Schedule of the Week

First week of classes so far has been… … … >.<

Physics lab this semester has me creating pseudo-professional lab reports at home after thoroughly documenting the process (with many many pictures as well it seems). Well, that and my English class are crazy. Programming is <3 though. Along with that stuff, I’ve promised a few friends to play the new D3 season on HC with them this week.

Also, sorry for already being unable to reach that 3 extra chapter mark last week. I’d hoped to have the 2 main + 3 extra + 5 LDM chapters, but reality conspired against me~. This week will also probably not reach the 3 extra mark, but once I get used to my class schedules/homework it should get a bit smoother! If I’m not assigned too much more this week I should be able to get a second chapter out on Saturday.

I’ll try and start getting these out on Sundays from now on… まあいいよ~.

Without further ado; the schedule!


  1. Thursday: Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 17
  2. Thursday: Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 5
  3. Friday: Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 6 (Extra)
  4. Saturday: Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 18 (Extra)


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