Poll for ‘The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist’ Updates

Pretty simple, which do you guys prefer? I’ll choose whichever has the most votes by this time tomorrow.

Each “Part” will -roughly- be the size of Forsaken Hero chapters, +/- a little for cliffhangers/wrapping up scenes as you would expect for a release to have. No, I wouldn’t be evil with cliffhangers.

Personally, I would prefer to leave them in full chapters. Though however, that means the third chapter might take 1-2 months to be released (Working on it 2-3 hrs a day…)

Vote away!


18 thoughts on “Poll for ‘The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist’ Updates

  1. You can say that again. I don’t think they read your comment regarding the parts is about the same size as chapters….i cannot wait months for a ch to come out…i will die…..

  2. tons of ppl that didn’t read “If i don’t split the chapters the next one will be in about 1-2 months”

    those ppl of course will complain when they find out though~

  3. I don’t know if I can trust someone that really enjoyed translating a series about a MC that seeks revenges in the most cruel ways saying that he wouldn’t be ‘evil with cliffhangers’. 😀
    But with you saying that each part is equal to a forsaken chapter, then I prefer the parts. But I can’t handle a cliffhanger with NTR-like vibes, so at least don’t do that, please. 🙂

  4. I honestly am not sure which I would prefer.
    On the one hand we have the full chapter as it is meant to be read, but on the other hand we don’t have a 1 month wait in between chapters.

    So I’m going to vote for “Thank you for translating this interesting novel. Do what you think is the best option.”

  5. I just voted whole chapter just to smite impatient leechers… hehehe… and also because I prefer to read in bulks… well I would’ve wanted to if it wasn’t so tempting to read when an update comes… so yeah…

  6. I am for whole chapters or even whole volumes at once. I prefer slow and long updates over short and fast ones. You can’t enjoy a story anyways if you only get 5~10min long parts and then have to wait (a) day(s). Especially if it was written as an entire book anyways.

  7. I prefer it to split into parts.

    Reason? Easier to bookmark.

    I like Sword Art Online but the Light Novel just have way too much text, it’s hard to read it in a single go and when there’s so much text, it’s hard to tell until where I’ve read.

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