Schedule: Scheduled Wait

I’ll keep this a bit short.

You’ve all probably noticed the distinct lack of the Dragon’s Bloodline chapter, right?

That’s due to some drama in the group for my C++ class’ final project. Been dealing with that. Yeah.

Next week is my finals, so I was already planning on saying that I wouldn’t be able to do anything from ~Fri-Tuesday, so with that…

Not sure how many chapters I’ll be able to get out this week and the first part of second week. Next chapter of Dragon’s Bloodline is the top priority, followed by a few more. I’ve been heavily favoring Lazy Dungeon Master chapters lately and I’d like to try to even that out. I don’t know how much time I’ll have to translate. Likely little.

Will try to have Dragon’s Bloodline out by Wednesday night.

So to sum it up: no schedule for this + next week, focusing more on Dragon’s Bloodline for a while, and probably not much of anything out of me until next Tuesday.

… sometimes, people are infuriating.

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