Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (3-20)

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Story 3-20 『Performance』

Speaking of the standard confession at the bottom of the school building, a classroom in the evening, or an unmanned rooftop… I chose the back of the schoolhouse.

“Tamaki!?” (—)

The target had already arrived at the meeting place.

As soon as he say my face, his expression changed. This was expected.

Because right now, I was pretending that I was being trapped by Katsuragi.

“Umahara! Help m-!?” (Tamaki)

In the middle of asking for help, Katsuragi closed my mouth with his hand. He drew me close without changing.

“H-hey! Katsuragi! What are you doing!” (Umahara)

“So noisy, shut up! This person is bad! She double-crossed me!” (Daichi)

“You’ve been making Tamaki keep you company against her will!” (Umahara)

He bellowed.

Blood began to rush to Umahara’s head. I tapped Katsuragi’s knee with the hands held behind my back.

It was the signal to provoke him. Accordingly, Katsuragi spoke.

“If you think that, I dare you to take her! Think you can!?” (Daichi)

“Wha-…” (Umahara)

“It can’t be that you’re saying you’re afraid of me right? Still, I don’t mind. Tamaki will just keep being mine!” (Daichi)

… For a moment, I wondered if he should hit me. I braced myself for such a situation.

“Please! Umahara!” (Tamaki)

Attacking the retreating enemy with a scream, Umahara finally stirred.

“… Damniiit!!” (Umahara)

“Here he comes!” (Daichi)

In order to guarantee my freedom Katsuragi brushed off Umahara’s punch with his arm.

In order to not interfere, I immediately withdrew from there.

Katsuragi confirmed it before letting out a left front kick. It was a critical hit as it hit Umahara’s unguarded side, and though he braced his legs it wasn’t effective and was blown back.

“Ga-ha…!?” (Umahara)

“That’s not all!” (Daichi)

Katsuragi stamped on Umahara who had fallen. Many, many times.

Each and every time the groaning lessened, and was instead replaced with a crying voice.

“S… stop it…” (Umahara)

“You’re noisy. Shut up.” (Daichi)

Katsuragi seized Umahara by the hair, pulling his head up and smacking Umahara’s face with his palm.

“O-ow…!?” (Umahara)


“S-sor-…” (Umahara)


“P-please…” (Umahara)

“Was there a time that you stopped when I asked? None, right? Then you know what’s about to happenDaichi)

This time, Katsuragi made a fist and held it high. Understanding what would be next, Umahara began begging for his life.

“I’m s-sorry! Anything, I’ll do anything! Please stop it! Please!!” (Umahara)

Without caring about me asking for help earlier, he cried and begged regardless of how he looked.

At the least, he didn’t tell me to run away. Therefore my feelings weren’t diminished at all.

… Well, even if he told me to escape, I would stay to record what happened.

“It’s a promise then.” (Tamaki)

I closed the camera feature that was recording since a moment ago. Confirming the folder, it was properly recorded.

“T-Tamaki? W-what are you…” (Umahara)

Umahara was unable to grasp the situation. So I informed him.

“Umahara… the confession. It was a lie.” (Tamaki)

“… … … Eh?” (Umahara)

“I hate you… I just lured your out here.” (Tamaki)

“N-no way…” (Umahara)

His expression turned to one of despair.

His face lost its energy.

“Katsuragi. Don’t let him get away. Because we need him from now on.” (Tamaki)

“Yeah, it was like that.” (Daichi)

Katsuragi cracked his neck with a *Koki*. Umahara’s body trembled. The situation was perfect.

“Then, let’s do the final binding.” (Tamaki)

“Time to break him, huh.” (Daichi)

Katsuragi extended his hand towards Umahara.

Afterwards, we continued until Umahara promised to comply with our instructions.


We were accompanied by Umahara the next day.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that coming with us was fated. Because it was a once in a lifetime chance from us.

Today’s last class was devoted to assigning the roles of the play.

As committee chairman I listen the students that were candidates on the blackboard in the front.

After the behind-the-scenes roles were filled, we finally started with the starring roles.

“Well, I think we will now decide the actors. First of all, I want to determine who the hero and heroine, who are the axis of the story, are… this time it will be limited to recommendations only. Because this is important. And so, does anyone-?” (Tamaki)

“Yes ye~s” (Shuri)

“Yes, Shuri-chan.” (Tamaki)

“I think Samejima-kun would be the best hero after all!” (Shuri)

Shuri-chan still recommends Samejima. It couldn’t be helped because I didn’t tell her the strategy. Rather, I was grateful that it was moving along as I expected.

“Ah, so, Samejima. Should I count you as a candidate?” (Tamaki)

“Yeah, I don’t mind. Then I recommend Hamakaze as the heroine.” (Samejima)

“Well then, that’s the first two. Is there no one else?” (Tamaki)

I looked around the classroom, but no one else rose their hand. I didn’t want the amount to increase. Otherwise, the fight would not be carried out.

“… Alright. Looks like there isn’t. Then, I’ll recommend one last person.” (Tamaki)

I told everyone such, and forcefully wrote a name on the blackboard. Those behind me became noisy.

I’d gotten used to this.

“My recommendation is Katsuragi Daichi.” (Tamaki)

“Then, I recommend Tamaki Yuina as the heroine.” (Daichi)

Katsuragi gave a response similar to Samejima’s as a form of revenge.

Of course, Samejima flared up.

“Oioi, Tamaki. Are you serious?” (Samejima)

“What do you mean? I recommended Katsuragi because I thought he was suitable.” (Tamaki)

“Such an ugly person should not play the leading part. It’s unpleasant to see an acting pig.” (Samejima)

Laugher suddenly rose up. Nanamin was frowning.  When Katsuragi was spoken ill of… her composure broke.

“No, I think when it comes to it a guy with a filthy soul like you would be the unpleasant one. Hey, do you even have a soul?” (Daichi)

Katsuragi stood up from his seat to ridicule Samjima.

“Tormenting someone as a hobby, I don’t think Samejima could do it.” (Daichi) [TN: Samejima’s name in this line was read as “クズ”, or waste/garbage/scrap/etc.]

“… What’s with that. Aren’t you getting cocky?” (Samejima)

“No, it’s nothing like that. However, I wonder which of us is inferior, I’m thinking about some way to let you know.” (Daichi)

“… Letting me know, you say? It’ll be the same as always.” (Samejima)

When Samejima said that, young men in the class stood up one by one. Looking at the situation, Katsuragi smiled.

It worked like a charm.

“Though I don’t mind doing it like this… it’s unfortunate. The peerless Samejima is afraid to have me as his opponent.” (Daichi)

“The f*ck are you playing at.” (Samejima)

“So what will you do? Pin me down with everyone? You’re a coward after all. Though I’d never be defeated by pigs like you guys. Right, Sajima?” (Daichi)

“Wha-“ (Samejima)

Samejima was surprised by the unexpected name being called out. Things are going our way.

“That’s right. It’s pathetic to see…” (Nanami)

“… … …-!!” (Samejima)

Samejima’s face blushed with shame from Nanamin’s remark. He clenched his hands. He shoulders were shaking with anger. He pierced Katsuragi with a sharp glare.

“… Alright. Just as you wanted, I alone will be your opponent. I’ll take your provocation…” (Samejima)

“Even though I just said the truth… Well, it’s fine. So? Will we start here?” (Daichi)

“… No, just wait because I’m going to prepare a place for you to die. Don’t think that you’ll ever be able to have something like an enjoyable school life again.” (Samejima) [TN: First sentence wording is awkward… Suggestions?]

“Right back at you.” (Daichi)

“…Tch!” (Samejima)

Samejima clicked his tongue and left the classroom, going somewhere. Probably to reserve the place he declared. He’s the director’s grandson. If it’s something to this degree I’m sure he can get away with it.

My prediction was right, and Samejima returned after a few minutes with the key to the judo hall.

We went to the judo hall. Samejima used his influence to get permission from the teacher and it was now reserved. By his proposal, it was decided that they would fight here.

Katsuragi and Samejima confronted each other in the center. We surrounded it.

Perhaps, that guy also won’t come out unhurt this time.

The referees were the spectators.

“… Trash. I never thought in my wildest dreams that you would pick a fight with me.” (Samejima)

“Yeah, me neither. I thought I would always continue to yield… but I won’t lose here.” (Daichi)

“You think you can win?” (Samejima)

“I’ll win. Because I won’t give up.” (Daichi)

Katsuragi smiled as he said that. Samejima didn’t like that and gave him a cold glare.

“… It’s fine. Bring it on.” (Katsuragi)

“… …” (Samejima)

Following his words, Katsuragi kicked the ground.

“Fas-!” (Samejima)

Samejima saw Katsuragi’s face coming at him in a straight line and began a horizontal hook. Katsuragi noticed and lowered his posture, sliding so that he wouldn’t kill his momentum.

“Hmph-!” (Samejima)

However, Samejima predicted this and jumped, extending his leg to stamp on him.

“Kua-!?” (Daichi)

Though Katsuragi took some damage, he rose and threw down Samejima sideways by seizing his leg.

“Gu-!?” (Samejima)

Samejima’s shoulder struck the ground. Although he let out his voice from the impact, he didn’t lose his calm and escaped from Katsuragi’s restraint.

“… Seriously…” (—)

“Did you see? Those movements…” (—)

“… You’re kidding right?” (—)

Every classmate expressed their impressions. Nanamin and I were smiling broadly.

That was the natural response when shown that much in an instant.

Because Katsuragi had fought against me for a long time, he should be able to see Samejima’s attacks clearly. As long as he doesn’t become frantic and lose his willpower, he won’t lose.

“Uraaah!” (Samejima)

Both of them stood up, though Samejima began his suicide attack first.

“You will kneel down! A guy like you!” (Samejima)

Grabbing his neck, he pivoted and did a one-armed shoulder throw over his back.

“I say the same to you!” (Daichi)

His nails bit into Samejima’s wrist while he was being thrown.

“—!?” (Samejima)

Samejima unconsciously released his grip in the middle of it. Katsuragi’s back hit the floor after being thrown into the air, he properly defended.

“Y-Yui-chan. Is he… okay?” (Nanami)

“He’s fine. How many times do you think I threw him? That defense was first class.” (Tamaki)

I had been throwing him during the combat training sessions. It was to increase his ability to defend. Because if something like this happened, defending would be useful.

Katsuragi also disliked the pain, and memorized defense first.

“So don’t worry. Shouldn’t you be cheering him on?” (Tamaki)

“You’re right. Hang in there, Katsuragi-kun!” (Nanami)

Nanamin was jumping up and down while cheering on Katsuragi. However, the other spectators got used to what was going on and began raising their voices.

“Get him! Samejima!” (—)

“Beat up Katsuragi!” (—)

The fight heated up from the cheers.

“… Don’t lose, Katsuragi!!” (Tamaki)

I was also cheering him on.

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