Schedule of the Week


Let’s see we what we have coming on this strange week that didn’t seem to have a Sunday. Wonder where it went? Hmmm… no, it’s a mystery after all.

I’m delusional?
Nai wa.

  1. Tuesday: Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 26
  2. Thursday: Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 11
  3. ~Working on The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist: Chapter Two~
  4. Extras:
    • Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 12
    • Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 27

LDM 11 might be Friday. Chapter is swole. Legit 1000 club.

There’s a definite chance I may not get to the Dragon’s Bloodline extra this week due to the chapter sizes of these two Lazy Dungeon Master chapters, so I’ll knock out DB 26 first for those of you waiting to see what happens in the fight.

And as a reminder, Forsaken Hero’s fourth volume is being redone by the author. The raws for them have been taken down as of… two days ago now? Lost track of the date. Well, expect me to keep you guys informed with information related to things like that in these schedule posts.

Don’t think I’m forgetting to mention anything, but I’m sure I’ll remember something right after posting this. Haha~

(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Enjoy your day!

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