Random Post – A Certain CN WN

(If you actually want to know which and don’t mind spoilers.)


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  1. Ya… I was reading that then came here, and clicked the link. for a moment, I thought I went back a page… and I was trying to get some lightheartedness to lessen the feels… Hopefully the next chapter will bring hope.

          1. Ziru, if you don’t mind spoilers, Bagel put up a Spoiler thread, the story is spoiled till almost the end.

            You can access it through BST’s Douluo Dalu Drive, in the spoiler folder.

            Or, if you want, here’s the direct link to the Google Drive document:


  2. I stopped reading after slaughter city to pile up some chapters and now this. I don’t think I’ll ever continue reading it T.T

  3. I think it’s worth continuing. I’ve ahead read a lot in google translate


    He will manage to return her body to human form relatively soon, and afterwards she can return to conciousness for an hour or so every day.

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