Schedule of the Week


Everyone been having a good week? It’s gone by fast, right? Like, in the blink of an eye… right?

It’s not like someone would avoid doing something for no reason.


  1. Thursday: Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 29
  2. Friday: Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 12
  3. Extras:
    • Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 30
    • Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 13

Yuzima Ran resumed updating Forsaken Hero, 4-1 and 4-2 are the newest. Now to figure out how to throw it back in to my rotation… I think I might have to put one of the series on to hold in order to pick it back up though. Hrm. Troublesome.

Not going to have time to work on GCR this week, unfortunately. It was already slightly a bonus over what I guaranteed way back when I started this system, so it should be okay to miss a week on it? Maybe?


Sorry for the delay.


19 thoughts on “Schedule of the Week

  1. For forsaken hero, just wait for the arc to finish before you start on it. This is because some WN authors edit already released chapters. So you don’t have to go the hassle of translating the changed part again. The worst thing that can happen if the author suddenly decided to restart the arc again.

  2. Yessss, another update for dragon bloodline and lazy dungeon master!!!
    Arigatou~! \(>3<)/
    Will there be guild receptionist next week?

  3. Well, I still think it is better to release the cheat guild receptionist in 2/3 parts, since it would sovle problem such as low motivation in TLing due to its length. Beside, the cliffhanger between chapter and between parts should be quite similar…

      1. Story is a bit slow and flat lines quite a bit. I re-read chapter one to see what was appealing about it but basically it like a mushouku tensei pace but a bit slower in terms of story telling. I like the pacing and unpredictability of Forsaken hero as it throws curves into the plot here and there. You really get attached to the charavters where as with CGR i dont get as much of the feeling. Who know, maybe itll only get better as more gets tled but so far im not liking it too much

        1. It’s due to it being a LN, as compared to the rapid-fire pace of WNs. From what I’ve worked on from Chapter Two, it picks up~

          Though it is closer to fantasy slice of life with OP MC than adventure. Not sure if it lasts!

          It’s definitely for a different readerbase than Forsaken Hero though

            1. Three volumes, though one is titled 2.5.

              Volume One is approximately the length of 26 Forsaken Hero chapters, give or take a few.

              1. Wow. Thats a lot of TLing. Youre a solo worker right? That puts it at one chapter a week? 2 weeks? How do you have time to do this. It takes several hours for each chapter then you gotta do the site after… ugh. I tried doing some test writing on my wordpress and man it takes a lot of dedication to do.

                1. Yeah. GCR is just kind of going to be my background thing that I work on little by little.

                  The cuteness is real in it!

                  Though, most of my time is sapped by college. So there’s that.

                  1. What program are you in. I got dismissed a few weeks back because of admissions issues so now im loafting and job hunting for this year and reapplying next.

                    1. Computer Science, trying to transfer out by the fall semester next year into UC Davis or CSU Chico (California).

                      I took Japanese as an elective for my GE in my first year, but they don’t offer the final 3 (of 5 total) courses for grammar… so I’m mostly teaching myself right now. Got a lot better since I started~

                    2. The program im trying to go to is bachelor of aviation Technology but its basocally piloting. The thing that sucks is that first year, i dont have the japanese elective so i cant learn it. I would LOVE to learn japanese and just refine it with practise. Wanna work in japan as maybe an english teacher but i need to take a different program for that :/

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