Screw Sacramento so hard

Some dude without a license AND wasn’t on the car’s registration just backed into me in a parking lot. He barely spoke English (kept yelling in Spanish…).

Called police to come out.

1 hr later, they say they are in the parking lot.

30 minutes later, still no dude.

Officer calls me to confirm, says he’s there.

*waits longer*

Still hadn’t arrived.

In the meantime, I called my insurance.

Now they’re trying to pin it on me.

So to sum up:

I got backed in to.

AAA insurance twiddling their thumbs. Police never showed up.

Zzzz. I hate Sacramento with a passion.

Screw my luck.

It’s not like I got a huge crack on my windshield from the freeway on Monday or anything.

The schedule will be as I posted it still, but the special won’t be as much as I’d planned on… just lost a few hours waiting for nothing to happen it looks like.

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