Schedule of the Week

This’ll be the first time the queue has been clear, wow~

  1. Sunday: Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 25
  2. Monday: Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 37
  3. ~Working on The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist: Chapter Three~

Extra Info

The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero

See last week’s post for information on this.

Lazy Dungeon Master

I get the feeling people are getting slightly put off by the recent town chapters, yeah? Feel free to check out chapter titles(pending) for the rest of this arc, I think you’ll be in for a treat! You can find them on the Lazy Dungeon Master page.

Dragon’s Bloodline

YURI KITAAAAAAA~! Oh, yeah! For those interested in the anime from the images I put up those two chapters, they are from this anime. There are two more seasons, with their titles being slightly different. Another season is coming out, too~

Just as with Lazy Dungeon Master, I’ve posted the chapter names(pending) for those interested.

The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist

For those interested in the next chapter’s length… Hello, Mt. Tai. I~ See~ You~

For reference, the prologue was slightly shorter than a Lazy Dungeon Master chapter. Chapter one was about the size of a Happy Peach chapter. Chapter two… no comparisons, so about seven Dragon’s Bloodline or eight Lazy Dungeon Master chapters, maybe slightly longer than some Overlord chapters.  Chapter three…? Hah.

Two more illustrations for chapter three, so that’s kind of cool. Won’t spoil who/what appears, though! Hehe.

To the person who made a massive donation towards The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist, I’ve made sure to put quite a few hours extra into working on it last week, and will again this week. There may be no guaranteed gating for me working on the series from donations, but I definitely won’t ignore them! They seriously help me out and I try to return my thanks with translating!

Extra… extra?

How interested is everyone in glossary pages for the various series I’ve worked on? Know that each would easily take the time of a chapter to properly make, so I’d have to sacrifice a week of translating for it. Just something I’ve been thinking about recently.

… This honey tea is seriously good. Just Lipton original green tea (non-specific flavor) and some generic honey.

I recommend it to anyone once the weather in your area lowers a bit.

Mmm… so good. So soothing.

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