Short ‘n Sweet Random Rant

Just looked around /r/LightNovels subreddit after posting the Dragon’s Bloodline chapter update there.

That the mods are even considering breaking up or moving the subreddit due to a name technicality… ugh. (-‸ლ)

For those who aren’t aware, or don’t generally use Reddit that often… links:

18 thoughts on “Short ‘n Sweet Random Rant

  1. What the fuck even. Mods get drunk? I hope the mods are drunk, because if they’re drunk they have an excuse for doing something this stupid.

  2. I mean, I kinda understand it. Personally, I only read japanese novels (don’t like Chinese or Korean stuff that much anymore, and English fanfics and original works feel way too weebish for me), maybe it’s because I’m half Japanese myself, idk. It would be kinda nice to have a place where I can look through only Japanese stuff.

    That being said, if they’re doing this because of some pedantic reason like “light novels are Japanese, other stuff aren’t light novels,” then what about web novels?

    In any case, whatever. I haven’t visited that sub in quite a while anyway. I just use WP and my bookmarks to read stuff.

    1. What I don’t get is why they’re bothering if it’s for something like “A place to read JP only updates”. They have a button on the sidebar that filters out everything but what origin you want as is.. >.<

      If you don't mind me asking–

      Does my original also give that "weebish" feeling? I was trying to avoid it, as I know what you mean. The only English original webnovel I've been able to read without getting that feeling is Mother of Learning…

      If you've read The Restart and decide to respond, feel free to be brutal in your response. It helps a lot.

      If you haven't read it, it's all good then.


      1. Well like I said, I can understand if it’s for pedantic reasons, but if they’re going to be pedantic, they might as well go all the way and ban WNs too.

        I don’t really read English webnovels, so I haven’t read yours. I did give it a quick glance through a few chapters just now though, so forgive me if I’m missing context or something. Yours doesn’t really seem that weebish comparatively speaking. If there’s one thing that stuck out to me, it’s one character using “Master” instead of pronouns. In English, it just kinda sounds off and…well, weebish, as we know that Japanese doesn’t really use pronouns much, and it’s easy to detect the influence of that kind of thing. In the end though, your novel doesn’t seem as much weebish as…I don’t know, teen fantasy? Which in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s just certainly not my cup of tea. I just tend to not like amateur works in general (I don’t like most webnovels, Japanese or otherwise), but I’ll still read Japanese ones.

        A bit of info on why I prefer reading Japanese works though: I’m half-Japanese, so I kinda grew up with American and Japanese culture. I’ve been to Japan many times throughout my developing years, and so that culture is deeply ingrained in me, but not as deeply as American culture, as I actually grew up and went to school here (although I did go to school in Japan for a little bit too, heh). So in the end, Japanese stuff feels familiar enough to me that I relate to it very well, but it’s also foreign enough to me that it doesn’t feel too stale, like English contemporary literature does.

        Sorry for the wall of text.

        1. Walls of text are wanted!

          I read through all comments 🙂

          Thanks for the feedback. I understand what you say about ‘Master’. It was a hard choice for me, but I went with it in the end. Perhaps it will feel slightly less off when I introduce more characters that use titles instead of names… Haven’t gotten far enough into the story to do much yet.

          Trying my best to take the story slow. One of the things I dislike about (what I believe is) badly written novels is lightspeed stories with walls of bullshit fillers that last ages, followed again by a true story arc that pass by in two or three chapters.

          Again, thanks!

          1. Yeah, my main gripe with the “Master” thing is…take for example the two following statements: “Would Master like some tea?” “Would you like some tea, Master?” The former is what I think feels weebish, and the latter sounds better in English, in my opinion. Like, using it instead of a name is fine, but let’s say I was saying (to you), “Would Ziru like some tea?” or “Would you like some tea, Ziru?” The latter just sounds more natural. But that’s just my take on the matter.

            But then again, maybe my opinion isn’t exactly the best one to go off of, haha. I do get VERY picky when it comes to…well, pretty much everything, including novels.

            1. Nah, I agree with what you’re saying.

              If/when I finish a book/volume/whatever it’ll be called, I will likely go through it all and edit the heck out of it.

              I’m (obviously) not doing this professionally, so if I waited until I finished a book’s work of text (>100k words) before releasing it I would very likely lose interest in working on it… Which is why I’m posting on this to keep me motivated. However, while I do proofread and get my friend to check out the content before I post, that does lead to a lack in having a proper editing cycle.

              I have some pretty large things planned for the story, but I don’t want to see it get drowned in horrid dialogue or some currently unforeseen plot hole. It’ll be slow going, but I hope by the time I finish it’ll be a polished ‘product’.


    2. Thing is that if you wanted to see JP stuff all you had to do was search [JP] and sort by new. It wasn’t that hard of a system and everything was in one place. Splitting one community into five different ones just makes everything a big hassle.

      1. Yeah… I don’t understand the point.

        Like, most of the people who understand how a Light Novel is different from the general posts don’t care about the difference and are just there to read things.

        The others don’t know and don’t care anyways.

        Of course, there are those who DO know the difference and DO care about it… but aren’t they the overwhelming minority? And is it truly worth splitting everyone up for something so little as a name technicality..?

  3. Have never touched reddit with a 10ft pole because it’s not been a good website in a very long time now and I didn’t start back then, certainly wouldn’t be starting now because of rubbish like this.

      1. I’m going to be entirely honest with my subscribed subreddits here. These are the only subreddits I care about at all:


        1. Some of the subreddits I’m subbed to include:

          Among others, of course.

  4. Doesn’t it amuse though? We have a friendly community where En cn kn and jl fans could talk to each other and suggest stories from different sources. ;_; Don’t take away a friendly community.

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