Schedule: Scheduled Wait

I’ll keep this a bit short.

You’ve all probably noticed the distinct lack of the Dragon’s Bloodline chapter, right?

That’s due to some drama in the group for my C++ class’ final project. Been dealing with that. Yeah.

Next week is my finals, so I was already planning on saying that I wouldn’t be able to do anything from ~Fri-Tuesday, so with that…

Not sure how many chapters I’ll be able to get out this week and the first part of second week. Next chapter of Dragon’s Bloodline is the top priority, followed by a few more. I’ve been heavily favoring Lazy Dungeon Master chapters lately and I’d like to try to even that out. I don’t know how much time I’ll have to translate. Likely little.

Will try to have Dragon’s Bloodline out by Wednesday night.

So to sum it up: no schedule for this + next week, focusing more on Dragon’s Bloodline for a while, and probably not much of anything out of me until next Tuesday.

… sometimes, people are infuriating.

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  1. well its a reason why all my projects that was from 6 people got solved by 2 people in the end, aka me and one i forced to help me. and kicked the rest of the team to the crap and told them they will not get more support by me + reporting them to the teacher

  2. Just thought I’d offer, but let me know if you need any help with C++. C++ isn’t my preferred language but I briefly taught C++ in the CSU system before. Can’t be a leeched forever.

    1. Thanks for the offer! Though really, it isn’t that I messed up with any of the code. I purposely left two things to be implemented since it’s a group of 6 people and I’d finished the other ~3/4ths of the project.

      Then they scrapped everything I did.

      … yeah. My code was modular, well documented, consistent, and— GRAH. Graaaah. Infuriating.

          1. Wow surprised you guys got up to inheritance. That’s usually covered in the second semester followed by data structure. After that you get into more specific topic.

            1. Actually, I think I know why that felt off

              First semester C++, but they had an ‘Intro to Functions’ (general coding) class before this one. So I guess technically second class

              1. Ahh yeah that sounds about right then. The first class is usually general coding like for loops, if statement, etc. Second class starts to deal with OOP. Most schools that I know usually try to continue with the same language for at least the first year.

                Data Structure isn’t too bad. Theres only a few topic you need to know for the class, but you have to know them pretty well since it’s really important. The class is going to be really painful in C++ if you don’t know your OOP like the back of your hand tho. Knowing your references and deferences are so huge to data structure it’s not even funny. So if your group members are slacking off now then it’ll definitely come back and bite them later. Trust me on this, I’ve seen this with many students before.

                1. I’ve spent almost a year derping around in Unity now so these classes have been incredibly easy so far. It’d be nice to actually go over something new for once

  3. well for me…. focus on your final exam first….. look into your project….. take break for 1 month…. your RL is the first priority….. well good luck…..
    p.s : i’m also same with you… my final exam… and 1 year to go for my university life.

    1. We are all in this together i suppose. same thing for me. Damn biology 2 this thursday, then mathmatics next monday. i have up to 6 chapters to read in biology i prepared for three chapters yesterdat, the next three are more technical so yah. Good luck friend.

  4. good luck with the finals. I just finished mine and I’m hoping to have good grades…I studied too, of course.


    Ziru ignore your classmates and finish your code and become a multimillionaire but it’s a test of teamwork (most likely) since it’s with a group so you could kiss their ass and get nothing of value done since they willingly wasted 3/4 4ths of your code.

    I just didn’t want to leave the link without anything else and it’s a link to youtube if you can’t tell by the in it.

    1. Also you never said if you were male or female in about even I think your name is a male’s name to be equal with women I can’t have preset beliefs that Robert is a male’s name women can be named it too. Warning this is rambling by me all three comments are but now that you have read them you are probably regretting wasting part of you life reading them. Thank you for reading more of this comment to and wasting more of your life and this comment was actually not rambling but confused babbling so sorry you had to read it. If you got to the end why did you continue reading till this point?

  6. “sometimes, people are infuriating.”

    Something anyone is customer service knows alll too well.

    Anyways hang in there and go ahead and take a break. I’ll go off and count to 1009826563828628 or something. 🙂

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