Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (3-4)

So, Miare says “ne” at the end of almost everything she says.

Story 3-4 『Reunion』

“Hm hm hmm” (Tamaki)

Tamaki was humming in a good mood nearby. She had changed from her adventurer clothes into some attire more suited to a young woman.

She put on a thin pink shirt covered by a light blue sweatshirt and some jean shorts.

According to her they were easy to move in. That was the reason Tamaki gave.

“Ah, Yuji-san.” (Miare)

After finishing her work, Miare-san, who was wearing her business suit, called out my alias as I neared the entrance.

“I’m sorry, did you have to wait long?” (Daichi)

“No, I just now arrived.” (Miare)

“That’s good. Please come in, it is troublesome to talk standing around.” (Daichi)

I urged her to enter. She followed into the inn after us.

“… That’s…” (Miare)

Miare-san’s line of sight was on mine and Tamaki’s hands—our ring fingers in particular—and alternated between them.

… I know what you want to say. Tamaki’s strategy was working well, and I had to suppress a laugh.

“Is there something wrong?” (Daichi)

“N-no… Ah, that reminds me, to what extent do you want information about the hero Samejima? More or less, as far as I know I am aware of all of what has been gathered.” (Miare)

“I don’t mind. Is just half of the 5000 col fee fine?” (Daichi)

“Eh-. No, this money is Yuji-san’s reward…” (Miare)

“Then, I’ve received the full amount, and I give this lady half.” (Daichi)

“But… is that really ok?” (Miare)

“Yeah. Because I’ve received the reward. Please enjoy yourself a little with the money. You must be worn out from this month.” (Daichi)

It’s not that I proposed this to her because I sympathized with her being abused by Samejima.

It’s called hush money.

I don’t think that she would tell anyone, but this is just in case. After all, it was a verbal promise to give her half.

Only the fact that she received money remained. If people knew about it, her position in the guild would fall. At worst, Miare-san could be kicked from the guild.

Something like that was sure to be noticed by her. It was within her intelligence to understand.

“Thank you for your concern.” (Miare)

“We appreciate your continued support. Now, please. Sit.” (Daichi)

While conversing, we came to the room and I opened the door. Inside, Shuri had prepared drinks. Leadred was in another room on standby.

“Then, excuse me.” (Miare)

“Yes. Shall we begin?” (Daichi)

After Miare-san entered the room, I closed the door and began the confidential exchange.


In conclusion, the information Miare-san brought was more than expected.

The range and times of Samejima’s actions. What kind of items he bought. The inn he was using. The kinds of magic he was confirmed to use. The predicted path he would take to the dungeon. The roster and dates of female adventurers he took that were not heroes.

She laid out all of the information she had.

“How was it? Was it to your satisfaction?” (Miare)

“Yeah, very much so. How do you have that information?” (Daichi)

When I asked for her true intention, Miare-san’s facial expression took on a distant look.

“I’m the only person in the guild who isn’t captivated by Samejima right? Though, that guy is very persistent, Mainly in bragging and making passes though.” (Miare)

“Ha ha ha…” (Daichi)

I could only laugh dryly. For her, an inhabitant of this world, to denounce him as a hero…

“A braggart like him is no good… if I had to say, I prefer men like Yuji-san… no.” (Miare)

Miare-san ran her hand from my check to my neck, then drifted to my arm, before eventually resting it on my hand.

An obvious invitation. Unlike her appearance before, she had the obscene atmosphere of a prostitute.

“I wonder if I should call you ‘hero of demons’-san?” (Miare)

Those words were enough to give me a shock.

“——!?” (Daichi)

As a conditioned reflex, I took and my sword and brandished it in my hand. I put the shining blade to Miare’s neck.

Nevertheless, she continues with her bewitching smile. She was composed.

“… You, who are you?” (Daichi)

“Oh? You didn’t hear from Messiah-chan?” (Miare)

“… That goddess again…?” (Daichi)

I’m fed up with hearing that familiar name.

I understand that Miare must have a close relationship with her to call her Messiah-chan.

We may have met a troublesome person…

“… Good grief.” (Daichi)

“Really? I would have thought she would tell you… Then, I’ll introduce myself again.” (Miare)

Saying so, she leaned forward in order to emphasize her breasts.

“I am Miare Pharma. One of the six generals, and a succubus. ‘Hero of demons’-san, I will be cooperating with you. For the sake of reviving demons.

I called in Leadred who was waiting in the next room to find out if Miare was the real deal.

With her attitude changed, we resumed the discussion.

“You know… if you were an ally from the start why didn’t you tell us? It wasn’t necessary for us to bother going through the proper procedures…” (Daichi)

“Because, if I said something like that out of nowhere, wouldn’t it be suspicious? However, I thought that since I skillfully conveyed something so easy for you to understand, you would have realized.” (Miare)

“Uu-“ (Daichi)

She hit where it hurt.

As Miare said, if I calmed down to think about it everything happened ideally. Though, even so, I felt uneasy that her scheme was carried out easily.

Yesterday, didn’t Tamaki heal what was weighing on my mind, damnit…

I was angry at myself differently than usual.

“… What’s wrong? You have on a scary face.” (Miare)

Miare poked my cheek with a *TsunTsun*.

“… Cut it out. Continuing from before, what was that about six generals?” (Daichi)

“You really don’t know huh, Hero-san. Why did Akina-chan also not tell you? Haven’t you two been together for a while…” (Miare)

Miare was preaching to Leadred who was sitting on the bed like she was being punished.

“… Sorry. I left that out because I wasn’t interested in the Six Demon Generals. It was fine as long as I could fight someone strong…” (Leadred)

Miare sighed at Leadred’s reply. She seemed more like the image of a worldly man than a succubus.

“It hasn’t changed, your weakness for fighting… It’s fine, I’ll teach you. Because of that, Hero-san, call me Miare-sensei.” (Miare)

Miare wrapped around the hand I had on top of the table.

“Refused.” (Daichi)

“So heartless… people like that aren’t popular you know?” (Miare)

“The spots on both of my sides are taken.” (Daichi)

“… Hmph.” (Miare)

Miare alternated her gaze between Shuri and Tamaki, the two I just mentioned. She seemed to be evaluating them.

“One looks good… though the other one is no good…” (Miare)

The words she murmured disappeared before reaching our ears.

Her serious expression changed completely, and turned into a dubious smile.

“So you know about the Six Demon Generals?” (Miare)

“That’s right. Well, I understand half of it.” (Daichi)

Akina Leadred and Fantra Angas came to mind. These guys were strong and sealed at the bottoms of dungeons.

“I think’s it’s good that Hero-san has thought about it. Messiah-chan nominated the strongest of each of the clans to serve as one of the Six Demon Generals.” (Miare)

She held up five fingers in total, and folded one each time she said someone’s name.

“Akina Leadred of the Oni tribe, Fantra Angas of the Undead tribe, Miare Pharma of the Succubus tribe, Lily Shuraham of the Beastman tribe, and Garfunkel Arthnight of the Dragonman tribe.” (Miare)

“Isn’t there supposed to be six people?” (Daichi)

“In truth there is the also the demi-human tribe but… the hero Terias wiped them out.” (Miare)

“Their entire race?” (Daichi)

That scale was impossible to laugh at. The thought that there was someone like that, it made me shiver. Crazy.

“That’s right, Terias held a monstrous strength… I lost my body fighting him. But, thanks to Messiah-chan I was somehow able to survive. Everyone else was sealed, though.” (Miare)

She looked up at the ceiling, as though yearning for something. She was smiling sadly.

She’s probably remembering those days.

“So, I’ve been hiding my form with magic and living quietly… But, recently, I received some interesting news.” (Miare)

“… That was…” (Daichi)

“Yeah. The hero summoning. Since that day I’ve been scrounging up as much information about that nasty guy for you?” (Miare)

“… Ah, thank you. You’ve really helped me.” (Daichi)

Miare said it like a light joke, though it was easy to see that she must have risked her life to gather it.

A demon repeatedly being in contact with a hero was equal to suicide. Her magic may have been caught one day. Then herself killed.

Under those circumstances she gathered this much information. It’s only natural to thank her.

“You are welcome… Well, guess I’ll go home.” (Miare)

Miare rose from her seat and shouldered her bag as she tried to leave the room.

“What? You can stay longer you know? Don’t you have things to talk about with Leadred?” (Daichi)

“In truth I was also thinking that I’d stay until later tonight to receive Hero-san’s thick liquid… though with that child here I’ll pass. As expected, it’s impossible.” (Miare) [TN: Last sentence has the implication that she wants to even though it is impossible]

Miare looked at Shuri—no, Tamaki and said that.

“Eh, me?” (Tamaki)

“You guys, I think you make a good match. Enjoy yourselves tonight… good luck.” (Miare)

Miare winked and left the room after purposefully adding that last part.

That woman, dropping a bomb like that at the last moment…!

When I looked back, Tamaki’s face was a bright red, Shuri’s face had solidified into a smile, and Leadred was worrying.

… How will I solve this misunderstanding!?

Half out of desperation, the condition to survive was to sleep together tonight, about three hours or so.


It was early in the morning before the sun had risen.

With the information from Miare, after sleeping shortly with Shuri, we were ready to depart for the dungeon.

Indeed, Shuri was prudent in the last dungeon capture. She was dissatisfied with the method.

“With this are we ready?” (Daichi)

Potions and elixirs were in the pouch. The Yanu leafs were put in. I put the dagger and long sword in their scabbard on my back.

“I am also ready.” (Shuri)

Shuri also seemed to have finished. This time is different from usual, she is wearing a uniform for adventurers. She seems to have bought it yesterday.

She didn’t wear a protector over her top because of the ordinary woman’s size, though she did wear metal gauntlets. Shuri also put her dagger over her shorts she wore on her healthy thighs.

She gave the rough impression of a thief from a game.

“Alright, then, let’s go.” (Daichi)

When I opened the door, Tamaki’s group had already finished their preparations and were leaning against the wall.

“Ah, you finally came out. You’re late.” (Tamaki)

“Did you have fun?” (Leadred)

“Leadred-san!” (Shuri)

“You three need to quiet down, it’s still early. It’s not the time to enjoy yourselves.” (Daichi)

We leave the inn having that conversation. According to Miare’s information, Samejima should still be sleeping at the inn right now.

That guy goes to the dungeon every day, from noon to eight at night. It looks like they have capture three floors each time.

The【Scorching Execution Ground】was not that far from Russell as can be seen from it being visited as a day trip. It’s about a thirty minute walk from here.

We were walking on the road to the dungeon.

“… Come to think of it.” (Tamaki)

Tamaki casually said as she lined up next to me.

By the way, Shuri was pouting and wouldn’t come near me, as is with Leadred behind me.

“Katsuragi’s plans for the future. Will you not tell me?” (Tamaki)

“… … We’ll talk in the dungeon.” (Daichi)

“Wait, at that time. You forgot.” (Tamaki)

“… I’m ashamed. When Miare talked to us it flew away.” (Daichi)

“Geez, will you get a grip? … Well, we shouldn’t mind relying on each other. She said we s-suited each other…” (Tamaki)

“Depending on you is really embarrassing. We even bought something like rings.” (Daichi)

I looked at the ring that I had put on my right hand. A similar one was on Tamaki’s left ring finger.

Tamaki set the location at her convenience. There was no ulterior motive… though, I’ll wear it to the bitter end.

“… Oh well. I’m also embarrassed from relying on you.” (Tamaki)

“Rather, that is better.” (Daichi)

According to Miare’s story, the last two demons are sealed in dungeons. One from the Beastman tribe and the other from the Dragonman tribe.

… Why do both bring nothing but a warlike image to mind?

I shook my head from left to right to rid myself of the unpleasant images.

“What’s wrong suddenly?” (Tamaki)

“… No, it’s nothing. Rather, look. I can see it.” (Daichi)

I pointed forward to the entrance of the dungeon that rose ahead of us. Then, a girl of around the same age as us slowly walked into our view.

With black hair that extended to her waist and adventurer’s clothes that looked like ours. With red eyes different from Leadred’s. She had a quiet atmosphere that was emphasized by her stereotypical Japanese feminine virtues.

However, where was this déjà vu feeling coming from?

“… … -san.” (—)

I saw her mouth move. She was crying.

Crying and smiling.

It looked as if she was meeting a lover she was separated from for many years.

She started walking faster, and was eventually running—and leaped into my chest.

“I wanted to meet you, Yuji-san!!” (—)

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