Schedule of the Week


  1. Tuesday: Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 32
  2. Thursday: Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 17
  3. Extra:
    • Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 33
    • Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 18
    • Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 34

Extra Info

The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero

Been thinking about what I will do for this series. I will probably halt other series’ translations once I finish The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist’s first book and catch up on this. At that point, volume 4 should be “re”completed by the author and I should be able to finish it all up within about three weeks.

Dragon’s Bloodline

I said it last time, but Serge is seriously the gnomish army knife for the group. Map function GET!

Interested in seeing what the slaves are~

Lazy Dungeon Master

Keima, Golem Extraordinaire! Incoming Golem Gundam?

I hope Meat gets renamed. Slave or not, that’s pitiful.

The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist

I’m happy that people are enjoying this series! People need to know of Haku’s cuteness!

Also, in the chapter I have the Dragon God said as a “Hermaphrodite”, but the kanji used could also mean “Androgynous”. This was a conundrum for which I should put, but since it was stated that the Dragon God could lay eggs solo I went with the former. Thank you everyone for pointing out my grammatical errors! There’s just me working on everything here so a lot can slip through the cracks. In particular, I referred to Ilya as Ria twice… sorry about that…

I spent a very large amount of ‘extra’ time on this last week since I didn’t have much schoolwork to do, but this week I’m going to take a short break on Guild’s Cheat to make up for the extra chapter I didn’t do last week.

I mentioned this in the post for the chapter, so here are the other bits of information I added, which I will likely do so to future releases as necessary, as footnotes to the chapter:

  • A porte-cochère is a covered entrance large enough for vehicles to stop or pass through, allowing passengers to be discharged.
  • A Qilin, also written as Kirin, is a mythical chimera between a dragon and a horse originating from Far-East Asian mythology.
  • A Horned Serpent, also known as a Great Serpent, originates from oral history of many Native American cultures, specifically in the Southeastern Woodlands and Great Lakes areas.
  • Haku’s name, written in kana ( ハク ), appears inside of the Japanese term for White Dragon, Haku Ryuu ( 白竜 ).
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