Random Post — No Game No Life — Kurami. Ku ra mi. KURAMI!

I’m dying here at the mention of a screwed name like Chlammy.

Wtf is with Kurami being called Chlammy? The hell kind of name is that? Who made the call on that? Like… what??? No. Just… no.

Here’s some quick searches I did to see how common ‘Chlammy’ as a name is, since someone decided to anglicize it like that.

Logo There are
or fewer people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Chlammy is a very rare female first name

Very few female first names in the US are Chlammy

Be proud of your unique first name!

source: namestatistics.com

You get the point.

Why leave Izuna as is instead of something like Esna or something slightly similar but used in English-speaking countries, or turn Jibril into Gabriel? Yet they changed Kurami into a messed up name like Chlammy…


When did that name become a thing!?

And yes, I love the NGNL novel series. Sometimes lighthearted stories with shallow characters and plot are what I need. They balance out the deeper novels I tend to dive into most of the time.


@(A Certain Comment Chain) The heck, how is that loli? Not pettanko and 18 years old. Definitely wouldn’t have been in Bandit Oyabun-san’s strike zone.


41 thoughts on “Random Post — No Game No Life — Kurami. Ku ra mi. KURAMI!

    1. Every fan translator does use Kurami; but the Yen Press license of the light novel uses Chlammy. It’s a travesty, especially because every other name is left alone.

      1. Yeah, that’s horrid.

        One of the reasons why I hate official English translations…

        Sure, they bring content overseas.

        But, at least for me, it’s a bit TOO localized.

        If I wanted to read just anything, I would stick to something that originated from English.

        1. over localization is was did in the Initial D dubs. they tried to make everyone talk like they were in a fast and the furious movie… and iketani ended up as cole somehow. don’t remember what names they drew out of the hat for takumi/itsuki(or if they even bothered changing them)

  1. Translation names … I join you in pain.
    Do you know what is the overall level of translation of the official against translations created by fans?

    PS. I did not know that they have adapted Jibril into Gabriel, this message is for me a strong blow. Jibril so well established in my mind that Gabriel looks very ugly.

    1. No no no, they didn’t turn Jibril into Gabriel. I just meant that it was effectively the same thing they did to Kurami’s name.

      It’s the same, but at the same time… not. It’s butchered.

      1. Fortunately, it was just my mistake. English is not my first language and as far as my language skills is enough to read the LN and not very complicated book, by the usual conversation sometimes I do not understand properly.
        I’ve seen so many strange translations that change Jibril into Gabriel would not be the strangest.

  2. By the way regarding the How Many of Me I decided to search for AAA AAA and got 1,606 as first name and 119 as last name. Seriously?

      1. “I don’t like flat chested girls who are also crybabies, but other than that yeah NGNL girls are pretty top tier.”

        Ignore loli here then. The conversation after that flowed to you saying you were referring to Kurami with this

    1. Saying a name is irrelevant is like saying the title of a book is irrelevant…

      Sure, you’re not wrong. But why bother remembering anything in particular?

      It all adds up.

      Going out of the way to point that out…? >.>

      1. Minor character of no importance, I’m sure we can just ignore her existence and nothing of value will be lost.

        Steph > Gerbil > Miko > Firu / Fiel > Izuna > Shiro > all the other girls > > > Chlammy (just for you)

          1. I kind of thought that was obvious from pretty much my first reply of the comment train, 10/10 def did not expect this post to happen as a result of it all though, so hey.

            1. Well, first thing I did was look for original image of her to make sure I wasn’t going crazy.

              Then I noticed the wiki said Chlammy and was like what.

              1. that feel when you are the post…. but gods man i can’t believe i called kurami chlammy. goddess of lolis (shiro) have mercy on my soul, i shouldn’t have looked it up on wiki, but because it sounded close in my mind i just rolled with it.i thought the name was too hard at the beginning and had to recheck to even type it right -,- and agreed kurami isn’t outright loli, just small framed i suppose. i loved her as well naturally. ah NGNL you great bastard you.

  3. Hey, at least changing Jibril to Gabriel would make sense on some level, they both come from the name of the same judeo-christian entity. They went from a name that I suspect was chosen to be homonymous with 暗美 (dark beauty, pronounced “Kurami”), to a name that sounds suspiciously close to a venereal disease and suspiciously closer to a word noted by cryarc.

  4. they just used somewhat similar sounds. r=l a lot of the times so they made lami. but mi isnt used often in english names, so they made it lamy. and then add an extra m because they can. lammy. and ku obviously equals ch because reasons. so chlammy. makes perfect sense /sarcasm.

  5. The fuck? The name Chlammy sounds like food to me lol. Also, I agree with you, wtf is a chlammy lmao. As if that name exists!

    Yen Press trying too hard lol

  6. Well… Could be worse I suppose. According to that same site:

    There are fewer than 1,606 people in the U.S. with the first name Shithead.
    There are fewer than 1,606 people in the U.S. with the first name Arse.

    On the same account, with the 2nd site:
    Kurami is a very rare female first name
    Jibril is a very rare male first name

    Which leads me to a completely different conclusion: These sites sort of suck. Yeah, if you put in a name like “Smith” as a last name or “Gabriel” as a male first name they have a different result, but still.

    On the same note though…
    Coward is the #4030 most common last name
    Around 7500 people have Coward as a last name!

    Hooker is the #1670 most common last name
    Around 17500 people have Hooker as a last name!

    Plenty of Cowards and Hookers to go around!

    1. Well, Kurami and Jibril would be almost nonexistant as names in the US.

      The sites aren’t exactly accurate. I was just pointing out that, as a name, Chlammy is an asspull

    1. Yeah talked about that post a bit after I posted this on skype with some other TLers.

      Everyone had the same conclusion — lazy TL work. Extensive changes to the feeling behind the sentences…

      1. It’s annoying when names are translated wrong, but there are also times when names changed on purpose. This is most likely a wrong translation caused by translating without knowing the pronunciation. Ku > Ch, ra > la, mi > mmy. It’s properly translated as a “possible translation”, just not the correct translation. It’s mainly because of the japanese r is both r and l.

        It’s still annoying though…

        1. There seem to be a lot of people saying this, but they (and you) are wrong.
          Firstly, the ‘ch’ sound exists in Japanese. If they wanted that sound, rather than ‘ku’, they’d spell the name differently.
          Secondly, the ‘ra’ sounds better when viewed with the rest of the name; ‘Kulami’ just sounds dumb.
          Thirdly, while there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with changing the ‘i’ to ‘y’, doubling the ‘m’ signifies a specific pronunciation for the proceeding ‘a’, changing it from as ‘father’ to as ‘clammy’.
          Therefore, in a three syllable name, they incorrectly translated one syllable and just flat-out changed the other two. This is inexcusable.

          1. There is no written version on ch in japanese so they can’t write Chlammy differently. They could ad the extra “m” in the written version but it is not there because it isn’t pronounced in the name Chlammy. Pronounced “clämi”.

            And don’t try changing only parts of the pronunciation of a name or word (kulami), it’s all about the whole. Kurami and Chlammy are written in hiragana and/or katakana the same way, but the parts are pronunced differently ass a whole creating different names.
            (it’s a common thing in japan. Example. names John and Jon are written the same)
            “h” is mostly a pronunciation since there is no hiragana or katakana for it alone.
            “If it can’t be written in hiragana and/or katakana, it’s created by pronunciation!”

            Ps. You don’t know what your talking about concerning japanese grammar. I have studied japanese, have you? Obviously NOT!

            1. Also Kulami is also a name. There are many names that may sound weird to you, but don’t go dissing other peoples names.

              1. Oh, and here is the oddest translation name I know that is written the same but pronounced differently (I even asked the pulisher when I was annoyed about the wrong name):
                Written and pronounced Rolan, turned into Lauren.

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