Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (3-27)

Story 3-27 『To Hell』

On the transfer magic formation, me, Shuri, Shield, Lily, Lily’s Husband, and Fuuko sat in a circle.

“The Third Hero Revenge Strategy Meeting!” (Daichi)

When I said the title, everyone clapped in applause. I think it’s unusual for a hero to have such hostile private affairs like this.

“Well, however, we should have a self-introduction before that. Lily’s Husband.” (Daichi)

“Yes.” (Lily’s Husband)

Lily’s Husband raised his hand when I brought it up and began to introduce himself.

“My name is Yuuma Shuraham. As you know, I am Lily Shuraham’s husband. —In the world you guys are from, my name was Yuuba Yuuma.” (Yuuma)

『… … … Eh?』

Those three solidified.

Oh, that’s a good expression. I had a similar reaction when I was first told.

I laughed with a *Kukku*.

“… Umm, t-then that means… that Lily-san’s husband is—“ (Fuuko)

“Yeah. He’s from the same world’s inhabitants as you guys, Claria brought him here.” (Lily)

Accepting Fuuko’s question, Lily clarified his identity. The three’s patience was finally unable to last from the truly surprising information that was told to them.


They forgot to use words, showing the extent of their shock.


It was when the Demon Goddess Messiah-sama and that f*cking woman Claria were at the height of competing for this world.

In contrast to Messiah’s army of demons, Claria’s humans—residents of your world were transferred here and tossed into the battle front as soldiers.

Yuuma and I were included in the soldiers.

You can think that the situation was the same as now. Incidentally, Yuuma and I were lovers back then.

Of course, Yuuma and I were given powers to fight with our lives just like you guys. However, Yuuma was injured on the battlefield, and was on the brink of death.

Therefore, I begged Claria. I begged her to return Yuuma back to the base.

Then, that person said that『We should abandon those have no use』.

My mind blanked.

Hadn’t we continuously fought for the sake of this person?

I hated her. I thought to kill her with my own hands. But, I didn’t have the strength.

Moreover, we were in the middle of enemy territory.

I couldn’t expect any aid.

I despaired. Would I lose my beloved one?

And then I was saved by Messiah-sama. Fortunately Yuuma survived, and I agreed to—well, because of that I have such a body, but above all Yuuma is alive. That much was enough for me.

Because of that, we joined Messiah-sama’s faction and were individually sealed here… And now, here we are at the present.

“… And that is why, it’s fine… hey, why are you all crying?” (Lily)

Listening to Lily’s story, Tamaki, Shuri, and Fuuko were crying.

“B-because…” (—)

“Lily-san’s past, it’s heart-breaking…” (—)

The three wiped dry their tears with towels they were holding. Lily had an embarrassed expression since she didn’t expect this kind of a reaction.

“Oh, therefore, I have no regrets, rather I don’t mind because I’m happy being with Yuuma… I don’t know what to say, these children… Other than that, listen up! Return to the story, Hero-sama!” (Lily)

Receiving the rough pass from the blushing Lily, I continued the story. Everyone changed their focus to me.

“… Well, I also want to put off hearing it. Time is precious right now.” (Daichi)

It was Fuuko that reacted to my words first.

“What do you mean?” (Fuuko)

“Ah, when everyone was undergoing the trial I received help from Yuuma by continuously observing Samejima. Right now, he is fighting against the 30th Floor’s boss in the stairs room… When the boss is defeated, the transfer magic formation that leads to the bottom floor will appear. Even though I’ve already called this a strategy meeting… you understand right?” (Daichi) [TN: Samejima is read as “Trash”]

Although no one responded to my question, by their expressions and gestures, they’ve responded properly.

One gave a smile, one gave a shrug, one nodded, and another licked their lips.

“Yuuma and I are prepared for the worst case scenario… Besides, Hero-sama also has personal affairs to attend to.” (Lily)

“Don’t worry. Enjoy your marriage, it’s been a while.” (Daichi)

“I’ll do just that.” (Lily)

Lily threw her arms around Yuuma and said so. Showing off, this fellow.

Me too… that’s right. I have much to do after this fight.

The matter with Shuri, the future with Tamaki, and dealing Fuuko.

All of it, all of it. I will give it my all.

… Well, here we go.

“—Shall we go and hunt a Hero?” (Daichi)

For a long time, I’ve been watching this revenge play out in my dreams.


“… What’s that magic formation…?” (Samejima)

I was perplexed by seeing the pattern I’ve never seen before after defeating the monster I thought was the boss. The one in【Rigal’s Den】wasn’t like this.

Sajima approached the magic formation as if she had an inkling and nodded with a “hmm, hmm” as if she had confirmed something, but that too came to an end and she came back to us who had safely defeated the boss and were resting.

“Did you figure something out?” (Kijima)

Next to her, Kijima asked with his breath rising. Sajima smiled and laughed.

“It’s a transfer magic formation. Exactly like the one I saw in the book from the Royal Palace. Since there aren’t anything like stairs here, I wonder if it brings us down?” (Sajima)

“It’s possible this isn’t the stairs room?” (Kijima)

“I think it isn’t. I mean, the opponent was only that strong.” (Sajima)

“That’s also right…” (Kijima)

Kijima nodded, convinced.

The boss we were fighting until a moment ago excelled in swordplay. We somehow managed to attack it simultaneously, and were able to finally kill it.

“It would have been troublesome if it could recover.” (Kijima)

“Something like that wouldn’t happen. If it’s Hero-sama, it’ll be alright.” (Arianne)

Arianne objected to Kijima. Although this person has been supporting me, recently she’s been clinging to me and has been noisy.

Once I capture this dungeon it’s goodbye. On that topic, Selen has been easy because she’s reserved and I’ll continue to advance my relationship with her.

I’ll cast away unnecessary people. It is the natural right of those who stand above others.

After that a few minutes passed as we checked our status and had a strategy meeting.

“… We’ll go soon ‘kay?” (Samejima)

I called out to each member and set up ranks and preparing weapons. Of course, I was in the lead position.

The magic formation was in front of me. I don’t know what awaits us after passing through it.

However, it is possible to predict it to some degree after hearing Sajima’s story. In the worst case situation, there would be a demon king, but that should not be a problem if we face it with caution.

More than anything… I want to have my wish granted quickly.

No matter who I have to sacrifice.

Even if it’s another classmate.

Phew, letting out a single breath, with sword in hand, and magic already prepared for the enemy.

“… Alright, let’s go then, you guys!! Let’s kill the demon king!” (Samejima)


We jumped into the magic formation and shouted the usual cheer.

We didn’t know that it was connected to the hell that contained the revenge of the demon king.

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