Random Post — No Game No Life — Kurami. Ku ra mi. KURAMI!

I’m dying here at the mention of a screwed name like Chlammy.

Wtf is with Kurami being called Chlammy? The hell kind of name is that? Who made the call on that? Like… what??? No. Just… no.

Here’s some quick searches I did to see how common ‘Chlammy’ as a name is, since someone decided to anglicize it like that.

Logo There are
or fewer people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Chlammy is a very rare female first name

Very few female first names in the US are Chlammy

Be proud of your unique first name!

source: namestatistics.com

You get the point.

Why leave Izuna as is instead of something like Esna or something slightly similar but used in English-speaking countries, or turn Jibril into Gabriel? Yet they changed Kurami into a messed up name like Chlammy…


When did that name become a thing!?

And yes, I love the NGNL novel series. Sometimes lighthearted stories with shallow characters and plot are what I need. They balance out the deeper novels I tend to dive into most of the time.


@(A Certain Comment Chain) The heck, how is that loli? Not pettanko and 18 years old. Definitely wouldn’t have been in Bandit Oyabun-san’s strike zone.

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