Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (3-18)

Story 3-18『Lunch』

Katsuragi and I sat side by side on the rooftop. Though it would have been good to return to the dormitory, it would have been troublesome if someone saw us.

It still wasn’t desirable.

“… Come to think of it, why did Katsuragi suddenly come to me? I also think hearing it was strange.” (Tamaki)

“… Well, I was definitely anxious about it… Well, today, when Tamaki attended the committee you called Samejima away… That showed me how hard Tamaki’s been trying. Because of… what’s wrong?” (Daichi)

“Ah, no, I-I wasn’t particularly trying hard… go on, because of what?” (Tamaki)
“O-oh. I was scolded. I was called a coward.” (Daichi)

“E-eh…” (Tamaki)

The unexpected words were surprising.

A coward… I can’t imagine Nanami saying something like that.

I mean, doing that while I wasn’t there…

However, I’m genuinely grateful for my close friend’s help. Next time, I have to treat her to something.

“I had second thoughts, and changed my mind about coming here… In the end, I had nothing. Without moving forward, giving up, and carrying on as usual is something only cowards do… When I was wondering what I should do… Tamaki’s face came to mind… I’m an idiot, finally noticing it.” (Daichi)

“… Is that so, is that so.” (Tamaki)

I was attentively watching his childish monologue with a warm gaze. Katsuragi’s face grew a little sullen.

“… You look a little glad, Tamaki. Even though talking about this is embarrassing to me…” (Daichi)

“Well, after all I’m the first one that came to mind you know?  Because Katsuragi kept me in mind… it’s normal to be this happy.” (Tamaki)

Since Katsuragi also exposed how he felt, I also confessed my true feelings.

Then, Katsuragi was taken aback and looked away from me.

“What’s wrong? Was it surprising for me to say something like that?” (Tamaki)

“N-no, that’s not it… Well, it’s fine. That lunchbox. I heard from Sajima… you’ve been making it for me?” (Daichi)

“Yeah. Because Katsuragi only ever has bread, it’s bad for your health if you don’t occasionally eat nutritious food.” (Tamaki)

“Thank you very much for paying attention to that extent. It was really delicious.” (Daichi)

“That’s good then. It was worth making them.” (Tamaki)

“I wonder if I should say you’re welcome at a time like this.” (Daichi)

“Well, I wonder.” (Tamaki)

“… …” (Daichi)

“…” (Tamaki)

『… …』(Both)

After laughing a bit, silence filled the air.

… Unable to continue the conversation I said something strange.

W-what do I do? I never spoke to the Katsuragi of this time in the first place…

Anyway, it will be awkward if I don’t say something!

“K-Katsuragi.” (Tamaki)

“What?” (Daichi)

“It’s… Katsuragi wants to defeat Samejima right?” (Tamaki)

“Yeah, that’s right. I don’t want to lose. I don’t want to give in. I’ll do anything to defeat him.” (Daichi)

Katsuragi’s determination seemed to harden considerably. Well, it’s easy for me.

With his motivated gaze, my switch was flipped. Otherwise it would have been impolite to him.

“… Got it. We’ll start immediately tomorrow then.” (Tamaki)

There are no classes tomorrow from the closing ceremony until morning and many of the students return to the dormitory.

Fortunately the day after tomorrow is also the start of winter break so students generally attend as they please. That said, I need to finish up the proposal and submit it.

That aside, other students return to their parents’ home at this time.

Naturally, that includes Samejima.

These two weeks will be a contest. How much foundation can we prepare?

“… Alright, I’ve decided! Special training starts tomorrow! Come here after school!” (Tamaki)

Katsuragi vigorously stood up with a snap when I pointed at him. He smiled wryly and nodded.

“Got it… all good then?” (Daichi)

Katsuragi held out his hand. I returned the gesture and gripped his hand.

“Yeah, all good.” (Tamaki)

And thus our Anti-Samejima Alliance was formed.


Today is a clear day in the middle of winter break.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the rooftop we’re on is our base. It is a very convenient place because, excluding me who has the key, you cannot freely come and go from here.

In other words, we won’t be found out no matter what we do.

“Uooo!” (Daichi)

Bathed in the light of day, Katsuragi was glistening in sweat from his usual constant practice.

The contents were simple, I would wrap a rope around my arm and Katsuragi would pull on it. That’s it.

However, I am throwing Katsuragi with a one-armed shoulder throw. Instead of using my arm like normal, I was using a rope.

“Redeem yourself, Katsuragi. I haven’t moved an inch!” (Tamaki)

“Ku… raaah!” (Daichi)

The rope that was loosening straightened. Evidence that he was putting all of his strength into it.

… I still didn’t move though.

The purpose of this exercise was to build up his strength.

To be able to move me, that is, you would have to exceed my physical status.

Though it was difficult, there was another reason for this. If Katsuragi found himself in a contest of strength, he would first of all need to become accustomed to facing an overwhelming strength and gain self-confidence.

Still, some people would think that a man losing to the power of a woman is embarrassing…

“… Damnit…!” (Daichi)

Katsuragi had a personality that that applied to. With this the chance of him stopping lowered.

“Ten minutes left until we rest so give it your all!” (Tamaki)

“Yeah…!” (Daichi)

Katsuragi pulled the rope with all of his body weight.

Of course, I didn’t move at all.


“Alright. That’s enough for today. Here’s a drink and towel.” (Tamaki)

“T-thank you…” (Daichi)

Katsuragi laid down face up and put the towel on his face, with the bottle sideways to cool down.

Sitting down next to him, Katsuragi sat up.

“… Haa… to not move at all… What kind of muscles do you have?” (Daichi)

“Want to feel?” (Tamaki)

I flexed and produced a small, well-developed bicep. Katsuragi poked it with his finger, his mouth opened with doubt.

“… Really, where are all of your muscles?” (Daichi)

“Maiden’s secret.” (Tamaki)

I placed my index finger on my mouth, smiling mischievously to tease him.

“… That’s cheating.” (Daichi)

“Hmm? Did you say something?” (Tamaki)

“Nope, nothing.” (Daichi)

Katsuragi didn’t want to pursue the topic and interrupted the conversation by drinking his sports drink.

And so, I started to think about everything that was said, when there were three knocks on the door with a bad timing.

Yes ye~s.  Give me a moment~.” (Tamaki)

So that Katsuragi doesn’t move I went to the door to confirm the password that only authorized people know about.

“What are Shuri-chan’s three sizes?” (Tamaki)

『83-54-80 from top to bottom, she likes Samejima-kun. 』(—)

“Your name.” (Tamaki)

『It is Sajima Nanami!』(Nanami)

“You may enter!” (Tamaki)

『Thank you very much!』(Nanami)

When I removed the key from the door and opened it, Nanami was there in a white dress and saluted with a snap. She was carrying a large bag.

“Nanami… that’s…” (Tamaki)

“That’s right! I brought lunch!” (Nanami)

『Oooh—!』(Daichi, Tamaki)

Mine and Katsuragi’s voices overlapped.

To be frank, Nanami also didn’t return home and offered us her cooperation. Right from the start, Nanamin didn’t participate in the usual bullying, and after luring him with her boxed lunches, it was easy. She even managed to reach the level of speaking with Katsuragi.

She volunteered to bring lunch every day, and to join in on our practice.

… Speaking of which, us three spend more than half of our time together these days.

“Good morning Yui-chan, today I have light sandwiches and a light salad~.” (Nanami)

She took multicolored Tupperware out from the bag where the sandwiches were packed.

Everything seemed to be very delicious. Immediately, Katsuragi held out his hands.

“It’s good!” (Daichi)

Where did his tiredness from a moment ago go? Katsuragi filled his mouth with the delicious food.

“It was worth making if you say that.” (Nanami)

“Any meal Sajima makes is delicious~.” (Daichi)

Without stopping, without stopping.

Saying his impressions, Katsuragi threw them into his mouth one after another. Looking at it, I was a little irritated and pinched his stomach.

“Ow-!? W-what did you do that for, Tamaki!” (Daichi)

“… No reason. Finish eating so that we can resume the practice. Overeating is no good you know? You need to lose weight.” (Tamaki)

“Eh, but, I want to eat…” (Daichi)

“Do you understand me!?” (Tamaki)

“Y-yeah! I got it, I got it!” (Daichi)

Pressured by my atmosphere, Katsuragi nodded his head many times. Nanami smiled and giggled from our exchange.

… Nanami was thoroughly enjoying my reaction.

“E-enough already! Nanami, I’ll get angry!” (Tamaki)

“Sorry, sorry. But you know?” (Nanami)

“What?” (Tamaki)

Nanami clapped once, and answered my question.

“But, teasing Yui-chan… it’s fun.” (Nanami)

“Please stop!? Ah, Katsuragi don’t try to stealthily continue eating!” (Tamaki)

“Damn, so persistent…!” (Daichi)

While having such a conversation, we happily enjoyed lunch and after ten minutes resumed the special training.

… Katsuragi’s schedule from now on will be firm…!

No one could blame me for it.

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