Info Update #X — @Redditors

To make it easier to find new updates, I’m going to start posting notifications for new chapters on /r/LightNovels.

I know it can get annoying if you don’t use wordpress often! Sorry I didn’t do it sooner. I was worried about messing it up, haha.

Oh yeah, working on Dragon’s Bloodline right now. Should be out in a few hours.

Since this is the first week I have donations up, I’ll just be translating nonstop all week to clear out the monstrous queue we have going with Dragon’s Bloodline…

Well, that said I’ll be doing another chapter of Happy Peach after this Dragon’s Bloodline.

Thanks for your time.




16 thoughts on “Info Update #X — @Redditors

      1. I’d believe it, I use that to keep track of any updates from various translators instead of checking blogs one by one.

  1. Can you uhm like change the homepage a bit, i mean in the content of your posts like make it a link instead like with happy peach instead of the whole chapter there at the homepage cause its kinda hard to scroll through each whole chapter to find out if there’s anything we’ve missed. Just a suggestion though, thanks for all the work! Really appreciate it 🙂

  2. This is just a feeble request but could you translate chapter 6 of happy peach together with chapter 5? You don’t have to if you don’t want to but isn’t chapter 6 the last chapter?

    1. The only problem is that happy peach 5+6 would take about the same amount of time as 4 dragons bloodline chapters. >.<

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