”

“No… I mean. Here, look.”

“Hmm?… … Ah.”

“Something like that. You realize?”

“B-but, can we afford to do something like that? I mean, isn’t it suspicious to abruptly change the order?”

“… I’ve prepared myself.”

“Don’t worry about it. No one will die.”

“I hope so… Then, let’s announce it! 3rd place!!”



• Hamakaze Shuri 146 votes 14.6%


“Ah, I remembered that I have something to do, so excuse me for a bit.”

“P-please calm down, Shuri! Stoppu! Stoppu!” [TN: Stop is in English.]

“Ridiculous! I won’t forgive these results!”

“Yeah, but, isn’t the thing you are holding clearly unnecessary for going out!?”

“Katsuragi-kun, let go! Let me go~!!”

※Please wait for a while until Hamakaze Shuri settles down.

“T-third place… Even though I’m a heroine… even though I’ve been here since the start…”

“Sh-Shuri-chan has a face that she can’t show to anyone on… K-Katsuragi. Do somethi-“

“Y-yeah. Since Shuri is first place for me, don’t worry about getting third place in the popularity poll.”

“It’s no good!! If I’m not first…”

“If you’re not first…?”

“If I’m not first… how can I openly do this or that with Katsuragi-kun!?”

“Well, next, let’s go, next.”

“Tamaki is cold and doesn’t think about her best friend…”

“Recently, the touchy scenes Katsuragi-kun have decreased… it’s so cruel!”

“… Don’t you guys act cozy enough every day?”

“Not enough!”

“… Then, to get 1st place in the next popularity poll (I’m not saying we’ll do one), you have to crate a better image of yourself. So, will you say those words?”

“Eh… do that…?”

“Do it~. I also want to see that. It’s cute.”


“Yeah. I think everyone notices Shuri’s charm too.”

“I-is that so… Then, I’ll work hard… Let’s go…!”


※With my smartphone, Shuri changed into Light Shuri.


• Tamaki Yuina ( shield ) 331 votes 33.1%


“Yes! I, Tamaki Yuina, got second place!”

“… Huh? Shuri? She disappeared…”

“It’s all right. I’m sure she’s nearby. Apart from that… don’t you have any words of congratulations?”

“Well, that’s… Congratulations.”

“… That’s it? Don’t you want to tease me?”

“Ku-… come here.”

“Ye~s. Ah, though hugging Katsuragi is regrettable, it’s unavoidable~. After all, I have to atone~.”

“… You’re not fooling anyone with that smile on, Tamaki.”

“… Ehehe.”

“Don’t charm me with that face and announce first place.”

“Ah! Yui-chan, you’re crafty!!”

“Ah-, she revived.”

“Yui-chan’s flirting time is over! Next, the last one! Let’s go!”

“Shuri-chan is stingy.”

“Well well… However, who is above us…?

“Well? Does Yui-chan know?”

“Nope. I haven’t seen 1st place yet because it was on a separate piece of paper.”

“Well, let’s look together then?”

“That’s right. Yeah! Well then, Yui-chan, let’s go~!”

“I know, don’t rush. Well, the first place winner of the first『Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero Popularity Contest』is… …!!”



• Sajima Nanami 372 votes 37.2%



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