Let’s Get the Ball Rolling

Thank you so much for your input everyone! I’ll try and sum up what I read and my responses (sorry if I miss something here):

  • Donations won’t hurt. Unless you overwork, then STAHP IT.
    • <3
  • Apply for other grants.
    • Doing this! Even writing to the ones that need essays… >.<
  • Cut back on college to part time.
    • Impossible! Transferring out from this city college to a proper 4 yr next fall semester and I need full time to finish in time! Upside is I’ve finished quite a large portion of my bachelor already…
  • $50-$70/Chapter
    • This seems high… I’ll start at the minimum suggested and see how that works. If it turns out that is too much–as I suspect–I’ll lower it!
  • Put off translating until I have more time
    • … But I like translating. :<
  • Don’t do a $-for-chapter system.
    • I fear that might cause me to slack off honestly…
  • Donations won’t be steady cash, don’t rely on it
    • I’m definitely going through multiple avenues for cash right now! (Including working on getting the $2500/semester back, though it looks unlikely…)
  • Move to England.
    • That would be amazing. Oh well.



I’ll be putting up the donate buttons here in a moment and start TLing again right now. I think I should have an extra 1 chapter of each thing TLed in advance so that I don’t get overwhelmed… so I’ma try and do that. $50/chapter will be what I start at but will lower it if that is too high.


I’ll put up a proper donation explanation page later tonight or tomorrow in the morning. For now, I’ll go with this:



  1. Two chapters per week. Subject to change as my schedule allows. Cycle between FH > DB > HP. Consider The Restart chapters freebies.
  2. Three extra chapters per week maximum.
  3. No chapters during midterms and finals.


I’ll notify everyone in advance if any of the rules change. Note that any changes will be on the soon-to-be-posted Donations page.


On a side note, I made some custom donate buttons… because reasons. The bright yellow would look weird with my site’s theme. I’ll add donation trackers… once I figure out how they work.


29 thoughts on “Let’s Get the Ball Rolling

  1. Don’t forget you can try national guard for free too nearly free college and all you have to do is 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks for a summer… Almost forgot but you have to pass your PT test and then it is nearly free college depending on what state guard you join…

  2. Its a drop in the bucket, but have you tried going to a plasma “donation” center? You can go as much as once a week and it’s an extra 100-200 usd a month.

    1. I may or may not have a phobia of needles.

      I know it’s all in my head, but I get ghost pains from wherever I’m poked with ’em days later… >.<

      Though, if it's between that and my car…

      1. Well, if you’re gonna donate something, I’ve got an idea that’s a bit less “painful”.
        But you have to be a guy, though.
        Well, still better than needles, right?
        Death to the needles!

  3. Any way to donate for specific chapters (to speed up the ones we want rather than a general ‘help the TL’ donation button) ? This could be a kind of guiding light from your loyal friends/readers

    1. Right side of the page, there are three different buttons. Whichever one you pick will give me a reference tag of the correct series.


    1. That’s an interesting question.

      It wouldn’t exactly help with what problems I’m having, but… games are fun.

      Very fun.

      1. Torrents are free.
        I’ve got like a thousands $ worth of game on my laptop, but I didn’t pay for it.
        I mean, here it’s 90$ a game.
        I’d be able to play only at xmas…
        I know it’s kind of (totally) illegal, but…

        1. Gah… Too tired to finish DB chap tonight… Will post tomorrow…

          Chapter 13 — Ogre King


  4. Seeing as you have enough donations for 10½ chapters of Dragon’s Bloodline , if I were to donate 150 for the renaming 3 Happy Peach chapters, would that go to the very back of the cue or will you alternate between them?

  5. Hi ziru. Thanks for all these chapters you’re giving us & I’m very sorry I cant donate anything. I live in the Philippines & the donate button isnt really applicable in our country.

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