Schedule of the Week


Everyone been having a good week? It’s gone by fast, right? Like, in the blink of an eye… right?

It’s not like someone would avoid doing something for no reason.


  1. Thursday: Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 29
  2. Friday: Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 12
  3. Extras:
    • Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 30
    • Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 13

Yuzima Ran resumed updating Forsaken Hero, 4-1 and 4-2 are the newest. Now to figure out how to throw it back in to my rotation… I think I might have to put one of the series on to hold in order to pick it back up though. Hrm. Troublesome.

Not going to have time to work on GCR this week, unfortunately. It was already slightly a bonus over what I guaranteed way back when I started this system, so it should be okay to miss a week on it? Maybe?


Sorry for the delay.

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