Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (3-5)

Story 3-5 『Hayase Fuuko’s Feelings』

I was confused. Let’s slowly organize what happened.

We headed to the【Scorching Execution Ground】while it was still time for everyone to be asleep.

I was talking with Tamaki.

I don’t know this girl that clung to me.


Not OK.

This development was so erratic that I unintentionally tsukkomi’d myself.

“Ah… Yuji-san’s smell after such a long time…” (—)

She put her head against my chest and began smelling me like a hamster. I could almost hear her make the *KunkaKunka* to imitate one. [TN: … Hamsters really do that?]

… No, I’m not observing the situation. What is with this dangerous child?

Let’s think about this calmly.

Instead of recognizing me as Katsuragi Daichi, she saw me as Yuji. The ones involved with me that knew me as Yuji were Umahara, Minamoto, Tamaki and Hayase.

Moreover, with the condition of so much good feelings that she would hug me and even sniff my smell, it was narrowed down.

There was only one person it could be. I didn’t say where I’d be, but I asked this book girl to do me a favor.

“… Are you Hayase Fuuko?” (Daichi)

I asked for confirmation. Then, the girl’s movements stopped, and she looked up.

“You remembered, Yuji-san!” (Hayase)

She had a brilliant smile like the sun that I’d never seen.

“Of course. From your appearance you seem to have done well.” (Daichi)

“Yes. It was painful but… I held on by remembering Yuji-san’s words.” (Hayase)

“I see, I see. But, why are you here? The Royal Palace is probably safer.” (Daichi)

“Someone informed me that Yuji-san was looking for a companion. Besides, that person gave me the power to be able to travel safely…” (Hayase)

“Power?” (Daichi)

“That’s right. Please look. Open!” (Hayase)

Hayase showed her status to me.


Hayase Fuuko  Job: Hero  Level: 17

Stamina: 800

Magic: 1720

Physical: 520

Endurance: 340

Agility: 300

Special Abilities:

『World Retrieval』: After examining a term from anywhere in the world, it is possible to obtain information related to it. However, the medium is limited to paper.

『Crimson Eyes of Destruction』: Anything caught in the field of vision while consuming magic is destroyed. The magic consumption is 400 per use.

Special Status:

『Demonic Eyes』: Ability in things related to kinetic vision, etcetera, rises.


Seeing her status had my eyes wide open. Hayase’s special ability is not what it used to be, she obtained a new one. [TN: Took some liberties with wording here…]

So, we had the same special ability.

“Hayase! What kind of person gave you this power?” (Daichi)

“I’m sorry… I never saw her figure… Ah, but, it was a woman’s voice.” (Hayase)

I was convinced. It was Messiah. That person gave Hayase this power.

I didn’t think that she would involve Hayase.

… What the heck is that person plotting?

“Yuji-san. What is wrong?” (Hayase)

“Ah, no, it’s nothing. It’s my fault, you surprised me.” (Daichi)

“N-no. I… that’s, I believe in Yuji-san. I don’t mind if you are a little rough. I will follow you anywhere.” (Hayase)

Hayase firmly grasped my hand and brought it towards her chest. Without change she gave me a hot gaze.

… Was Hayase always so assertive? I’m beginning to question my memory of her being docile just a few days ago.

I turned towards Hayase feeling these one-way sensations from her, and Tamaki brushed off my hand that was fastened to Hayase with a serious face.

“… You, are you really Hayase-san?” (Tamaki)

Tamaki was sending her stares of doubt, still not believing her. On the other hand, Hayase returned it with a smile.

“Yes. It’s been a while, Tamaki Yuina-san. Since the【Labyrinth of the Dreamless Sleep】.” (Hayase)

“! … Like the real thing.” (Tamaki)

Tamaki recognized her name, and had no room to doubt because she even said the dungeon that we entered, she seemed to recognize her as Hayase Fuuko.

The unpleasant air seemed to settle down.

However, Hayase began to approach again. The atmosphere felt like it was freezing.

“… By the way, Tamaki-san…” (Hayase)

“What?” (Tamaki)

“It seems to me that ring is the same as Yuji-san’s but… that’s impossible?” (Hayase)

Her voice was cold. The glow in her eyes was gone. I understood instantly that her smile was being forced.

“Eh, t-that’s right…” (Tamaki)

Tamaki was overpowered. Is it an illusion that I see a female demon behind Hayase?

Surprised by a pressure that Tamaki also wasn’t accustomed to and, moreover, unimaginable from the Hayase until now, she suddenly ended up revealing the secret.

“Hayase-san! This man is not your loved Yuji-san, he is Katsuragi, Katsuragi Daichi!!” (Tamaki)

… You’ve already exposed me, Tamaki-san?

“Katsuragi…kun? The one from our class…?” (Hayase)

“Yes! That Katsuragi!” (Tamaki)

“Please stop joking, Tamaki-san. He died because of us. You would insult someone that is dead?” (Hayase)

Her crimson eyes narrowed as Hayase criticized Tamaki. This has become troublesome.

“Aaaah-, that’s not it!” Katsuragi did die, but he revived… it’s complicated, Katsuragi! How did you revive!?” (Tamaki)

“…That’s unreasonable, oi.” (Daichi)

“Oh, come on! Shuri-chan! Take over!” (Tamaki)

Tamaki gave up on explaining it to Hayase, and entrusted the circumstances to Shuri.

“Yeah, I got it, Yui-chan. Leave it to me.” (Shuri)

Shuri that received the baton from Tamaki went in front of Hayase and began to explain.

“Hayase-san, it’s been a long time. I’m Hamakaze Shuri, however… do you know me?” (Shuri)

“I know Hamakaze-san. However, she also suffered the same tragedy as Katsuragi-kun. In the unlikely event that she lived, she wouldn’t be here. Who are you?” (Hayase)

“I am Hamakaze Shuri. Look at this… it should prove it.” (Shuri)

Shuri opened her status and showed it to Hayase.

Hayase’s complexion lost color after seeing it.

“That’s… …” (Hayase)

“Do you understand? I am truly Hamakaze Shuri. Daichi-sama—that is, Katsuragi Daichi-kun used his power to revive me. And, Katsuragi-kun revived the same way.” (Shuri)

Shuri conveyed the facts calmly.

“In other words, the Yuji-san that you spoke of is Katsuragi-kun. Yui-chan and I have already accepted that.” (Shuri)

“… What are you trying to say?” (Hayase)

“I want to ask this. Has Hayase-san come to like Yuji-san?” (Shuri)

“Yes. I want to spend my life with Yuji-san.” (Hayase)

Without faltering, Hayase answered. However, Shuri didn’t stop there.

Was that because of Shuri’s feelings, or was she thinking about Hayase?

“In that case, Hayase-san should return to the Royal Palace.” (Shuri)

I thought it was the former.

“For what reason?” (Hayase)

“Because the gentle Yuji-san that you know of doesn’t exist. Because this is definitely Katsuragi-kun.” (Shuri)

“… … …” (Hayase)

Hayase was silent, staring at Shuri. I don’t know how long the silence lasted before Shuri started again.

“So, Hayase-san should return to the Royal Pala-“ (Shuri)

“It doesn’t matter.” (Hayase)

“—Why do you say that?” (Shuri)

Shuri was surprised by the reply as she didn’t expected, but cheated by adding on another question.

“For example, even if Yuji-san is Katsuragi-kun, at that time he gave me courage, and that truly encouraged me. Only his name changed from『Yuji』to 『Katsuragi Daichi』. Then, I love Katsuragi-kun. I will spend my life with this person, even if it is painful.” (Hayase)

Hayase leaned on him. Her face was filled with happiness.

“So, I want to be useful for Katsuragi-kun. Katsuragi-kun… will you grant my wish?” (Hayase)

She asked while unintentionally smiling.

Watching what happened, I think that I failed and was no match for Hayase.

A strong power, and a trusting personality. There was no reason to refuse her.

If I made her my companion, she would be a perfect resource.

I decided on my answer.

“Yeah. I’ll be relying on you, Hayase.” (Daichi)

“Yes! Please leave it to me!” (Hayase)

For the dungeon capture, I gained a reliable party member.

“… By the way, Tamaki-san. You changed the subject, but I want the true meaning of that ring. You still… haven’t told me.” (Hayase)

“I also want to know, Yui-chan.” (Shuri)

“Eh-“ (Tamaki)

Tamaki was caught by the two girls’ painful stares, and I ignored it.


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