Nothing Today

Halfway finished with Happy Peach 5, but not going to be able to finish it today. <– Became errand runner for the day

If anyone knows of some good free (or VERY cheap) WordPress themes like this one, I'm all ears. I can't modify this one at all but anything but super dark websites give me headaches… Yeah.

I'll have HP 5 and DB 16 out tomorrow if all goes as planned.


8 thoughts on “Nothing Today

    1. Probably not…

      The last chapter of Happy Peach is as long as its first — that is, stupidly large.

      Like, 5 dragon’s bloodline chapters in length.

      1. Just for curious

        I thought that you had the intention to finish Forsake Hero before to continue others problems

        Have happened something?

        1. Yeah.

          Decided to rotate which chapters I do at a rate of 2 per week in order: FH -> DB -> HP with anything extra from donations. This week is slightly special in that I’ll be releasing as many chapters as possible to clear the donation queue, though.

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