Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (3-19)

Author’s note says something along the lines of there being about 5 more chapters for Shuri/Tamaki’s arc.

Story 3-19『Counterattack』

The secret rooftop special training that was condensed into two weeks ended.

“… There’s quite a difference, Katsuragi…” (Tamaki)

“Really…” (Nanami)

Nanamin and I looked at the young man in front of us, and gave our honest opinions.

On the last day of winter break, I looked back on how Katsuragi changed… Katsuragi’s outward appearance was different from before.

The difference between the before and after was amazing.

All the same that didn’t mean he changed to the one in Rostalgia. Still, results steadily appeared.

The roundness of his face was gone, and his stomach that had stuck out had withdrawn splendidly. His arms were also covered with muscle and not just fat. Perhaps, because this was a virtual world this could happen.

“Yeah, even I doubt it.” (Katsuragi)

Katsuragi clapped his stomach.

“I didn’t think that I would ever not see my stomach I looked down.” (Daichi)

“It’s the result of your effort.” (Tamaki)

“… That’s right. If there were no results, I’d cry.” (Daichi)

It’s reasonable that Katsuragi would say that. Because I packed Katsuragi’s schedule to the limit.

Running, weight training, and combat practice etc. That menu that seemed tight was made for Katsuragi.

“Well, at any rate I’m looking forward to tomorrow.” (Daichi)

“You might be mistaken for a transfer student.” (Nanami)

“It’s like Nanamin said. I vote you’ll be mistaken for someone else.” (Tamaki)

“I’ll do the same as Yui-chan.” (Nanami)

“Me too… well, I don’t want to become a bet.” (Daichi)

“Isn’t it fine? All of us think that Katsuragi looks different than before.” (Tamaki)

“Thinking about it, it has become somewhat fun.” (Daichi)

“The combat training will become more severe starting tomorrow though.” (Tamaki)

“Huh? That’s interesting? My body suddenly began to hurt all over.” (Daichi)

“Then, I’ll loosen you up. Hey, lend me your arms.” (Tamaki)

I forcibly pulled his arms that he had folded behind his back with all of his strength. I took his hand and pulled so that his elbow straightened out.

“Wai-, Tamaki, that’s dangerous!! It’ll bend!?” (Daichi)

“You two are good friends~.” (Nanami)

“Right?” (Tamaki)

“No, wait! No matter how you look at this it is violen—aaaaah!?” (Daichi)

After that, I loosened Katsuragi’s body until he was weakly collapsing and looked like a mollusk.

“… Damn… my body is screaming everywhere…” (Daichi)

“It’s because it’s bad to say something like that. Other than that, quickly come over here so we can start the strategy meeting.” (Tamaki)

“… Where did you get so much power… Nowadays, a violent heroine isn’t popular.” (Daichi)

“Katsuragi-kun. Did you say something?” (Tamaki)

“Your eyes aren’t smiling! They’re scary! I got it, I’m coming! Hey, Sajima too.” (Daichi)

“Ye~s.” (Nanami)

After joking along with me, Katsuragi, who was receiving a massage from Nanamin—since it was Nanamin who offered it, he couldn’t stop her—came over even though he complained.

… Recently, Katsuragi hasn’t been anxious around Nanamin.

“What is it? Your cheeks are puffed up.” (Daichi)

“… It’s nothing… You’re reading into it too much.” (Tamaki)

I passed the two a piece of paper that had what we would do from now on written on it. It had the role and method they would have in defeating Samejima on it.

“… It’s amazing, Tamaki. This is really well done.” (Daichi)

“I want Katsuragi to win. You’ve worked hard.” (Tamaki)

“I-is that so… thanks, Tamaki.” (Daichi)

“Fufu. Don’t worry about it.” (Tamamki)

“Wow~, you’re so sweet~.” (Nanami)

Nanamin used her hand to cover her blushing face, our exchange was being openly expressed.

“Y-you two! Now isn’t the time to happily stare at each other like that, this is a strategy meeting!” (Nanami)

We had trouble unlocking our gazes from each other, and as expected Nanamin decided to advance the conversation by pointing it out.

“… Even so it is fine to leave it as it is for a bit longer…” (Tamaki)

“Yui-chan?” (Nanami)

“… No, it’s nothing. Well, I’ll now tell you what to do starting tomorrow—“ (Tamaki)

The opening ceremony. The three of us went to school as we had discussed the day before. Happily, arm in arm.

That said, I was only doing this because Nanamin brought it up. To the bitter end, I did this to rile up Umahara, not because I want to flirt with Katsuragi.

It’s definitely not because of that.

“… Nanamin. Stop staring at me with that warm gaze.” (Tamaki)

“But, Yui-chan’s face has such an amazing smile on it.” (Nanami)

“Eh, you’re kidding!” (Tamaki)

“Just kidding.” (Nanami)

“Nanamin!!” (Tamaki)

“Quiet down you two. We’ve been the center of attention since a while ago.” (Daichi)

We climbed up the stairs while chatting with such a feeling. Without stopping, I took a deep breath, and entered the classroom like normal.

The classroom became silent. However, whispers arose when they saw Katsuragi.

“W-who is that guy…?” (—?

“Tamaki’s boyfriend…? But, who is that guy?” (—)

“A transfer student maybe?” (—)

Nanamin desperately tried not to laugh at the misguided guesses while going to her seat. Katsuragi and I went up to the platform. Katsuragi powerfully declared before everyone.

“I… Katsuragi Daichi, am going out with Tamaki Yuina!” (Daichi)

“…. Wha-?” (—)


A large chorus of voices from around the classroom arose in surprise. Everyone stopped what they were doing. Only Samejima was glaring. Was it the composure of a strong person?

… Even like that, Katsuragi will definitely defeat you.

—Begin the counterattack.


Two weeks had passed since the declaration of war. So far the teasing of Katsuragi had quieted down. I think it is because of two things.

First, Katsuragi’s change. His appearance was clearly different than before. Losing his fat, his weak image disappeared. Thanks to that those guys found it hard to start a fight with him. Though, being held back like that would only last a few days.

And so the second reason was his relationship with me and Nanamin.

Since we who belonged to the upper caste in the class stuck to him at all times, they couldn’t pick on him. At least they couldn’t while Nanamin and I were there.

However, this would also have a limit. For that reason, we began. The time was right.

“… I’m a bit nervous.” (Daichi)

Katsuragi wasn’t able to calm down, repeatedly opening and closing his hand.

This would be his first serious fight.

“It’s alright. Katsuragi won’t lose to that guy. Besides, we’ll lure Umahara here.” (Tamaki)

“You’ve especially appealed to lure him, right?” (Nanami)

What Nanamin meant was my and Katsuragi’s behavior. Being always chatting and often touching in class, calling to each other at lunch and coming here. And furthermore, with Nanamin.

It was truly terrific. Umahara’s–our prey’s–scorching glare.

“Then, I’ll go over it again. First, Nanami will hand this to Umahara.” (Tamaki)

I took the fake love letter out of my pocket, and handed it to her.

This time I’ll make use of that guy’s goodwill towards her.

“It’s fine for Yui-chan to say that Katsuragi-kun threatened us right?” (Nanami)

“Yeah. Since he would find it unnecessary to hear more to choose between Katsuragi and Nanamin’s credibility.” (Tamaki)

That’s right. He wouldn’t care about reason and would believe that Nanamin was being forced to pretend to accompany him against her will.

What’s important is which one he believes.

“However, will he really come?” (Nanami)

“No problem. He has the chance of raising his value in the eyes of the successfully rescued me. And above all, his pride should prevent him from running away.” (Tamaki)

“Yea~h… I still don’t understand that well…” (Nanami)

“I get it. Because he’s a simple man. He wants to look cool in front the girls.” (Daichi)

“Well, since Katsuragi is also a man, don’t worry about it… Well, Katsuragi and I will go to standby at the place Umahara will go to from Nanamin’s love letter.” (Tamaki)

“Then, it’s fine to fight and beat him?” (Daichi)

“Yeah. Simply put, it should be fine there.” (Tamaki)

When we finished reaffirming the strategy, I held out my right arm. The other two guessed my meaning and put their palms on my hand.

“From now on we look to win! For our first victory! Do your best!” (Tamaki)

“Yeah!!” (Daichi)

“Yea-!” (Nanami)

We cheered towards the sky, and it was absorbed by the cloudless blue sky.

On the same rooftop as usual. We were here on standby, waiting for him to arrive to the meeting place written on Nanamin’s letter.

“… Umm, he’s a bit late…” (Daichi)

Looking at his watch, Katsuragi said so.

My pulse beat in my chest as the time for the decisive battle drew closer. I wasn’t tense, I was excited.

I predict that Katsuragi was also the same.

I mean, we’ve been smiling about this since situation a while ago.

The person himself didn’t seem to realize it, but Katsuragi was doing warm-up exercises.

“… Ah, a mail…” (Tamaki)

I opened the cellphone I was carrying in my hand that I noticed vibrating.

The sender was Nanamin, saying that Umahara was headed here.

I closed the screen and looked up.

“… He’ll be here soon, Katsuragi.” (Tamaki)

“… Got it.” (Daichi)

When he heard me, Katsuragi began to stretch and bend. He tried to hide his trembling so that I would be find.

… Even so, it was normal for his hands to tremble like that.

“T-Tamaki!?” (Daichi)

Katsuragi rose his voice in surprise.

It was natural. I mean, I was leaning against Katsuragi’s back.

“What’s the matter?” (Tamaki)

I put my hand on his. Though it was usually cold, right now it was warm. That told me how he felt.

“What’s the matter, is it. You, doing something like that…” (Daichi)

“I mean, Katsuragi is nervous so I think I’ll relax you.” (Tamaki)

“E-even so, wasn’t there another way?” (Daichi)

“I don’t want to be separated from you.” (Tamaki)

“… … … –“ (Daichi)

“Even if you fail here, it’s alright because I will never leave Kasturagi.” (Tamaki)

I didn’t know what Katsuragi was anxiously thinking about. Was he afraid of fighting, or afraid of losing? I’m sure there are other reasons.

That’s why, I wanted to reduce them even if just a little. I want to support him. Genuinely thinking these things, I noticed that I was embracing Katsuragi.

“… What is it. You are a strange person…” (Daichi)

“I don’t mind even if I am weird. As long as I can be with Katsuragi.” (Tamaki)

“… Coming from someone who called a man over using a love letter… good grief.” (Daichi)

Katsuragi put a hand on my head and stroked it a little roughly.

“Thanks. I don’t know, but how many times do I have to say it?” (Daichi)

“You still have a ways to go from now on. Until then, I’ll be in your care.” (Tamaki)

Separating from him, I clapped him on the back.

Katsuragi was unable to respond with words, but I didn’t mind. I mean, he would show me his response from now on.

“Alright! You can do it, Daichi! Your first battle!” (Tamaki)

“Yeah!” (Daichi)

Our counterattack begins now.

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