Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (3-22)

Author’s note says Tamaki’s arc ends next chapter. I’ll start working on 3-23 but I probably won’t finish it today!

Story 3-22『Bride』

“Uwa-!?” (Tamaki)

That moment’s events went way too quick and I was dropped to the ground.

“Oww…” (Tamaki)

While rubbing the spot that hit, I looked around. A familiar place.

… Yeah, this is the【Scorching Execution Ground】.

But, I wonder why I’m here?

I’m sure that I was with Katsuragi just now… that is, I was h-hugging him…

It’s natural that I’d be confused from being swiftly and painfully dropped into a dark place.

… Oh, I wonder if it’s because I cleared the trial?

As expected, as though if to say that was the correct answer, the game master appeared.

“Congratulations, Shield. You are the first person to succeed.” (Lily)

She clapped her hands with a *PachiPachi*. Thinking about the silence, Leadred-san wasn’t there.

“Akina isn’t here. We are still in the Labyrinth Corridor.” (Lily)

“… Lily can read minds?” (Tamaki)

“I dare say anyone could guess that after you looked around that much. Other than that, are you prepared?” (Lily)

“Ready? For what?” (Tamaki)

“Surely you didn’t forget…?” (Lily)

Lily was amazed and shrugged, sighing.

Hmm? What is it?

My clothes were… peculiar for an adventurer. My bag also returned… oh.

“That’s right… the second trial.” (Tamaki)

“You remembered? Well, it might have been inevitable after devoting yourself with all of your might to that man from the beginning.” (Lily)

… Though it was embarrassing, Lily pointed it out. I was desperate to have Katsuragi win against Samejima. I was so immersed in the academy that I started to forget it was the first trial.

“… Well, it’s fine. Let’s start. I’m eager.” (Lily)

Lily put her right fist in front of her chest, and her left fist in a straight line above her chin. The left half of her body had protectors attached to the arm and leg.

“… The clear conditions?” (Tamaki)

“Defeat me. That’s all.” (Lily)

“I see, I see. In that case—I’m starting.” (Tamaki)

I struck my palm and used magic.

“Frozen Earth!” (Tamaki)

The ground began freezing in a circle centered on my hand. The surface transformed into a snowy landscape. Of course, everything touching the ground was affected as well. Lily was being gnawed at from her feet.

“… Fufu, such a lovely magic.” (Lily)

“… What did you say?” (Tamaki)

“Did you think my movement would be sealed with such a small amount of ice? If that’s the case what you just did is nonsense… You do know what kind of dungeon boss I am, right?” (Lily)

After saying so, Lily sucked in a big breath. She then let out something that was not breath.

It was a flame.

“Flamethrower!!” (Lily)

A flame of high temperature sprayed from her mouth and melted my ice. In the blink of an eye the snowy landscape transformed into a brutal one.

Ah, that’s right… Lily was a user of fire magic.

Right, because she’s the—

“Scorching Execution Ground’s… boss…” (Tamaki)

In other words, the professional of fire magic.

“Fufu. How will you defeat me?” (Lily)

—My attacks won’t reach her.

What do I do? Defeat her without magic?

I don’t know about that… but, I have to try.

I confirmed the amount of knifes in my pocket by touch.

“Oh, are you wavering?” (Lily)

“No… oh yeah. I actually have a question?” (Tamaki)

“What is it? Say it. I’ll answer. A prize for being the first to arrive.” (Lily)

“Thank you. Do the events in the Labyrinth Corridor affect the real body?” (Tamaki)

“Are you afraid of being injured?” (Lily)

“No, well, maybe. I am a girl you know.” (Tamaki)

I rubbed my white skin. Lily wore a disappointed expression and let out a “Haa” before telling me.

“You’re thinking about such a hopeful thing?” (Lily)

“In other words, it does affect it then.” (Tamaki)

“This is the second trial. With no sense of urgency the meaning would be weakened. Geez, do you think you’re fit to be the hero’s wife like that?” (Lily)

“W-wife… I mean, I do love Katsuragi, but still, for that I have to go step by step from being lovers…” (Tamaki)

“… You are… innocent huh…” (Lily)

“S-shut up! Let’s quickly continue! Come on!” (Tamaki)

“It’s fine. Come at me.” (Lily)

Once again Lily and I took a stance. She had an unchanging warlike style.

“I won’t hesitate!” (Tamaki)

I threw three knifes from under my feet.

I want to damage her before it becomes hand-to-hand combat against her murderous physical strength!

“Icy Wind!” (Tamaki)

The icy wind applied to the knife, making it larger with ice.

Lily lightly waved her arm, that action was plenty to stop them!

“Multi Guard!” (Tamaki)

I used the chance to make ice shields on four sides in the same manner as Katsuragi had done.

“Crash!!” (Tamaki)

“Blazing Fist Dance!” (Lily)

“Tch-!” (Tamaki)

Flames flared up from her feet and were flickering, easily melting the ice shields. The bad affinity was making me have poor prospects in this fight.

I used Lily’s pause to dive into a sufficient distance between us.

“Like an insect flying into the fire! Blazing Fist Collect!” (Lily)

“Triple Guard!” (Tamaki)

“Something like that will not stop me!” (Lily)

The ice shield was constructed was cleanly shattered into small pieces, and the pyro fist struck my abdomen.

“Gah-…!” (Tamaki)

I was blown away and slammed into the wall.

There was a throbbing dull pain. Did a bone break?

As it was, it was bad.

There was a difference in both magic and physical ability. There was no way to win with conditions like that.

I hurriedly took a potion out of the bag and drank it.

With this the wound would heal—I had such a hopeful thought.

“… The pain… isn’t fading?” (Tamaki)

The pain I felt all over didn’t go away.

Was the amount not enough? I drank all of the recovery medicine I brought.

There was no effect… …

Why? Although I would have been able to understand it if I could calm down, since I was driven into a corner I couldn’t think calmly.

To make up for that, Lily told me.

“Obviously, neither potions nor elixirs have no meaning in this place. Otherwise, you would have an overwhelming advantage.” (Lily)

“Something like that…” (Tamaki)

However, this was completely my mistake. I was convinced that I would be able to use a potion at my own convenience.

This caused my chances of winning to fall significantly.

“Now then, it’s not time to be overwhelmed! This comes next!” (Lily)

Lily turned her palm towards here and chanted an incantation.

“Cover with hellfire, consume, and burn away their sin. Pillar of Hellfire!” (Lily)

“–! Ice Membrane!” (Tamaki)

Sensing the danger to my life, I wrapped my entire body with a spherical membrane of ice. At that instant, a flame grew overhead.

It was a flame of hell that would certainly execute a sinner.

“Uwaaah!!” (Tamaki)

I focused on pouring all of my magic into it so that I wouldn’t be burned. Even so, the high temperatures from being trapped inside caused my consciousness to dim.

The flames had ceased just as my magic was about to run out. I fell to my knees, and collapsed.

“Hoh, you endured it?… Though I say that, you’re at death’s door.” (Lily)

“Haa… haa…” (Tamaki)

I couldn’t return even a single word at the provocation. I was trapped.

… What can I do? How can I make it through this situation?

I thought desperately. My mind was working.

Katsuragi didn’t give up from any kind of situation.

I need your help… Katsuragi…!

When I thought that, the metal ring on my finger caught my eye.

… … … Oh.

I had goosebumps. My thoughts exploded. The path to victory was being paved.

How did I forget something like this? Something so important.

Move… with this I can win.

“… Saving me again, Katsuragi…” (Tamaki)

Standing up, I chanted to invoke the key to the memento from the person I love.

“For those who die for their lord. Soul transfer. Ring of Death.” (Tamaki)

With the effect activated, the shined a bluish-white. Magic poured from it into my body.

Whose power was this? It went without saying.

“What… did you do?” (Lily)

Lily sensed the increase in my magic and sharpened her vigilance.

Since I wouldn’t be able to hide it, I told her the secret.

“This is the Ring of Death. One of the pair is the lord, the other the slave—“ (Tamaki)

“I know that! However, something like that, why do you hold the Lord’s Ring!?” (Lily)

The Ring of Death. The effects of the Lord’s Ring and the Slave’s Ring are different when invoked.

The Lord’s Ring takes away all of the magic of the one who wears the Slave’s Ring when invoked.

Taking away all of the magic means that the slave will faint.

This was made for the purpose of being used in the dungeon. It’s like saying that the person who was the slave would die when it is used.

Therefore, Lily was surprised.

“Why, you say… because Katsuragi gave this to me. Besides, that guy can’t die.” (Tamaki)

“That’s why I’m saying, what are you doing with it!? You’re the wife!” (Lily)

“A woman supporting her man is an old trend you know. Now, we support each other.” (Tamaki)

I readied my knife.

It wasn’t a mistake.

I’m taking a risk from here.

Because I have an opportunity to seal her after turning the tables with this winning hand.

However, I don’t have a choice.

I wasn’t allowed to escape. Above all, I wouldn’t forgive myself if I did.

I won’t hesitate. I will accomplish this.

“—Hero’s Bride, I won’t underestimate you.” (Lily)

I will use every possible means to defeat her!

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