Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (3-6)

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Story 3-6『Another Person』

【Scorching Execution Ground】. This dungeon’s feature is that the temperature rises every floor you descend. For example, Floor 1 is 0°C, Floor 2 is 1°C, Floor 3 is 2°C.

In other words, people that can make use of Fire and Ice magic are essential in capturing this dungeon.

We began searching Floor 10 at four o’clock in the morning in an area of intense cold. Our bodies began to loosen a little, and began to reach the point where we could move decently.

“Here, Leadred, drink this potion.” (Daichi)

“I’ll gladly accept it.” (Leadred)

When I took the test-tube like bottle that contained a potion from my pouch and passed it, Leadred that had fallen behind removed the cap and drank it.

So far, we’ve had her using her magic without participating in battles. Otherwise, we would have all froze to death.

Leadred’s softened our wrists and ankles in preparation for fights.

Hayase looked around the surroundings and reported enemies to us.

“… There are three Soriarnos and two Lingtons approaching from the front. Contact in fifteen seconds” (Hayase) [TN: Suggestions on what these monsters should be called in English?]

Hayase, whose eyesight had become better than ours as a side effect of Demonic Eyes, was able to quickly relay information to us from looking.

In a dungeon like this with little light it was a precious power.

“Got it. Leadred, it’s unfortunate but do it now. Tamaki move to the rear guard to escort Hayase.” (Daichi)

“OK. Leave it to me.” (Tamaki)

“I was waiting for this.” (Leadred)

Leadred drew her sword and began licking her lips as she began the preemptive strike.

“Guoooon!!” (Soriarno)

“Hiyauuuu!!” (Ringuton)

As Hayase said, what came into view were Soriarno of a size five times that of a flying bat and Lington that would curl their body and crush adventurers’ bones with their hard carapace.

“I got it!” (Leadred)

Leadred’s sword cut the Soriarno’s body in two in the air.

“Leave the ones in the air to me. Hero-sama and Shuri get the Lingtons!” (Leadred)

Leadred gleefully swung her sword. Looking at the situation, we decided to concentrate on the Lingtons first.

“Shuri get the right side. Don’t let them get behind us.” (Daichi)

“I understand!” (Shuri)

After I issued the instruction, without stopping I ran to the front of the Lington and assaulted it.

“Wind.” (Daichi)

The wind made the Lington stop moving forward. A small gap formed between that guy’s body and the ground.  I kicked it up like a soccer ball.

Without killing its momentum, the Lington crashed into the ceiling. The body that was rolled into a ball opened from the impact.

“Hmph-!” (Daichi)

I pierced its abdomen with my sword before it could roll its body back into a ball. It was weak to attacks from the inner part.

“Hiu!?” (Ringuton)

A short scream from a Lington was heard from nearby. There was a corpse split by Shuri’s daggers under her feet.

“Done here as well.” (Shuri)

Understanding with a glance, Leadred who had been enjoying the fight also came back.

“… No matter how many times I see it… you are all so strong.” (Hayase)

Hayase, who had been the spectator let out her thoughts.

“For the sake of revenge, I have to be stronger than Samejima.” (Daichi)

“… Revenge… is it?” (Hayase)

Hayase tilted her head.

Which reminds me, I never told her.

“Ah, right. I am gathering companions in order to kill Samejima. Of course, both Shuri and Tamaki stand with me knowing that… are you disillusioned?” (Daichi)

“No, because Samejima-kun deserves it. I don’t mind.” (Hayase)

“I thought that Hayase would say that.” (Daichi)

And so, I was able to inform her while also gaining peace of mind.

Hayase won’t defy me, because I gave her conviction.

“All right, we’ve cooperated so far, so let’s continue as we have and find the stairs room!” (Daichi)

We stepped foot inside.

Shortly after, we arrived at the stairs room.

Like the High Wolf on the 10th Floor’s stair room of【Rigal’s Den】, there was a Giant Wolf whose body was large to make up for the temperature difference in the stair room of【Scorching Execution Ground】.

“The Giant Wolf has high resistance to fire magic! Contrary to its large body, it has high agility so be careful!” (Hayase)

“Good luck, you three!” (Tamaki)

We were supported by the easy explanation from Hayase and Tamaki behind us, and confronted the giant.

Trying to waste this guy’s stamina here would be wasteful.

The reason being that had experimented on the same principal that Tamaki put to use in the【Labyrinth of the Sleeping Trance】.

That was whether my shield could be manipulated like that as well.

“Leadred, Shuri, can you hold him in one place? There is something that I want to try.” (Daichi)

“Understood.”  (Leadred)

“Roger.” (Shuri)

Acknowledging it with a single word each, Leadred leapt into the sky and slashed. Shuri made use of her small body and attacked the Giant Wolf’s legs, giving it small wounds.

When the Giant Wolf tried to trample Shuri, Leadred used the timing to get its attention.

I think she was playing with the dog as though it were a pet.

In the meantime, I solidified the image. Because it was the first time using it, I was worried that I wouldn’t do it right.

However, it couldn’t be helped. I began to prepare.

“Spirits of the earth, create a shield and protect me. Multi-Guard.” (Daichi) [TN: Kanji for ‘Multiple Earth Shields’]

The developing solid earth shields entered the left and right of the Giant Wolf’s vision and it took notice. Furthermore, I repeated the chant five times to build the walls up.

Looking at the wolf like a test subject, it was breathing unsteadily. Well, even though it noticed it won’t be able to escape.

Now’s the chance!

“You two, get away from there!” (Daichi)

Complying with my words, Shuri and Leadred stepped away a large distance.

The hands that I had opened before, I clenched as tightly as I could.

“Earth Vice!” (Daichi)

The shields rapidly moved together in conjunction towards the Giant Wolf. Because Shuri had continued to torment its legs, it couldn’t move.

“Guoru!?” (Giant Wolf)

At last, the giant was sandwiched. At that moment, red blood splatted nearby. The heavy shield didn’t stop, and we could hear its bones being crushed into little pieces like a demon eating its prey from far away.

Before long, its movements stopped. At that point there were no longer any vestiges of its large build, and looked like a common corpse that was cruelly killed.

“Experiment… success!” (Daichi)


The boss on the 10th Floor was defeated in about ten minutes, and we were crushing the 13th Floor. We were in a room on that floor. It was a Monster House, though when we opened the door we left it like that, so that the monsters wouldn’t reappear.

After us three one-sidedly trampling the floor, we returned to Tamaki and Hayase having a leisurely talk.

“According to one theory, due to Terias’ appearance Messiah was pressured into ordering her excellent subordinates confined in buildings in her possession, waiting for the chance of a counterattack.” (Hayase)

We used Hayase’s『World Retrieval』to discuss the history of this world from before we came here.

Still, obtaining information like this is a life saver. Because she can accurately tell us what to be careful of and the weak points of demons, our progress advancing has been fast.

“Ah, everyone, thank you for your effort.” (Hayase)

“Thank you for your effort” (Tamaki)

The girls gave us words of appreciation. Tamaki was the same as usual, but Hayase was somewhat apologetic.

“Um…” (Hayase)

“What is it?” (Daichi)

“Is there really nothing that I could do? Katsuragi-kun’s group are the only ones having to work…” (Hayase)

“What, it was something like that? Don’t worry about it. It’s not time for Hayase to act yet.” (Daichi)

Right, we can’t afford to use her power on this layer and need to preserve it for later.

『Crimson Eyes of Destruction』consumes magic in large quantities, but it’s just that powerful of an ability.

It’s necessary to save it until the second half. Because Tamaki’s specialty is ice magic, the same goes for her.

We don’t mind that it’s us three for now.

“I-I understand. Until then, do your best to keep going.” (Hayase)

“Since in case something happens, there’s both Leadred and I, you should’t strain yourself. If we were to put so much strength in a place like this, we’ll be exhausted at the end.” (Daichi)

“I-is that so? I’m inexperienced so… I’m sorry.” (Hayase)

“You don’t have to apologize. I expect great things from you.” (Daichi)

“Yes!” (Hayase)

And, Leadred tapped on my shoulder with a *TonTon*.

“Hero-sama. How far are we going today?” (Leadred)

“Samejima has been progressing at three floors per day so I’d think the 34th Floor at least.” (Daichi)

He had already captured the 30th Floor. His data-like schedule for today is the 33rd Floor. [TN: I must have messed up which floor he was on in a previous chapter. I think I put the 3rd Floor there.]

So as to not encounter him, we rushed to an unexplored floor before they arrived, and meet with the dungeon Guardian before Samejima.

For that reason we continued to go down without returning to the surface. However, when it was time to sleep we went up a floor. That was absolute.

Rest is important for the body. Inside where the temperature is high, continuing without proper rest is hazardous.

“Tamaki, what’s the time?” (Daichi)

“6:30.” (Tamaki)

Thirteen floors in less than two hours. By the time they arrive at the dungeon’s entrance we should be somewhere around the 30th Floor.

Our speed was ideal.

“Alright, let’s use this place to rest for a little. Also, confirm your statuses.” (Daichi)

“Al~right.” (Tamaki)

“It’s finally possible to sit down…” (Shuri)

“Certainly.” (Hayase)

“Understood.” (Leadred)

Each gave their response in turn, and everyone opened their status windows—as I thought that, Tamaki let out a big voice.

“What’s wrong?” (Daichi)

I immediately rushed over to where Tamaki was.

“Ah, sorry. I was kind of surprised… um, take a look at this…” (Tamaki)

Tamaki pointed at the text below the Special Ability status.


Tamaki Yuina  Job: High Grade Slave  Level: 52

Stamina: 1210

Magic: 3480

Physical: 1430

Endurance: 1240

Agility: 1000

Special Abilities:

『Witch of Freezing』: The effect of the ice magic is increased by one class.  However, God-class magic is not increased.

『Chant Omission』: When magic is invoked, the chant may be removed. However, the mana consumption is increased by 50%.

Unique Abilities:

『Chant Substitution』: Magic can be activated without invocation by a preset action. To set an action, 『Settings』→ Do the action →『Exit Settings』.

Special Status:

『High-Grade Slave』 Owner → Katsuragi Daichi. All attacks against him are sealed. Compulsory submission until release.


A new two-word ability was added to Tamaki’s entry.

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