Schedule of the Week


It’s already the new week? Dang. Time flew by over the weekend. Not that I was doing anything. I slept ~60% of the weekend… made up for lost sleep the past two weeks I think?

About 1/6th the way through GCR Ch 2. I think I can get to 1/3rd by the end of this week–note that each 1/6th easily takes more time than a single Forsaken Hero/Dragon’s Bloodline chapter, so yeah.

For now, my update schedule looks to be one chapter of Dragon’s Bloodline and 1-2 of Lazy Dungeon Master (dependent on its chapter size that week) per week, along with finishing as much Guild’s Cheat Receptionist as I’m able to. And the extra chapters from donations of course~

Lazy Dungeon Master 10 is slightly shorter than the average. 11 is 2x normal chapter length, with 12 being 1.5x.

  1. Tuesday: Lazy Dungeon Master 10
  2. Wednesday: Dragon’s Bloodline 23
  3. ~Working on The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist: Chapter Two~
  4. Extras:
    • Dragon’s Bloodline 24
    • Dragon’s Bloodline 25

“Really though, there hasn’t been any ____ recently.”

Does anyone know what ハリ is?

Well, I think I know what it is, but would like someone to check it. (Tension?)

If you think you can help feel free to comment below.


Or, if anyone knows of a decent JP version of Urbandictionary, that would be helpful as well! Sometimes things appear that you just won’t find in standard dictionaries…

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