Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (3-21)

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Story 3-21『Confession』

“You trash!” (Samejima)

“Shut up!” (Daichi)

They grappled each other from the front. The one pushed down—

“What the…!?” (Samejima)

—was Samejima.

“Where did you get so much strength…!” (Samejima)

“Unfortunately for you, my coach is a woman with superhuman strength! I’m not about to lose to you!” (Daichi)

Katsuragi was pressing down on Samejima and forced him to his knees. However, Samejima was determined and started to twisted his arm.

“Damnit-!” (Daichi)

Since there was a possibility of him breaking free of the unskilled attack, Katsuragi was forced to reluctantly abandon his grip.

The two temporarily gained some distance between each other. However, it looks like that wasn’t it. Because of what happened next.

“I won’t stop!” (Samejima)

Samejima immediately regained his footing and closed the distance in one go. Samejima knew karate, but it was a modernized version of karate.

Samejima took a Hanmi stance with his left side and let out a left jab. [TN: Hanmi stance is this]

The left jab was repeated with his right for a one-two.

“Gofu-…!!” (Daichi)

Samejima’s left fist hit. Unexpectedly, Katsuragi seriously began to stumble backwards.

“Katsuragi-kun!” (Nanami)

Nanamin screamed. She crouched down with her hands covering her face. Cheers of victory could be heard from around the judo hall.

Samejima also pulled his right arm back for the next punch. He wore a distorted smile.


Katsuragi’s face was hit with the left jab.

I understood. Katsuragi’s eyes were alive. His eyes were firmly open, waiting for Samejima’s next attack. He was gathering strength.

His aim was to counter.

Samejima released the right straight. Katsuragi took a step forward without avoiding it. He simultaneously let out a right fist.

Katsuragi gained speed before Samejima’s thrust landed on his cheek.

Now it’s his turn. Samejima couldn’t dodge it. The fist vigorously hit Samejima’s face.

“Uburu-!?” (Samejima)

Samejima was blown backwards and flew. The momentum kept him rolling without stopping.

This was the result of that guy’s pride. Katsuragi ran up to him like a hunter moving to his prey.

He grabbed his foot, taking away his ability to move and flung him. Samejima was unable to move after taking the blow.

Katsuragi mounted him and began barraging him with his fists.

“Aaaaaaaaaaah!!” (Daichi)

His hands didn’t stop.

“Damniiit!” (Daichi)

“Ngu-!” (Samejima)

Samejima was prepared for the barrage. He struck Katsuragi’s abdomen and his attack stopped. Samejima used that instant, escaping from Katsuragi.

Though it was now his chance to follow up on Katsuragi, looking at Samejima he was also fatigued.

He took the offense and had the tables turned on him. Therefore, he did this because of his personality.

“You guys! Kill this trash!!” (Samejima)

—thought so.

He ignored the rules. He was planning on making use of his classmates the entire time.

A shame, Samejima.

That was a bad move.

A boy sprung up and jumped at Katsuragi.

However, I kicked him flying while he was on the way.

“… Huh?” (Samejima)

That boy hit his head on the wall, fainted and fell down. I became the deadline before the two people.

“If anyone passes me the same thing will happen to them… though if that’s fine with you feel free to come here?” (Tamaki)

『… … …』(Classmates)

After being shown such a terrible spectacle, no one was foolish enough to step forward.

… No, two people did.

“… Tamaki… You…” (Kijima) [TN: He uses ‘teme’, which is an incredibly offensive ‘you’. Could possibly be ‘f*cker’?]

“… …” (Umahara)

It was Kijima and Umahara.

“Oi, what are you doing!!” (Kijima)

“I’m doing what I said. Right now it is a fight between Katsuragi and Samejima. Why would you guys butt in? It’s unnecessary.” (Tamaki)

“Tch-… You think you can stop us?” (Kijima)

Kijima proudly displayed his physical strength. He completely lowered his guard. I smiled at the absurdity.

“I can.” (Tamaki)

“How so?” (Kijima)

“Like this.” (Tamaki)

I rose my arm and snapped my fingers. This was the cue.

The person in question was sure to understand, since I gave him the order properly. Kijima thought that I was preparing something, and looked at me.

Now’s the chance.

“Aaah!” (Umahara)

“Guu-!?” (Kijima)

Umahara’s fist struck Kijima’s face. Kijima probably didn’t expect that.

There was no way that his friend would betray him.

“Wha-!? What are you doing, you guys!! Do what I said!” (Samejima)

The unexpected situation agitated him. The agitation created an opening. And so, I continued talking so that Katsuragi wouldn’t miss the opening.

Squeezing out the last of his strength, he dashed.

“Do you have the time to be looking away?” (Daichi)

“Uu-!?” (Samejima)

Katsuragi broke free of Samejima’s arm and stepped towards his chest. First, he sank his elbow into Samejima’s abdomen.

“Ka-…. Ha-…!” (Samejima)

Samejima’s body bent back and forth. Katsuragi had practiced that technique intently.

To the point where it was a conditioned reflex for his body.

He grabbed his legs.

Samejima’s body turned around.

“Taste it! My pain, my suffering. All of it!!” (Daichi)

*Supaan*!! I heard a comforting sound.

It was decided.

Samejima couldn’t move because of the hit to his head.

“Haa… haa… haa…!” (Daichi)

The excitement hadn’t settled into Katsuragi.

“Ah… gah…” (Samejima)

Samejima was tenaciously grasping onto Katsuragi’s arm even while collapsing. He shook it off easily. He tore off the chains that had always bound him.

“… Sear this into your memory. The view from the very bottom.” (Daichi)

Hearing those words, the man who had collapsed fainted.

Everyone acknowledged the victory.

『… … … …』(Classmates)

“Katsuragiii~!!” (Tamaki)

“-! Wait, Tamaki!” (Daichi)

I jumped at Katsuragi who was standing like normal. Even though he said that, he caught me.

“You did it, Katsuragi! You beat Samejima!” (Tamaki)

Saying that fact again caused half of the class to be astonished, though from the other half rose sounds of fear.

“You’re kidding…” (—)

“That trash won…” (—)

“Oi, isn’t this bad…!” (—)

Those that had nothing to do with us left the judo hall. One after another the classmates left. Finally it was just Katsuragi and I, and the collapsed Samejima… Nanamin was gone, did she take me into consideration?

Silence returned once more. The victor was motionlessly staring at his red hands. He began to tremble a little.

“… Tamaki.” (Daichi)

“Hm? What is it?” (Tamaki)

“… I won, right?” (Daichi)

“… Yeah, you won.” (Tamaki)

“I defeated Samejima?” (Dacihi)

“That’s right. You defeated Samejima with your own hands.” (Tamaki)

“… Suu.” (Daichi)

Katsuragi inhaled deeply.

He let out joy that welled up from the pit of his stomach. It showed in his expression.

“… Is that so…” (Daichi)

“… … …” (Tamaki)

I smiled, looking at Katsuragi’s profile who’s smiling face looked to be about to burst.

“… I wonder why Katsuragi called me to a place like this…” (Tamaki)

After defeating Samejima, Katsuragi fastened Samejima to a pole to take a photo of his unsightly figure.

The photo of Samejima’s scribbled face was magnificent, and I immediately sent it to my friends with my phone. Even now the phone wouldn’t stop vibrating.

… Anyways, since a while ago… Katsuragi looked so cool…

I can still picture that perfect shoulder throw. Seeing Katsuragi confronting him without giving up no matter how many times he fell, I thought that his tenacity remained the same.

As I wondered if it was because he didn’t cool down from the excitement until later, I didn’t notice the person who approached me from behind.

“Tamaki!” (Daichi)

“Hyau!?” (Tamaki)

Something cold touched my cheek and I let out a strange voice. Katsuragi was laughing with abandon after hearing it.

“… You got such a cold juice when it is cold, on purpose?” (Tamaki)

“No, this one’s… Kuku… mine, here is… your’s… Pupu.” (Daichi) [TN: He can’t stop laughing LOL]

“D-don’t laugh!” (Tamaki)

I took the hot coffee from Katsuragi.

Pushing the tab open, the heat of the slightly bitter coffee streamed through my cold body. After drinking half, Katsuragi began to talk.

“… Hey, Tamaki.” (Daichi)

“Hmm?” (Tamaki)

“Today’s event… I didn’t dream it right?” (Daichi)

“Obviously. What foolish thing are you saying?” (Tamaki)

“… Then, from tomorrow onwards… I’m not trash anymore right?” (Daichi)

“From tomorrow on, and up until now, Katsuragi has never been trash. We’ve merely been fools.” (Tamaki)

“… Is that so, someone like that… you. Therefore, to me as well… you…” (Daichi)

The second half was inaudible. I responded with a short “Hmm?” to have him repeat it and he motionlessly stared at me. When our eyes met he looked downward and covered his face with his hands.

“… Ah-, that’s definitely right. It’s no good for me. It’s already impossible.” (Daichi)

“What is?” (Tamaki)

“Even if you hear it you won’t regret it right?” (Daichi)

“Hurry up and say it. You’re a man right?” (Tamaki)

“… That’s right.” (Daichi)

Katsuragi sat up straight and quickly took a deep breath, recently due to the training his body was strong, then stood up and bowed at the waist—and told me words of love.

“I love you, Tamaki. You more than anyone else. Your smile, your tears, I want to monopolize them all. I want to be near you and defend you—I love you.” (Daichi)

“———“ (Tamaki)

Hearing those words, I didn’t understand at first. However, it permeated through my chest. A warm feeling spread through me.

How long have I waited to hear those sweet words? How much did I wish to hear those words?

My heart trembled with delight.

Hot tears flowed from my eyes. No matter how many times I wiped them away, I was unable to stop.

I knew it.

I love Katsuragi.

Love him more than anyone else.

Above all these feeling were proof. I couldn’t contain them. They burst from my chest.

I’d never conveyed these feelings.

In that case, I’ll tell him.

My beloved person was becoming flustered in front of me.

I was embracing Katsuragi with all of my strength.

“Uwa-“ (Daichi)

Katsuragi was unable to support himself from the sudden impact, and without change we fell.

His lips were defenseless.

“T-Tama—“ (Daichi)

“—Nnn.” (Tamaki)

I put my lips on his.

My second kiss with him. I was aware of my feelings this time.

… Ah. Kissing like this made me so happy…

Eventually, I slowly separated from him.

Then, I also confessed to him.

“I love you, Katsuragi~… I have… always loved you…!!” (Tamaki)

Tears began flowing again. Katsuragi embraced me and brought my head to his chest.

“… Ah… snow…” (Daichi)

Calmly, Katsuragi muttered so. I felt a pleasant cool feeling on my cheek.

Snow fell for the first time for this year.

As though it were blessing us.

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