Screw Sacramento so hard

Some dude without a license AND wasn’t on the car’s registration just backed into me in a parking lot. He barely spoke English (kept yelling in Spanish…).

Called police to come out.

1 hr later, they say they are in the parking lot.

30 minutes later, still no dude.

Officer calls me to confirm, says he’s there.

*waits longer*

Still hadn’t arrived.

In the meantime, I called my insurance.

Now they’re trying to pin it on me.

So to sum up:

I got backed in to.

AAA insurance twiddling their thumbs. Police never showed up.

Zzzz. I hate Sacramento with a passion.

Screw my luck.

It’s not like I got a huge crack on my windshield from the freeway on Monday or anything.

The schedule will be as I posted it still, but the special won’t be as much as I’d planned on… just lost a few hours waiting for nothing to happen it looks like.


45 thoughts on “Screw Sacramento so hard

  1. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)
    You have my sympathy. People suck!

    1. Wats funny is i completely understand several people I know j walk in front of the sheriff department and literal that j walk is 8-10 lanes of traffic and they casually stroll through it.

      1. Then you should be in the clear. Only idiotic people from the law would see those pictures and still say it’s your fault. If that happens it’s pretty easy to sue someone to get charges. Hopefully you can clear this up without much trouble.

        1. Here’s an idea. Why not sue? You can get money that way. A buttload of ton actually (well depends on the case.. but still)

  2. call CBI. that didn’t work ? well it didn’t. there should be some neighbourhood patrol in a bike around you. if they didn’t come either they are lazy enough to think that your problem is just trivial or the police operator never asked them to. we all have tasted of how unreliable police are at some point.

    1. Insurance company pretty much confirmed to me that unless the other driver attempted to run away from the scene or if one of the involved parties were injured the police wouldn’t come out (even if they said they would…)

      1. Well…. you should really only call the insurance if theirs 500$ worth of damage. However, he was being a prick.

        1. The reason I wanted the police to come out is because he was driving without license and registration.

          For that same reason, I filed the report with my insurance as well

    1. And when he time comes to collect money from you, they’re all trying to raise it as high as they can and constantly pestering oyu

    1. I mean, I -love- the northern parts of California (Everything Chico and north of it).

      But this town man… ugh. Mid/South California areas are like another country in comparison.

      Different dialect, mannerisms, assumptions (in general), driving habits… it’s all just ‘different’

  3. So you’re supposed to pay? Well, you’re in the USA, you can probably sue the police station for damages then… If not the police then the city… If not the city, then the mayor.. If not the mayor… I dunno, murricans sue everyone, don’t they? 😛

  4. It’s called sac town for a reason, cuz they’re all nut sacs and cops pretty much suck everywhere. If you were black and they actually showed up they’d probably have shot you…

  5. whoa dude,u could have punched him…ahahahaha,i mean cmon it could have been fun hearing him screaming…im evil

  6. Did you take the picture of his car and your car? It important to take picture as evidence, include the position of traffic and stuff. Also if you have a video of him yelling around may be good as evidence of him being aggressive toward you and get more compensation. Let sue him till he only have his underwear left, hahaha!

  7. whut?! Is that guy a scam artist?

    I know I have heard of people doing that purposely in my country, though “WE” haven’t really done anything to his car.

    His car was already broken in one way or another and he just kept following “US” back to our home and starts banging our doors and keep yelling at us.

  8. Yeah, I’m also from Cali too, no one knows how to drive here =_= damn idiots don’t know how to use their signal lights and just cut you off.

  9. Sounds like some of my day’s driving in Norfolk some idiot rear ended me and took off there. Though as strange as it sounds probably better they hit me in that case I was only going about 5-10 slower than them and the car in front of me was stopped… I almost wasn’t able to get stopped after the @#$%$# hit me… I figure I was still doing 35 at the time…

  10. No words I say can make your situation better.
    So instead let me curse in your stead.

    *note*This is directed at the guy that hit you, your insurance, and the officer.

  11. Front and rear dashcams +1
    At an accident, the driver must provide DL and proof of insurance (VC 16050.5). If he/she refuses or claims not to have one or both, call the police.
    If the person’s name is not on the insurance policy, the person to whom the vehicle is registered to may be held financially liable if the vehicle was loaned to the driver and the driver does not have DL or insurance. If the car owner says that the vehicle was taken without permission, it’s then Theft and Unlawful Taking or Driving of a Vehicle (VC 10851).

    1. I called 911 as he didn’t have a license nor did he have registration for the vehicle.

      Almost 2 hours later, the police still hadn’t shown up.


      1. It would have been nice to get the VIN of the vehicle that hit you. That way you could easily find out who the vehicle was legally registered to (in case the plates were fake), include that in the accident report (you can have it done in person at a police station – as some departments will not send out an officer for accidents not in a public street or highway), and sent the bill to them along with a copy of the report. It’s only if they refuse to pay or claim not to be responsible would you sue in small claims court ( If you have collision or uninsured motorist protection, it’s better to file it through your insurance and let them go through the hassle.

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