Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (3-17)

Story 3-17 『Making A Mistake, Apologizing, Starting』

“Yeah, it’s good… isn’t it.” (Tamaki)

I murmured my thoughts on the lunch I made while closing the lid of the lunchbox. I laid it on top of the other lunchbox that was once again left unopened.

Two weeks had already passed since that day.

I was disregarded by him in the classroom even if I talked to him since the first week. Nevertheless, he immediately left the classroom once lunch break started since the start of the week, coming back just before it ended. After school Katsuragi’s time was stolen by Samejima.

Due to that, there hasn’t been any development with him.

As I didn’t even interact with him anymore, it seems that our classmates took it all as a temporary delusion. They took it as me fulfilling my role as committee chairman.

Therefore, nothing in particular happened.

Katsuragi was still bullied daily. I feigned friendliness and played the honor student every day.

As it was now, nothing had changed.

Thinking about it was troublesome so he gave up and『Resigned』. He consented, and accepted the status quo as it was.

It was difficult to sway the hearts of those who had『Resigned』. So, I could do nothing but slowly make progress by waiting for him on the rooftop during lunch breaks and after school.

I looked at my wristwatch, it was five minutes until the start of fifth period’s class. I would be late if I don’t return soon.

“Because he didn’t come today as well… another X.” (Tamaki)

I took a small notebook out of my pocket and put filled the column for today’s date.

This is the Katsuragi observation diary that I’ve had since that day.

I was once again reminded that I did not know anything about Katsuragi since coming to this world.

Though I thought about doing it because I was near him, above all I just wanted to know more about him.

Shuri-chan already seemed to know. She’d been with him longer than me. So, Shuri-chan had an advantage.

I had to make an effort to make up the difference.

“… I wonder what Katsuragi is doing…” (Tamaki)

I can’t see a way out.

Being in such a state, I sighed in disappointment at my inability to break down my worthlessness.


December 8       XX

Katsuragi didn’t eat his lunch box today. There was definitely always a meal for him. I think Samejima stamped on everything. Sure enough, it was thrown into the trash. However, after Samejima was satisfied and left him, he took out some spare bread. He laughed in spite of himself.

December 9       XX

December 10     XX

December 12     XX

December 17     XX

Samejima’s bullying was even more terrible today. However, I didn’t stop him. Saying that, I wasn’t able to stop him. I was irritated. I wonder if there’s something I can do?

December 20     XX

Recently, I’ve felt tired. My body is sluggish. When I measured my temperature I had a low-grade fever. I thought it was safe if it was just this much and though I went to school, I hit my limit just before lunch break. I fell over because of that. I had to break my promise to Katsuragi for the first time. Now, I don’t know what I should do anymore.

December 21     XX

I went to school after my temperature recovered and there was a loose-leafed notebook filled with information from yesterday’s lesson on top of my clean desk… I wonder if it was Nanami? I asked and it seemed that’s how it was, though I have to say… I wonder if she was agitated. Anyways, she has my gratitude. Katsuragi also didn’t come to the roof today.

December 22 —X


“… It’s no good…” (Tamaki)

Flipping through the pages, I closed the notebook and put an X through today’s date.

Another month.

I wondered how much time passed in the real world. I don’t mean that I think that an entire month has passed… but Katsuragi may encounter Samejima and fight him by himself.

That’s no good. It’s too dangerous.

I have to clear this and go to him soon…

… But, I wonder if I can do it…

“Yui-chan!” (—)

“… Eh-, ah, yes!” (Tamaki)

My consciousness returned with my name being unexpectedly called.

The perpetrator was Nanami, who had called out anxiously.

“Are you alright, Yui-chan? You didn’t answer after I called you many times…” (Nanami)

“Y-yeah. Sorry. I was in a bit of a daze.” (Tamaki)

“Is it from the fever? It’s been so cold out every day. Your temperature just returned to normal too.” (Nanami)

“No, it’s not like that. It’s alright, I’m fine.” (Tamaki)

“If so that’s good…” (Nanami)

“Other than that, Nanami. Did you have anything to talk to me about?” (Tamaki)

“Ah, yeah. There will be a gathering of the committee chairman from each class after school today for a conference. The location is the multipurpose room on the third floor so I came early to tell you.” (Nanami)

“Got it. Thanks for the message.” (Tamaki)

“Yui-chan, where are you going?” (Nanami)

“The staff room?” (Tamaki)

“But, the teacher is coming, and class will start…” (Nanami)

“It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s homeroom class, after all. And the one I have business with is our homeroom teacher.” (Tamaki) 

“… What business?” (Nanami)

“Though I had asked Shuri-chan to openly hear me out… I want to reduce the burden on her a bit… I guess.” (Tamaki)

I had talked with Shuri-chan about my feelings concerning Katsuragi before.

After that, she’s been having a good time hanging out with Samejima after school before returning to the dormitory. Shuri-chan said it was killing two birds with one stone.

Though I advised her to stop it with Samejima, she refuted saying that she wouldn’t recognize Katsuragi either.

Because of that, the amount of after school bullying has decreased to once per week.

So I was thinking about changing the meetings to be held in this classroom. That way Samejima would be forced to leave the classroom.

“Well, I’ll be off then.” (Tamaki)

I said so and left the classroom.

At that time, Nanami’s eyes gaze shifted to Katsuragi as she seemed to decide something.


“Then the meeting is adjourned. Bow.” (—)

『Thank you very much.』(All)

The committee said their farewell and broke up. The contents of the agenda was Oginomiya Academy’s school event. Each class would hold a play to make their last memories of the school year. It would be before spring break began. The best works would be used as PR videos for freshmen.

Therefore, screenplays will be submitted one week from now. The sets must be finished within two months, a fast pace. Though it was sandwiched by winter break, it was a well-known fact that it wasn’t enough time. It puts a lot of responsibility on the committee chairmen, thinking about it was depressing.

“Haa…” (Tamaki)

I put the documents away into my bag—and incidentally, I noticed that one lunch box was missing.

“Did I leave it on the rooftop…?” (Tamaki)

That fact further exacerbated my mood. Recently, opening the rooftop door was troubling.

It was scary.

Katsuragi wouldn’t be there. However, the empty world spread out.

I wanted to『Give Up』. [TN: Same kanji used earlier for Katsuragi’s “Resigned”]

However, I would not cross that line.

Fear was born during that interval.

“… It’s no use hesitating!” (Tamaki)

I turned the doorknob.

The door was less than two meters tall but had a presence many times larger… though that was impossible.

“… I will believe in you.” (Tamaki)

*Gachari*. An inorganic sound rang as the door opened.

My eyelids that were shut on reflex slowly opened.

Looking at the place where I always sat eating, there was a visitor.

“Katsu…ragi…” (Tamaki)

It was really Katsuragi.

Muffler wrapped around his neck, he let out a white breath, and was rubbing his hands together to warm them from the friction.

“… Ah, you finally came.” (Daichi)

Having noticed me, Katsuragi wrapped the lunchbox and carried it lying flat on its side and walked over to me.

Eh? Eh?

“K-Katsuragi. Why?” (Tamaki)

“Why you ask… that’s…” (Daichi)

Katsuragi was embarrassed and scratched his cheek. He wouldn’t look at me.

“It’s… how should I put it… I was acting like a child… I was at fault. That time, I yelled at you.” (Daichi)

“Ah, n-no. I was insensitive.” (Tamaki)

“That’s not it. At that time, I… you were accurate… I was frustrated. Because of that I vented my anger at you… I’m very sorry.” (Daichi)

“N-no, I don’t particularly mind.” (Tamaki)

“Still, I want to apologize. And I have another favor to ask.” (Daichi)

Katsuragi bowed. He conveyed how serious he was in one go.

“I want to defeat him. However, I know that I have no strength. I’ll make an effort. I’ll do anything. Nothing could be more painful than right now! So, please help me! Please!” (Daichi)

… Eh? Eh? Eh?

W-what should I do?

For my part, I wasn’t worried at all. Or should I say, I wouldn’t do something like ask what caused him to change.

It was nice to be relied on by Katsuragi, I didn’t know that I had such a desire.

He said something like that because he trusted me… ah, what to do?

It felt like crying.

“Ka-Katsuragi!” (Tamaki)

“W-what?” (Daichi)

“I’ve always waited here for Katsuragi!” (Tamaki)

“That was really my bad. I was stubborn… sorry.” (Daichi)

“Day after day, it was amazingly cold!” (Tamaki)

“Oh, was it?” (Daichi)

“Therefore!” (Tamaki)

I suddenly extended both of my hands, and asked him while putting on as calm of an expression as I could.

“… Therefore… because of that, right now, would you warm me up…?” (Tamaki)

My face was hot. It was definitely bright red. I was embarrassed so I didn’t want him to see me.

“L-let me see… is this okay?” (Daichi)

“… Yeah. Hurry up, it’s cold.” (Tamaki)

“O-oh…” (Daichi)

Katsuragi timidly stretched out one of his arm and wrapped it around my waist. I leaned on him.

Warm. I was relieved. I wanted to stay like this.

“T-Tamaki?” (Daichi)

… He called me by name for the first time. I couldn’t stop smiling.

“A-are you alright?” (Daichi)

“Why are you worried?” (Tamaki)

“It’s… the first time I’ve done something like this… saying those things, it’s embarrassing.” (Daichi)

“… I’m happy. With that, I’m Katsuragi’s first.” (Tamaki)

“… Tamaki. You should absolutely never say that to a man you know? Because most will become a wolf.” (Daichi)

“Though I don’t understand well… got it.” (Tamaki)

I wonder why Katsuragi said to knock it off. Next time I’ll be careful.

“… By the way, Tamaki. Isn’t this enough?” (Daichi)

“… … … Not a chance.” (Tamaki)

“… Is that so? … Let me know when you are satisfied so we can continue.” (Daichi)

“O~kay…” (Tamaki)

I squeezed him with my arms tighter.

After ten minutes passed, I was finally satisfied and we separated.

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