Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (3-10)

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Story 3-10 『Girls』

“… Hot.” (Daichi)

I was in a place hot enough to be suited for the dungeon name after being transferred by the magic formation. The wall of the dungeon was red hot because of the heat.

Any hotter and I’ll melt. This can’t be compared with what it was like earlier.

“Ice wind.” (Daichi)

I adjusted the environment around myself to a suitable temperature. Not too hot, not too cold. However, I had to constantly pay attention to the amount of magic I used so I didn’t quickly run out.

Instead of using magic, defeating them with a sword was better. I slayed them without magic, though where was the Shield when you wanted it… Tamaki wasn’t here.

Shuri also wasn’t here, I was getting a bit lonely…

To be frank, I wanted to get cozy with Shuri. I wanted to embrace her soft body entirely in my arms. To enjoy her sweet scent…

“No… that’s no good. What am I thinking…” (Daichi)

I may be losing my mind in this heat. The only problem, when I entered the range where I was spreading my 『Ice Wind』, there was a by all means impossible sizzling sound of steam.

Perhaps I was sent to a fairly lower floor. If so, I was pretty lucky.

As as expected, the transfer magic formations may have been an invitation from the guardian. If that were the case, I wanted to be moved directly to the bottom floor’s stair room.

Was there a need to buy some time?… In that case, Shuri’s group got the winning hand.

“Guess I should hurry up and rejoin them?” (Daichi)

I resumed searching the dungeon at double the pace.


“Uo-!?” (Leadred)

“Kya-!” (Shuri)

“Wa-!?” (Tamaki)

“Hyau!?” (Fuuko)

Bam, bam, bam, *posun*, making three loud sounds and a cute one, we were transferred to a stairway. It was illuminated by lit torches that were encased in old-looking containers along the walls.

The stairs were in a spiral rather than the short, straight type.

Fortunately we were spared from the worse scenario of everyone tumbling off.

… Though the first person to be transferred, Leadred, was under us and let out a groan from our impact.

“… T-then, shall we?” (Fuuko)

Hayase-san, who was on the top and took the least damage, looked through her bag for recovery medicine when I heard her say that.

“… We have no choice but to go.” (Tamaki)

Answering her question that had been solved from the start, I went down step by step. Behind me, the formation was Yui-chan, Hayase-san, then Leadred-san.

“It’s not as hot as I thought it would be.” (Fuuko)

“Yeah. I’ve felt better since a moment ago.” (Shuri)

“Is Tamaki using magic?” (Leadred)

“No. Though I don’t know why, this place seems to be disconnected from the dungeon’s rule… were we transferred to another dungeon?” (Tamaki)

It’s unfortunate… but I can’t say for certain. Even from a while ago, the type of stairs were different from the ones before in 【Scorching Execution Ground】.

… Oh, I wonder where Katsuragi-kun is…

“Even though we don’t know, we need to advance… shall we go as far as possible?” (Tamaki)

Again, we traveled through the dungeon at Yui-chan’s words. Silence weighed on us, especially without any particular conversation.

Though I don’t think we are on bad terms with each other, Hayase-san is here this time… we weren’t able to bring up any topics with her. Yui-chan and I didn’t read many books, and Leadred-san wasn’t the kind of person to mind these kinds of things…

Some way or another I think Yui-chan didn’t like this atmosphere…

“… We have some free time for girl’s talk.” (Tamaki)

After a few minutes of nothing but descending the stairs, sure enough, Yui-chan dropped the bomb.

Saying that was a taboo, and I felt like hitting my close friend in the head. Because, all of us girl classmates like the same man.

But, I think that she deliberately chose this topic because she knew that.

To mutually clarify our feelings… probably.

“Girl’s talk? What does that mean? (Leadred)

“Leadred-san doesn’t know huh~. It’s when women mutually talk about the people they like you know? Does Leadred-san like Katsuagi?” (Tamaki)

“No, I have no romantic feelings for him. I do respect him though.” (Leadred)

“See, that’s what it is like.” (Tamaki)

“I see. I understand now.” (Leadred)

Yui-chan removed Leadred-san from the loop. With this, it became a genuine three-way showdown.

“Ah, even though I don’t want you to misunderstand, don’t worry, it’s not like I plan on ducking out. Please, don’t glare at me like that!” (Tamaki)

Yui-chan bowed with her hands raised up in front of her face.

How awful, I definitely wasn’t doing that.

“It may bee too late, but… If you don’t want, we don’t have to…” (Tamaki)

“Were you someone to draw back from such a thing… Tamaki-san?” (Fuuko)

Hayase sighed half in amazement. I thought the same.

“I-I mean, it’s because you two were glaring at be so intensely.” (Tamaki)

“… That’s because I’m burning with hostility towards Hamakaze-san.” (Fuuko)

Hayase-san asserted without losing her calm. She gave me a sidelong glance with her red eyes.

However, her expression immediately softened.

“… What, it was a joke. Though I’m certainly envious of Hamakaze-san, I am not jealous.” (Fuuko) [TN: Remember that jealousy is when you think someone is taking your stuff, and envy is when you want someone else’s stuff.]

“Oh, is that so?” (Shuri)

… Yui-chan. A question came to mind, though I knew it was bad.

… Though I began saying it anyways.

“Yes. I don’t mind being second or third. As long as I get some love, shouldn’t I be happy?” (Fuuko)

But, she continued.

“The moment when, by appealing to him, I become Katsuragi-kun’s number one, please bear with it.” (Fuuko)

Though it was quivering, Hayase-san was making a perfect smile.

… It was a declaration of war.

I accepted.

“… That will never happen. I mean, I won’t hand him over.” (Shuri)

“Fufufu. Katsuragi-kun is also a human, his mind can change you know?” (Fuuko)

If this were a manga there were surely be sparks flying. Mine and Hayase-san’s gazes crossed.

She was not budging an inch.

Therefore, made sure to demonstrate to her my dominance.

“I… took his first time. Katsurag-kun’s.” (Shuri)

“Eh-…!?” (Fuuko)

Hayase-san’s expression crumbled. It seems that that was unexpected even for her. Yui-chan blushed. Perhaps, she heard my voice during that time. [TL: lit. ‘that time’ = ‘that love affair’]

“Therefore, I wonder if it is still possible for Hayase-san to catch up.” (Shuri)

“T-that doesn’t make a difference. Because I will use my own methods to be with him without fail.” (Fuuko)

“Don’t forget about me… I also want to be with him…” (Tamaki)

“I haven’t forgotten. Rather, I’ve already been vigilant of Tamaki-san.” (Fuuko)

Yui-chan’s grumbling was quickly countered by Hayase-san.

I agreed with her opinion.

“Eh, why?” (Tamaki)

“What do you mean why…? Yui-chan. Recently, you’ve been together with Katsuragi-kun. Conversing so vibrantly…” (Shuri)

“You two think I’m that close to him?” (Tamaki)

“And didn’t Katsuragi-kun make plans with Yui-chan before? To win against Fantra… he kissed you. [TN: lit. ‘Harshly kissed’]

“… … Heeeh” (Fuuko)

“I-it was inevitable! We had to in order to win against that guy! Katsuragi was also unwilling! Rather, Hayase-san is scary!” (Tamaki)

Yui-chan managed to do something weird by energetically shaking her head and at the same time shaking both hands in denial.

I thought she looked very flustered.

When I was thinking about how to tease her, I heard a voice from behind.

“… Ah-, I don’t mean to interrupt but… you guys stopped moving a while ago.” (Leadred)

“““… … … Ah.””” (Fuuko, Shuri, Tamaki)

When Leadred-san pointed it out we noticed that our surroundings hadn’t changed since a while ago.

Maybe we became too passionate in the middle of it.

Each of us gave a wry smile, hurriedly reformed the line, and began advancing once again.

To cover lost ground, we descended in silence.

After continuing for about ten minutes, there was an open door. The stairway ended there.

“… Everyone. Prepare for battle.” (Shuri)

Everyone took out their weapons. I also took out my dagger with an underhand grip.

Running through at once, we passed through the door.

Our field of view expanded. The end of the stairway was connected to the room. The interior design was different.

However, there was one woman before us.

Her physique was not like a human’s. She was covered with tufts of light brown fur.

Her face was remarkable. A nose like a dog’s. Whiskers sprouting from her cheeks. Ears coming from her hair.

“… Welcome, to the last floor of the【Scorching Execution Ground】. I am the one who invited you here, Lily Shuraham, leader of the Beastman tribe.” (Lily)

A corner of her mouth lifted up and we could see her sharp canines.

“Well, you have my regards.” (Lily)

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