Schedule of the Week

First week of classes so far has been… … … >.<

Physics lab this semester has me creating pseudo-professional lab reports at home after thoroughly documenting the process (with many many pictures as well it seems). Well, that and my English class are crazy. Programming is <3 though. Along with that stuff, I’ve promised a few friends to play the new D3 season on HC with them this week.

Also, sorry for already being unable to reach that 3 extra chapter mark last week. I’d hoped to have the 2 main + 3 extra + 5 LDM chapters, but reality conspired against me~. This week will also probably not reach the 3 extra mark, but once I get used to my class schedules/homework it should get a bit smoother! If I’m not assigned too much more this week I should be able to get a second chapter out on Saturday.

I’ll try and start getting these out on Sundays from now on… まあいいよ~.

Without further ado; the schedule!


  1. Thursday: Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 17
  2. Thursday: Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 5
  3. Friday: Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 6 (Extra)
  4. Saturday: Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 18 (Extra)



6 thoughts on “Schedule of the Week

  1. sorry to bother you with this but could i ask for the original image used for this post? i’m kinda interested guehehehe

  2. Just curious but what are the current plans for forsaken hero? Is it finished in raws or waiting for the raws to finish b4 finishing it off? Thanks for the translations and good luck with classes?

    1. Two guaranteed chapters per week, with up to three extras based on donations.

      Guaranteed chapters cycle, Forsaken Hero isn’t cycled into the schedule this week.

      For ex, next week will be Forsaken Hero and Dragon’s Bloodline, with Lazy Dungeon Master and Forsaken Hero the week following that.

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