Open Question!

First off, this isn’t an update per say… I’m more stumped a bit and would like to ask everyone who reads my blog.

Going in to this next semester, I have (as usual) a few time consuming classes–not to mention I that I need to apply to 4 yr colleges before September… ugh. Just thinking about it is stressful haha. OKAY!

Here’s the part that stumps me. I’ve lost $2500/semester support from the state (Pel Grant B iirc… maybe A). Already have a part time job to pay for car/insurance/food/school gas/books/etc etc etc. After all those expenses, I’m probably looking at being broke every month unless I take out a stupidly high interest college loan. As a US citizen I want to avoid that at all costs… so do I take up another part time job? That would impact time I have to study for my classes… and no more translating. At all. ;_;

Now on to the question:

Do I add a donate button?

If so, would anyone even be willing to use it? That is, I would lay a baseline “I will TL ‘x’ amount of chapters per week, plus extras up to ‘y’ cap.”  Well, note that if I do set a baseline it will definitely have me be more active than I’ve been recently. Though this would have to depend on how extra chapters fare…

What would ‘x’ be? And ‘y’? What about the $?

Honestly, I don’t feel the quality of my work is anywhere near good enough to even think about doing this–particularly Forsaken Hero–which is why I haven’t done so in the past. Though, now I don’t really have the choice if I’m to continue with this blog…

*bows* Please, give me your opinions.  Thinking about this has left me incredibly conflicted…

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