Messing with the Site

If you notice the site looks different

I’m messing with it.

I miss the old theme.

Paying the money to subscribe for the custom design tool was impossible though… that text was tiny.


11 thoughts on “Messing with the Site

  1. It’s slightly easier to read but only because it’s now black text on a white background rather than grey text on a black background.
    I had no problems with the old font size.

  2. This is better. Readable Font>Environment.

    I like the dark theme, but the font was hard to read because it was too small.

    welp, there’s always zoom.

  3. The old site wasn’t that bad for me… after I changed the textcolor to two shades lighter. The gray text was pretty hard to read. No issues with fontsize here.

    Currently, the white background surrounded by black makes it seem extra bright, I think? The sad part is when i change the background color, I end up with an odd white border around the background color of my choosing

    Those were my thoughts while fiddling with the NoSquint plugin.

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