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First off, this isn’t an update per say… I’m more stumped a bit and would like to ask everyone who reads my blog.

Going in to this next semester, I have (as usual) a few time consuming classes–not to mention I that I need to apply to 4 yr colleges before September… ugh. Just thinking about it is stressful haha. OKAY!

Here’s the part that stumps me. I’ve lost $2500/semester support from the state (Pel Grant B iirc… maybe A). Already have a part time job to pay for car/insurance/food/school gas/books/etc etc etc. After all those expenses, I’m probably looking at being broke every month unless I take out a stupidly high interest college loan. As a US citizen I want to avoid that at all costs… so do I take up another part time job? That would impact time I have to study for my classes… and no more translating. At all. ;_;

Now on to the question:

Do I add a donate button?

If so, would anyone even be willing to use it? That is, I would lay a baseline “I will TL ‘x’ amount of chapters per week, plus extras up to ‘y’ cap.”  Well, note that if I do set a baseline it will definitely have me be more active than I’ve been recently. Though this would have to depend on how extra chapters fare…

What would ‘x’ be? And ‘y’? What about the $?

Honestly, I don’t feel the quality of my work is anywhere near good enough to even think about doing this–particularly Forsaken Hero–which is why I haven’t done so in the past. Though, now I don’t really have the choice if I’m to continue with this blog…

*bows* Please, give me your opinions.  Thinking about this has left me incredibly conflicted…


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  1. going to ignore your question but pass on some experience.. i worked a full time job when i started college… made it 2 years before i dropped out of college because i had pushed myself to the utter limit… good luck 🙂

  2. First I am not really sure how much you would need donated but a donation button would be a good idea though if you are struggling and no matter what don’t go for one of those student interest loans that follow you your whole life…

    1. I can agree with that. it would take 20-40 years to pay that debt cuz of stupid interest rate. Thats how collages make so much money.

      1. Yeah then in the long run they make the most money off of the interest when in reality it would maybe take at most a few years to pay back the initial dept if you get a good job right out of college though he could go the national guard route they would pay your collage for free depending on what state you go to collage for…

      2. There is a slim chance that Obama or a possible following democratic president like Burnie will forgive student debt. Dont gamble on it though

    2. If u get a good job be really poor live at home and eat potatoes don’t pay rent and save up u can pay all ur lones in one year. Or u can stay at home work 10-20 years then retire if u have a good job u could end with 400,000-200,000 dollars

  3. Do the donate button. This will help you a lot since you translate popular novels and have many viewers everyday. You will see many supportative fans out there that will help you out. Im just surprised you didnt do it sooner.

    1. Happy Peach 5 hrs
      Dragon’s Bloodline 4 hrs
      Forsaken Hero 4 hrs

      All of them can be +/- 2 HRS depending on whether the author chose to use references or plays on words… or sacrificed a goat to the Cipher Gods.

  4. For Each Series another button or Option you can Chose when donating and the how much $ depend on the Text and oje fast it is done also I would suggest you to do an cap of sponsored chapters per week or you can’t get it done with Collage and work

  5. I think based on limited time/ translate time/ and editing time that you should so donations at around $50-70. Though I would reccomend asking other translators that also get donations so you can price them correctly. Though it should be in 50-70 range usually.

  6. IMO as long as you still do the baseline number of chapters a week, adding a donate button isn’t bad. Even if you’re not confident in your work, its the donator’s decision on whether or not they want a new chapter despite what you think your quality of translation is.

  7. I Would Not Donate. Not Being A Jerk Or Ungrateful or Whatever Just My Income Is $0 per Year So I Don’t Have any To Give

    1. I’m right there with ya dude, else I would definitely donate to wuxiaworld for giving me hours of entertainment…!

  8. Ads and or donate button but do not tie donations to releases.
    Make it very clear that donations are optional and will not impact the quality or speed of the translations.

  9. That one is a difficult problem. From my own experience you won’t get around having a proper job while college if you don’t have some external financial support. Even if the loan for studying is disadvantageous at first view, you should still properly consider it as the time you spent jobbing will be deducted from the time you can focus on studying.
    Now as for getting money via commissions: I can only tell you this much. To actually get enough money to properly finance your studies/life/etc. you would need to put in quite a bit of time into translation and that is only assuming that there are enough people willing to steadily provide you with funds for bonus chapters. Both things are a rather uncertain gambles, timewise and moneywise.
    While I love the translations you do and am a huge supporter of the series you are translating, I still think it would be better for yourself to either look into the loan matter once more or check for better paying part-time jobs. You might also want to consider doing both, a small part time job boosted with a smaller loan.
    Well in the end it is your call of course, just my 2 cents here. 🙂


  10. well just setup a donate button, those that can donate can donate and those that cannot donate dont.
    but setting a limitation is not the right way though, just have the button and or those adds to get some revenue.

  11. I could give a bit as a donation. But I wouldn’t be able to do it regularly and probably not enough for your needs. Besides loans, maybe look into applying for scholarships to have money for school expenses? It seems like a more reliable choice than betting on a donation system.

    1. I’m going to be doing everything I can to possibly keep bills paid!

      I just hope I can continue to translate, as I quite like doing it…

  12. I would honestly say… Change country and colleague.. OFC that’s highly not possible (or impossible), so I would also suggest to just put up every single thing you can to gain money somehow, might help in the short and long term.

      1. I’d recommend the normal donate for chapters thing. I’ve seen a few that do one or two per week and then donations go for extra chapters. That way the followers can choose what they want more of, then you fix it so the longer and harder to translate novels cost more. Also find some people with too much free time to proof read so you don’t have to.

  13. You should add a donation button. I’m not sure about $ per chapter but at very least you might get people donating just because you need money.

    That said, I don’t think it is very likely that you’ll get $2,500 worth of donations.

  14. I would suggest putting off translations until only when you have the time to do them and focus on full time job that has insurance at least that will cut down your cost and get you some more money (maybe) the most important part is you not the translation no matter what other people might think

  15. set it at 60 bucks a chapter, five hours ish at 12 an hour. just a couple chaps a week gets you over 6000 a year (with no weeks off) cut that into semesters and it might not cover all of your deficit but would definitely make a dent in any extra work/loans needed

  16. I think a donate button would be good regardless but I dont think making it a chapter by chapter donation or what do i know if you do decide to make it so clearly note what this and that donation is going and so on makes it alot easier to see if i donate thats where the money is going

  17. oh forgot to say donation wont be steady cash flow so add the donate button and think of it as a extra something to help you get motivation and time to translate and just translate when you have time

  18. Well, if possible, I’d say just go study in England, but that may be a bit hard ^^ I’m broke too, so I don’t think I can donate anything (I’m lucky that in France, studies are mostly free). Good luck with your problem though!

  19. If you’re not confident on your skills, the I suggest you to make the donations for more chapters of The Restart. That one you don’t have to translate, since it’s your original work, which also means less issues with DMCA take-off requests.

    1. True.

      But I worry about forcing myself to write more of it and just rambling…

      I don’t know — I’ll definitely consider it though! <3

  20. Honestly, I would cut classes to halftime and work more. If you go to school at least half time, your loans (stafford etc) don’t go into repayment and continue to have their interest subsidized.

    I tried to go to school full time and worked about 50 hours a week (adding up all my part time jobs) as well. I crashed and burned. HARD. If I had been willing to cut back my school hours to half, I doubt I would have ended up dropping out for 5-6 years before going back to school.

    Just reposting this in case you were too stressed to read comments when I posted befoe:

    If you’re going to school in the U.S. it is possible to appeal financial aid decisions. With regard to having too many credits, they might ask you to make a graduation plan before they grant the appeal. I’m in the same boat having switched my major and having dropped out of school and gone back.

    I hope it works out, I know how stressful it is!

  21. Make a donate button with choices on which novel they want it on, and um make the donation process simple and stuff cause when i tried donating in wuxiaworld it took me a while to actually donate cause i find it complicated unlike when buying stuff online.(not sure if irs possible to make it simpler but you know might aswell ask xD) well for the amount around $50-/+ would sound about right. And um im not really rich so in the donating part don’t expect much from im not even 18 and only do part time xD

    1. Ps. Hope everything works out well for you and thank you for the past work you’ve done and will do in the NEAR(lol) future xD

    2. I’ll try and explain it in a bit more detail when I make the page, but for now:

      There are three buttons on the right hand side of the screen that each give me a reference tag as to which series you want.

  22. Consider studying abroad. The cost of a quality education in Usa is very high and even the best schools has too few teachers per student. I recomend Finland last i checked. They got a wonderful education system in english.

  23. First off, screw everyone else, take care of yourself first, if you go down, there won’t be a future.
    now, in my opinion, adding a donation bar is fine, though I don’t know if a x base before trans thing is a good or bad idea, I’m not one to judge on that. However, I do know that if you screw yourself over obligations for strangers over the internet, you’re more than likely to question why you translate anyways.
    Thus, my answer is gonna be vague but valid; screw us, take care of yourself, then worry about this site and the trans

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