Open question concerning LDM

The way LDM is written (dialogue) uses a large amount of slang.

I attempted in these first few chapters to show the characters talking, well, not ‘perfectly’ as far as grammar and sentence structure is concerned; as well as use more simple wordings. Should I continue this practice or use wordings to closer what I use in dragon’s bloodline?

Oh, and random thing: Rokuko adds -kashira to the end of more than half of her sentences. She’s pretty unsure about everything she says ROFL. (It’s a feminine ending)

15 thoughts on “Open question concerning LDM

  1. i’ve enjoyed the series (and the manner in which you’ve translated it), i think the -endings that some characters add to their sentences… well, most are meh, but they’re still part of the character

    also, thanks for your time and effort in doing these translations for us~
    i personally have greatly enjoyed forsaken hero
    smiled wryly as i read through happy peach
    and am enjoying (while looking forward to more) LDM
    (have only read 2ch of DBL so far, so havent decided if i enjoy it or not :P)

    1. You know, outside of translating I have never thought of even using the word ‘wryly’…. Like… Wtf even is a wry smile? Rofl

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