Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (3-28)

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Story 3-28『Revenge』

“O…kay!” (Samejima)

We arrived in a simple room after passing through the transfer magic formation. The ocher walls monotonously wrapped around us. Though unlike the room before this, it is strangely bright.

That was my first impression.

“No wa-!?” (—)

“Kya-“ (—)

“Hya-“ (—)

“…Mu-“ (—)

Judging from the voices, everyone is safe from the transfer.

“You don’t have time to fall on your backsides. Straighten yourselv—” (Samejima)

Everyone began reacting to me getting them into formation—before a familiar voice interrupted.

“Ah! Nanami~n!!” (Tamaki)

“—Eh?” (Sajima)

Sajima suddenly saw the person who called her. Everyone’s eyes, including mine, were caught by the girl over there.

It was an unexpected person. An acquaintance. It was the class chairman, Tamaki, waiving her hand.

… Why is that person here? Tamaki should be capturing the【Labyrinth of the Sleeping Trance】, different from us.

… No way, has she already finished it? In that case is Hayase here with Umahara and Minamoto?

Sajima had a personality that would not doubt her close friend and ran over to Tamaki’s position.

“Yui-cha~n!” (Nanami)

“Nanami~n!” (Tamaki)

They embraced each other in tears. Tamaki was the same as always.

“Nanamin, are you alright?” (Tamaki)

“Yeah. Yui-chan though, why are you here?” (Nanami)

“Even I don’t know. While we were looking for the dungeon’s traps… although we knew it was a magic formation, we were caught in it, and everyone was scattered apart… I was so lo~nely!” (Tamaki)

Her story made sense. Maybe I suspected too much.

Seeing the two like that put me at ease, and Kijima also joined in on the conversation.

However, were caught off guard. Both Kijima and I. We didn’t notice at all.

“… … Goho-… …?” (Kijima)

An ice spear protruded from Kijima’s body. Tamaki had on a fake smile and muttered.

“That guy is first huh…” (Tamaki)

“—Sajima! Hurry to Kijima!” (Samejima)

I called to get her back immediately, but she had already fainted. There was a woman with crimson eyes next to her with her hand used like a sword.

I saw a man appear from the interior glaring at us with white eyes, and unlike a moment ago his face bloomed with a smile.

“As told, we neutralized them!” (—)

“Thank you, good work.” (—)

“I-it was nothing…” (—)

When the man stroked her head, her face melted in happiness.

The man looked at Kijima collapsed at his feet, still penetrated by the ice spear, and lifted the corners of his mouth in a smile.

I realized it.

“Now, the stage is set. Let’s raise the curtain—on the once in a lifetime, Big Revenge Play.” (—)

This guy is truly the demon king.


I laughed loudly in my heart. It was due to Samejima’s stiffened face.

He did not have his usual composure of looking down on others. Right now, he was probably feeling danger to his life for the first time ever.

I looked down on him to the point that he was frightened. Though only my outward appearance had changed.

It couldn’t be helped that my laughter didn’t stop. However, this wasn’t the time to be immersed in memories.

“Tamaki, Leadred. Each of you capture a small fry. Don’t kill them. I don’t mind if you punish them so much that they wish to die, though. Fuuko, bind Kijima with your magic. If he puts up resistance, it’s fine to erase him. Shuri… let’s beat this guy into despair.” (Daichi)

Informing each of them with the strategy beforehand, they began to move immediately.

“Tch-. Arianne, Selen! Scatter! Crush them!” (Samejima)

“Got it!” “Understood!”

Samejima issued opposing instructions.

That guy’s an idiot. He overestimated his ability and thought it was better than ours.

Leadred went to the Pink Hair, Tamaki the Chibi. It’s probably impossible that those two would lose to them.

They were reliable.

I can be at ease focus on killing this guy.

“… I have to congratulate you for being my opponent, Samejima.” (Daichi)

When I called out his name, Samejima’s caution increased further. Shock mixed with fear on his face.

“How do you know my name!?” (Samejima)

“Isn’t it because you killed us?” (Shuri)

All of a sudden, Shuri made an appearance from behind me.

“H-H-Hamakaze? It’s a lie, Hamakaze died!” (Samejima)

“Yeah, that’s right. I was discarded and killed, by you.” (Shuri)

“I-if that’s the case! You’re a fake! Damnit! All of this, is it a trap roo-!?” (Samejima)

Samejima tried to escape from the crime and reality so I struck his cheek hard.

He was blown away at an incredible speed, and hit the wall in the blink of an eye.

“Face reality, idiot.” (Daichi)

Shuri approached Samejima and crouched near him. She pulled his hair and, again, pushed his face into the wall.

“Gobobe-…!” (Samejima)

“… Well then, you’re going to need plastic surgery for your face now… Should I tell you our true identity now? Because you grumbled something about Shuri being a fake, let’s sear this into your memory. Open.” (Daichi)

The letters spelling out Katsuragi Daichi were definitely there. Under that was also Hamakaze Shuri, and Tamaki Yuina who this guy knew the name of, in a row.

Samejima’s eyes opened wide. His mouth opened and closed when he looked at me.

I returned it with as brutal a smile as possible.

“You’re… that Katsurag-!!” (Samejima)

I hit his face again. It felt like I broke his nose.

“Do you think that way of speaking is ok? Don’t you understand your situation?” (Daichi)

“… Don’t f*ck with me, I can win against garbage like you. Starlight—“ (Samejima)

“Do you think I’d let you do something like that?” (Shuri)

Shuri kicked his jaw up. Samejima’s chant was interrupted, and naturally the magic was not activated.

“… It’s not necessary for you to learn the difference in our strength from only one bout… Taste my power now.” (Daichi)

Hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit.

I punched Samejima’s face, condensed into an interval of one minute.

“Higi-!?” (Samejima)

Every time I raised my fist, Samejima’s face distorted in fear. It excited my sadistic heart.

“Isn’t it very pleasant? Since we are at it, let’s try having you making me enjoy it even more.” (Daichi)

I grabbed his head, and banged it against the ground. So that he wouldn’t be able to run away, Shuri pierced Samejima’s foot with her dagger.

“Aaaaaaaaaah!!” (Samejima)

“Shut up.” (Daichi)

“Fugu-!?” (Samejima)

I kneed his stomach to silence him.

“… So, trash. Can you say the same thing even in this situation?” (Daichi)

“… M-my comrades will…” (Samejima)

Speaking his last hope with a feeble voice, of course I hadn’t overlooked them.

“Then, should I show you? What happened to the comrades you mentioned?” (Daichi)

I forcibly raised his head to look at the scene that was unfolding.

“Ah… ah…” (Samejima)

Kijima was sewn to the ground in earth chains, Pink Hair had a katana affixed to the base of her neck, and the one in light blue clothes had a knife fixed to her sleeve so that she couldn’t run away.

It seems that she was still conscious, but her clothes were tattered. Her body was injured all over.

She had on a dark expression from the pits of despair, as though she accepted her death. Therefore, I thought that I’d give her a little bit of hope. Even though I said that, it’s only a woman.

“Shuri, switch spots with me.” (Daichi)

“Ok~ay.” (Shuri)

Samejima watched Shuri as I went over to the collapsed people.

“… Oi.” (Daichi)

When I let out the low voice, the girls let out a “Hiii”. When I drew Pink Hair’s jaw towards me, I presented her with an offer. [TN: Not ‘hi’. Strong ‘e’]

“You, name?” (Daichi)

“A-Arianne…” (Arianne)

“And that one over there?” (Daichi)

“S-Selen…” (Arianne)

“Is that so, is that so. Then, Arriane and Selen. I’ll give you a chance to live.” (Daichi)

““!?”” (Arianne, Selen)

As soon as I said that with a smile, their eyes clearly sparkled.

“I-is that true!?” (Arianne)

“Yeah, I don’t lie. However, there is a condition.” (Daichi)

“What is it!? I’ll do anything!!” (Arianne)

“P-please tell us!” (Selen)

As though her attitude from the journey was a lie, she accepted the proposal. Selen also agreed.

“Alright, that’s a good girl. You’re already mine. Therefore, make that trash hero feel pain to your heart’s content. Sound good?” (Daichi)

“Y-yes!” (Arianne)

“… Alright.” (Selen)

Arianne and Selen didn’t hesitate. When I had Leadred and Tamaki release the bindings on those two, I brought them to where Samejima was.

“Y-you guys… y-you’re kidding—“ (Samejima)

“… So noisy.” (Selen)

Selen got the ball rolling. She kicked Samejima’s crotch. From there, they let out violence along with abusive language one by one.



『Tiny dick!!』

『Premature ejaculator!!』

They let out many unbearable words. They broke Samejima’s confidence.

What remained of that guy’s support broke rapidly.

“Hey, look at that, Samejima. These are who you called comrades. No… I wonder if ‘chess pieces’ is more accurate? There’s no difference to you anyways. Were you going to use them and throw them away as well?” (Daichi)

“S-something like that…” (Samejima)

This trash hero seems to have broken mentally and lost his composure, I took his reaction as acknowledgement.

“Did I hit the mark?… Well, after this we can say that there isn’t anyone softhearted enough to save you, but… you reap what you sow!” (Daichi)

I kicked Samejima up so that he could see me place my hands on the hips of these two beautiful women.

They easily entrusted their bodies to me and their faces became lewd.

“Aah.. Aaah…” (Samejima)

It seems that a soundless voice came out.

“Disciplining women is unacceptable, you are trash indeed. This is more suitable for you than a woman!” (Daichi)

“Gi-!!” (Samejima)

I held his head down, striking it against the floor many times. Then, I stamped directly on his foot with all of my strength.

“I wonder if I can also scold you like this. I’ll let you kiss the floor in thanks.” (Daichi)

“S-stop it…” (Samejima)

“I see, I see. You want more.” (Daichi)

I strengthened the force on his leg.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!” (Samejima)

Samejima’s scream echoed through the room.

“Shut up, you pig. Quiet down for a bit. Tamaki, lend me a knife.” (Daichi)

“It can’t be helped… here.” (Tamaki)

Tamaki threw six knifes in total. Two each to the shoulders, back, and thighs.

“O-ow! S-stop alre—“ (Samejima)

“Tamaki, add another ten.” (Daichi)

“Can I have a present afterward? Because I’m also running low.” (Tamaki)

“I got it. Go, pig.” (Daichi)

He was stabbed by Tamaki’s additions one by one, each loaded thoroughly with hatred. Samejima already started convulsing, and he was leaking urine.

He was too pathetic, so I temporarily crouched down and paid my respects.

“Hahaha! That’s a good expression!” (Daichi)

I scoffed and laughed from the bottom of my stomach.

Skin that has been riddled with cuts. A broken nose, a collapsed cheek, drooping eyelids, and lips that were swelling purple and blue.

There were no traces of his original face.

“P-plea… stop…” (Samejima)

“… Did you stop when I said that? Even once!?” (Daichi)

“I-I won’t do id eber agaib! Pleaze furgib be!!” (Samejima)

“Don’t you understand that it’s too late to say that? You will have the same fate as that guy.—Leadred, kill him.” (Daichi)

“My pleasure.” (Leadred)

“Eh?” (Kijima)

That became Kijima’s last word.

The red oni’s katana swung down on his neck. The body that lost its head spouted blood. The head fell down in the pool of blood with a *Guchari*.

“That guy’s end was disappointing. He was an accessory, after all… just an accessory… Hey, trash… your turn.” (Daichi)

Samejima watched, his whole body trembling and shaking. His complexion was lost, becoming pale and he began to cry.

“Don’t wanna don’t wanna don’t wanna!! Don’t wanna die! Help meeee!!” (Samejima)

He collapsed on the spot, exposing and ugly crying face. Five piercing gazes pierced through him.

“I’b do anyfing you wabt!! Please save me!! Begging you!!” (Samejima)

He had a hilarious expression on while he begged, so I decided to put on an act, and held out my toes towards him.

“Lick these within ten seconds. To be honest, I don’t want to even breathe the same air as you—but, I’ll permit you to.” (Daichi)

“N-no way—“ (Samejima)

“You don’t have time to spare. Eight, seven, six, five—“ (Daichi)

“—I’ll lick them! Please let me lick them!” (Samejima)

With five seconds left, Samejima lowered his head and extended his tongue towards my shoe at full speed.

He began to lick my shoes that were entirely covered in dirt.

… That, that Samejima had completely given in. His pride, his decency, completely cast aside, to the extent that he prostrated himself at my insults.

Disgracefully begging for his life.

Like this, is it also pleasant?

Going to that school, thinking that I would rather die for a year.

Bullying. I was, right now, returning it like this to its ringleader.

I made him kneel.

How long have I waited to see this day come!

… It’s about time to end this.

“Oi, trash. That’s enough.” (Daichi)

“T-then!” (Samejima)

“Yeah, it’s over.—Your life, that is.” (Daichi)

“—E-eh?” (Samejima)

With his hopes dashed, a shadow came over his face.

I drew the sword from my waist and crouched down, piercing Samejima’s back.

“Eh, ah, it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts!!” (Samejima)

“This is for all you’ve done until now.” (Daichi)

I pulled it out without hesitation and blood vigorously gushed out. Ignoring the surroundings, I severed both arms that were touching the ground.

“O-aguwaaaaaah!?” (Samejima)

“This is for Shuri who suffered because of you.” (Daichi)

Samejima was now only screaming and was unable use recognizable words.

Soon his consciousness would fade.

However, he is absolutely not allowed to die from pain.

I will give him a true death penalty.

“Agaaaauwaaah…!” (Samejima)

Samejima had lost his support and could do nothing but grovel on the ground. While I looked down on such a person, I raised my sword.

“And now, to atone for the sins you have committed—retribution.” (Daichi)

Swinging down the sword without hesitation towards the criminal’s neck for a certain kill, I performed the execution.

The face distorted from pain and suffering, full of despair, flew through the air.

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