Random — Volume 3!?

*puts down tea I’ve recently taken a liking to drinking*




It’s being released in two days.

I am happy nonetheless.

May not be relevant to everyone here quite yet, but!


New books smell nice. An anon on reddit messaged me wondering how to buy a Light Novel in physical media and I realized I had never done so. So, after a few minutes of setting up my JP Amazon account, I figured that I should make a post here for anyone interested in purchasing physical copies, rather than e-books that I have linked in the ToC page. There might be other ways, maybe even cheaper. However, Amazon is reliable and easy.

So, for those of you interested in purchasing proper Light Novels, or have wondered what sort of ‘otaku’ gift to give someone for the Holidays… order these now and you’ll get them on Dec. 23rd at the latest! Maybe even follow along with the translation as a way to learn…? Who knows!?

Let’s go!

Step (1) — Go here and either realize you can speak Japanese and skip to 3 or continue on to 2.

Step (2) — Go here and follow the guide to continue on.

Step (3) — Add volumes one, two, twoPOINTfive, and three to your cart.

Step (4)Place your order!

23 thoughts on “Random — Volume 3!?

  1. Just a question, does jp amazon let you keep a “wishlist”?

    And if it does, do you have one yourself?

    I mean, if you can set your jp amazon wishlist of light novels to public…..

    You might find some of them at your door step. 😉

  2. speaking of volume 3………..


    1. Exactly 0%, sorry!

      I have anywhere between 70-120 hours left of translating more to do in order to finish Chapter 3. I try to be more accurate in it than the WNs I’ve worked on, so it takes around twice as long per sentence on average.

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