Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (3-16)

Story 3-16『Failure』

“Where am-…!?” (Shuri)

When I opened my eyes, there was certainly Oginomiya Academy’s classroom that we strove to study in.

My sight hurriedly darted around. Then, an unpleasant scene entered my sight.

“Katsuragi~.You are on cleaning duty so you have to hold the rag firmly!” (Samejima)

Samejima was bullying Kasturagi-kun. His face was gripped and being rubbed against the floor.

… What are these people doing?

Stop it.

My shoulders quivered as rage flared up in my core.

“Did something happen? Shuri-chan?” (Nanami)

Next to me, Nanami-chan was worried and asked. She also wore a pained expression, looking away. My other friend, Yui-chan, was in contrast viewing the scene happily.

This was insanity. That’s what I thought.

I have to help. I must help him. Because nobody other but me understands him.

Save Katsuragi-kun from that group of garbage.

I ran over to Katsuragi-kun when I could no longer stand it. After pushing the hindrances, Samejima’s group, out of the way, I took the rag out of his mouth.

“Npu-!” (Samejima)

Samejima was unable to avoid me pushing him off balance and was beautifully hit in the face.

Serves him right.

“… Oi, Hamakazi. What are you doing?” (Samejima)

Samejima asked with a vein appearing on his forehead.

I boldly smiled while standing before Katsuragi-kun to protect him.

“I thought I would give you a taste of what Katsuragi-kun is feeling.” (Shuri)

“You… are you f*cking joking?” (Samejima)

“You heard what I said. Why would I ignore something like this?” (Shuri)

“Because that guy is garbage. Do you understand? No one in the world wants defective merchandise. No one will be sad even if I break him.” (Samejima)

“Yeah. Shouldn’t Hamakaze get away from him?” (—)

“Or rather, did you seriously… Perhaps, did you come to like Katsuragi?” (—)

The classroom was filled with laughter and spite.

I gritted my teeth and held my temper.

What are these guys? So annoying.

Even though you don’t know about Katsuragi-kun at all. How could you say such a thing?

… … I can’t forgive them.

“… Shut up.” (Shuri)

“Ahn?” (Samejima)

“I told you to shut up, sleazebag. I will not show mercy to anyone who speaks badly about Katsuragi-kun.” (Shuri)

I glared at the cocky guy in front of me.

I warned him. Any more and he would forfeit his life.

However, that trash looks like he didn’t understand.

“… Hamakaze. Didn’t you also bully that guy with us before? So you had that kind of hobby huh? Did I guess right?” (Samejima)

Samejima laughed at me in derision. Everyone in the classroom sneered at me in agreement.

This fellow is really noisy.

Therefore, I shut him up.

“Aga-…?” (Samejima)

In an instant, I drew close to his chest and performed an uppercut on him. Mercilessly using power that far exceeded an ordinary person’s, his upper body flew up and top of his head struck the ceiling from the blow to his head. There was a *Gusha!!* sound.

“… S-Samejima?” (Umahara)

Umahara called out to Samejima but there was no reply. Only blood came out.

“U-uwaaaaaaaa!?” (—)

Someone screamed.

Why would I care?

I grabbed the heads of people near me and slammed them into desks.

Over and over again.

After making sure that their arms hung limp and powerless, I threw them towards the bunch who didn’t want to dirty their own hands and just arrogantly immerse themselves in watching someone weaker.

“… Who’s next?” (Shuri)

An easily understood blood thirst emanated from my entire body. Those words triggered my classmates to scramble to leave the classroom.

Once danger reached your body, you would eventually value your life more than another’s. Confirming it with a sidelong glance, Yui-chan was included in that as well.

She didn’t know.

After all, this world was one Lily created, a fake world based on our memories.

The real Yui-chan would have gladly cooperated with me.

… Leaving that aside.

I turned around and approached Katsuragi-kun who was lying on the floor. His mouth was opening and closing. He was probably surprised at what he just saw.

Even so it couldn’t be helped. Since this version of him had never seen a person die.

“There’s no need to be disappointed, Katsuragi-kun.” (Shuri)

I embraced Katsuragi-kun.

My dear, dear Katsuragi-kun.

“Eh-… ah-…” (Daichi)

He was unable to articulate his words.

He body was trembling little by little. Katsuragi-kun is the gentle person who forgave Yui-chan and I. Perhaps, he felt some guilt in the corner of his heart.

Then, I had to ease his anxiety.

Though it was a little embarrassing I buried Katsuragi-kun’s face in my chest like a mother embracing her child.

“Be relieved, Katsuragi-kun. No one will hurt you anymore. I will protect Katsuragi-kun if anything happens.” (Shuri)

Firmly, firmly I held him. For a long, long time.

However, on the contrary Katsuragi-kun pushed me away.

“Eh?” (Shuri)

I fell down from the unexpected impact. Katsuragi-kun’s raised his face and extended his arms.

His face was filled with fear. Contempt was mixed into his gaze.

… Why?

“Y-you… what did you…” (Daichi)

“I was rescuing Katsuragi-kun?” (Shuri)

“Not that! You murdered him!!” (Daichi)

Murder. Ah, right.

I definitely killed someone.

… However.

“What about it?” (Shuri)

“!?” (Daichi)

“I mean, I think what these guys constantly did to Katsuragi-kun was much more painful.” (Shuri)

“Y-you, what are you saying…” (Daichi)

“I said that it was alright that they died. Because it was compensation for the crimes they’ve committed until now.” (Shuri)

I walked up to Katsuragi-kun with open arms.

“I like you, Katsuragi-kun. I love you.” (Shuri)

I told him my feelings. Knowing this, Katsuragi-kun would accept me.

I thought that.

However, he threw back a cruel remark.

“Stay away!! You monster!! You’re disgusting!” (Daichi)

Katsuragi-kun was frightened from when I killed Samejima and the other classmates, his face was distorted.

Collapsing in tears, he retreated every time I took a step.

“W-what’s wrong, Katsuragi-kun? I am yours.” (Shuri)

“Stay away!” (Daichi)

Complete rejection.

… Why?

I like Katsuragi-kun so much. I would do anything for Katsuragi-kun.

I erased Samejima’s group that Katsuragi-kun cursed and wanted revenge on. I stopped the other classmates as well. I told you what I honestly thought.

“Katsuragi…kun…” (Shuri)

“Stop it! Shuri-chan!” (Nanami)

“Kya-“ (Shuri)

Still, someone approaching me from the side and pushing me away was totally unexpected.

I thought that Nanami had surely left with the others.

“Nana…mi?” (Shuri)

“Katsuragi-kun! Come here!” (Nanami)

“… A-aah!” (Daichi)

Pulling Katsuragi-kun’s hand, Nanami hurried out of the room.

Katsuragi-kun’s retreating figure went with her.

Ah… don’t go, Katsuragi-kun.

Why… why…?

I then suddenly lost consciousness.


“… I’m back here…?” (Shuri)

When I came to, I was in front of the image from before.

The school building was a flat plane rather than three-dimensional. Looking around there were only black walls.

After all, I came back to this place…

『I forced the Game Over. I don’t think your favorable impression would rise from there… I wonder if you are unexpectedly an idiot?』(Lily)

Lily’s voice came just as I was thinking about that. Her words pierced through my chest like an arrow.

『Going to the extent of suddenly killing someone mercilessly in front of Hero-sama huh. Hero-sama wasn’t used to seeing things die before coming here you know? … And yet you chose to do just that… I have nothing to call you but an idiot.』(Lily)

“U-… B-but, I was helping Katsuragi-kun!” (Shuri)

『He wouldn’t come to the conclusion that the young lady who just murdered the person who was bullying him liked him just because you embraced him and told him how you felt!! Don’t you understand!?』(Lily)

Lily’s point was reasonable. Now that I had calmed down, I was also regretting my actions.

Yeah. The Katsuragi-kun from here doesn’t know my feelings, but that doesn’t mean we won’t come to like me.

And yet I selfishly explained it at my own convenience.

… I may have rushed it a bit.

What now?

It’s decided. I’ll be like Yui-chan, then.

She’s my best friend.  Therefore, I believe I know all about her good points.

If I approach him being cute and friendly like Yui-chan, maybe I’ll sway Katsuragi-kun’s feelings. Although he himself says otherwise, I can’t help but worry about that.

『From just that? You had a Game Over at the start.』(Lily)

“… And the other two? Do they start in the same situation?” (Shuri)

『Everyone has to go through their own process. That Shield is particularly skilled though. She is probably the best fit for the position.』(Lily)

“I-is that so…” (Shuri)

『… … Well, calm down and quickly try the challenge the second time. If you don’t, those two will snatch Hero-sama away from you.』(Lily)

Hearing Lily say that, I imagined the scene. Talking and smiling with Yui-chan and Hayase-san in his arms… while my head hung down behind them.

… I don’t want an unpleasant future like that.

“… I got it. I’ll go immediately.” (Shuri)

『That’s the spirit.』(Lily)

Lily was cajoling me, but what she said was true.

I couldn’t afford to nonchalantly be defeated here.

“… This time I will definitely…!” (Shuri)

While slapping my cheeks to fire myself up, I jumped into the image.


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