Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 8

This chapter confused the hell out of me in a few parts.

Well, it’s k.

Few things:

  • TLed ‘まぁいい’ -> ‘Whatever’ instead of ‘Well it’s fine’ or ‘It’s okay’. I believe it feels more like what the character would say in English…
  • The word for Rookie/Newcomer is the same for both. It’d probably be awkward to read the sentences if I didn’t separate them.
  • PLEASE feel free to give suggestions on rewordings/corrections to everything I post. I don’t have an editor/proofreader and if you’ve ever written something like an essay before, you know how hard it is to catch ALL of your own errors… That, and some of the wordings are awkward and I couldn’t come up with a more sensible way to say the sentence. On a few of them I think I dropped a word or two because it just sounded plain awkward in English.

Now that that’s out of the way… enjoy!

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