Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (3-7)

Story 3-7『Frivolous Person』

Unique Abilities.

Strong powers different from the Special Abilities that the goddess Claria gives.

So, I predict—the demon goddess Messiah gave this power.

Normally, these are powers that humans cannot gain.

“… What is this? It’s almost identical to chant omission…” (Tamaki)

Tamaki who was given a power outside of the normal rules was beyond surprised, and gave that reaction.

I understand that feeling. However, at least until we kill Samejima, we have no coice but to get along with the fellow who’ll be giving us those powers.

That is, in other words, to be given a Unique Ability.

“… You, Messiah likes you.” (Daichi)

“The demonic goddess!?” (Tamaki)

“That’s probably it… well, you look glad, Tamaki.” (Daichi)

“… Y-yeah, well. It’s because I can become stronger. Besides…” (Tamaki)

I understand that she’s mumbling as she’s moving her mouth, but her voice is so quiet that I can’t catch it. However, only a thickheaded main character would let this pass.

I strained my ears to hear Tamaki’s words. However, I was interrupted by Hayase coming between us.

“Tamaki-san? With this are we the same?” (Hayase)

“I-I can’t say…” (Tamaki)

Tamaki glanced at me and looked away. Her cheeks were faintly red.

… Tamaki can be strangely innocent…

“Hayase. Aren’t I the same too?” (Leadred)

Leadred lumped herself in with words of being unable to read the mood. Hayase and Tamaki looked at her with warm gazes, as if she was a child that knew nothing about love.

The person in question didn’t seem to notice at all.

“? … Ah, come to think about it, what about Shuri? Does she have a Unique Ability?” (Leadred)

Because of Leadred just now, she thought up a simple question.

All three of them including me simultaneously looked away from Leadred to Shuri.

I knew. I understood. I didn’t mention it.

Because right now, that was a landmine.

“… Leadred-san? What did you say?” (Shuri)

Shuri tilted her head with a *GiGiGi* as though it were rusted with metal. Her eyes weren’t smiling.

“No, I was wondering if Shuri had a Unique Ability.” (Leadred)

“I don’t. Is it bad if I don’t? Yeah, I don’t have one. I’m different from everyone else. Right, Leadred-san?” (Shuri)

“—!!” (Leadred)

Leadred, finally noticing her mistake, put a hand over her mouth. However, she was too slow.

“I-it looks like that. But, it’s nothing to worry about.” (Leadred)

“Do you really think so?” (Shuri)

Scary. Seeing Shuri’s smile was very scary.

“O-of course I do.” (Leadred)

Liar. Her eyes were looking around. It’s obvious that you’re lying.

Shuri saw through her thoughts, grabbed the red oni by the collar, and took her outside of the room.

Help! I seemed to hear her scream something unusual, it must have been a hallucination. I decided to believe that.

“S-shall we continue talking?” (Tamaki)

Tamaki tried to break the silence that everyone was afraid of.

I also shook the terrifying image of the lovely scary woman from my mind for the sake of paying attention to Tamaki’s words.

“Like Shuri-chan said, does having a Unique Ability mean the god Messiah really likes you?” (Tamaki)

“In addition to that, perhaps, isn’t there another condition? I think that that was my case.” (Hayase)

“I think it’s also possible that you have to defeat one of the Six Demon Generals. Tamaki meets that condition.” (Daichi)

“I wonder if that’s it?” (Hayase)

“Hey, I think『Chant Substitution』is the power Fantra had. He was using magic constantly without chanting and was snapping his fingers.” (Tamaki)

Ah, Tamaki struck her palm with her fist with a *Pon*.

“… Saying that, it’s just a hunch.” (Tamaki)

“Perhaps, the system may have handed it over. Because Tamaki beat that guy… she inherited it. Well, something like that. Though, I’m happy you became stronger.” (Daichi)

“I see… But, I wonder why… When I thought that that guy was using it, I was suddenly displeased…” (Tamaki)

I smiled bitterly at Tamaki’s thoughts. I didn’t know what to say.

Fantra definitely had skill, but his attitude was awful. She didn’t want to have something in common with him.

“Well, isn’t it fine? I’ve said it already, but its strength is guaranteed.” (Daichi)

“… That’s right, yeah. Well, let’s try it out immediately!” (Tamaki) [TN: ‘yeah’ = ‘un’. <3]

Tamaki stood up and said the word to change the settings.

“『Settings』!” (Tamaki)


“Tamaki… why it became like this… you understand?” (Daichi)

“… Yes.” (Tamaki)

The 20th Floor’s stair room.

The boss of this room is a half human from the dragon tribe called a Lizardman. He could breathe fire and stop swords from hitting hit scales with his agility.

There were ten waiting.

They didn’t seem to be affected by my sword so we started chanting magic, and Tamaki fired off magic from the rear.

I knew that Tamaki was itching to try out her『Chant Substitution』for not having to chant.

But, since she’s not Leadred, I believed she could endure it.

Though my expectations were stunningly betrayed.

Tamaki annihilated the Lizardmen as a result.

The precious magic was used. The precious magic was used.

“Tamaki. Would you say the role you were given?” (Daichi)

“It is to lower the temperature in lower floors so that we can search comfortable.” (Tamaki)

“Is that right? Then why is it bad to use your magic?” (Daichi)

“It should be preserved.” (Tamaki)

“You know, don’t you? Then, how much magic value do you have left?” (Daichi)

Tamaki opened her status, grinned and laughed as she said her magic value.

“1470 out of 3480.” (Tamaki)

“I see, I see. Less than half huh. Hahahahaha.” (Daichi)

“That’s right. Ahahahaha.” (Tamaki)

““Hahahaha”” (Daichi, Tamaki)

“—I decided you are a shield.” (Daichi)

I immediately made the decision.

“W-wait, Katsuragi. It’s okay! I’ve seriously reflected on using the magic!” (Tamaki)

“Using the elixir is rejected.” (Daichi)

“Of course! I’ll use… this!” (Tamaki)

Tamaki took out the Magic Crystal that Fantra loved to use in the【Labyrinth of the Sleeping Trance】from her waist pouch.

Since it was still shining, the stored magic hasn’t been used up.

“You, when did you?” (Daichi)

“Leadred and I found it just after we started heading towards the transfer room. You know, that guy also seemed to be using the needed magic from this instead of his, so I figured why couldn’t we?” (Tamaki)

I see. I overlooked that.

Though I had forgotten about it at the time because I was so frantic, now that you mention it that’s right.

The reason Fantra could constantly use magic to that extent was this crystal stone.

“Well done, Tamaki!” (Daichi)

“Right? But, I don’t know how to use the magic inside of it. However, with Hayase-san here we can browse all of the books in the world so problem solved!” (Tamaki)

Tamaki posed.

“Then, Hayase-san. Could you take a look at it?” (Tamaki)

“Yes, leave it to me. 『World Retrieval』. Retrieve word 《Magic stone, usage method》.” (Hayase)

After her finger opened the front cover, the pages flipped through『Faster than the eye can see』.

And so, a few minutes passed before it made a sound and snapped shut.

“I finished looking it up. Tamaki-san, I got it. How to retrieve magic from the crystal stone.” (Hayase)

“… Though I’ve seen it before, it’s amazing…” (Tamaki)

“… It’s amazing. But, I thought that when we were fighting a bit ago there wasn’t so much light.” (Daichi)

“That is because, even though I quickly found the books related to this world’s history, since there are very few books related to the usage of crystal stones, the look up scope got bigger.” (Hayase)

“Hee, it didn’t find enough information… that’s surprising.” (Tamaki)

“Now, let’s start with the explanation. First, there’s a way to use the crystal stone, but… I don’t recommend it.” (Hayase)

“Eh? why?” (Tamaki)

Tamaki, whose treatment from now on was tied to the crystal stone, became impatient. In contrast, Hayase slowly told her in a way easy to understand.

“To begin with the crystal stone is a natural stone that can accumulate the trace amounts of magic contained in the air. To mold the magic, a considerable amount of magic that our bodies cannot withstand was required. For example, they performed an experiment in the past. Since they didn’t know how to extract the magic from the crystal stone, they decided to take it in directly into the body, so they tried eating crystal stones.” (Hayase)

“Do I have to eat the crystal stone…?” (Tamaki)

“To start with, as it was like air, it seems that the surface is brittle. Going back on track, Tamaki-san. What do you think that happened to the test subjects?” (Hayase)

“… … No way, they exploded?” (Tamaki)

“That is correct. Their bodies could not cope with the magic, and blew them up. By the way, when they couldn’t find the way to extract magic from the crystal stone they abandoned the research. In other words-.” (Hayase)

Hayase took the crystal stone from the solidified Tamaki’s hand and returned it to the pouch, then hit her with another blow.

“It looks like Tamaki-san will be nothing but a shield.” (Hayase)

“… … Come on, stop it.” (Tamaki)

Her expectations off, due to what will become of her from now on, Tamaki’s face paled and she sprawled out on the ground.

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