Info Update — Why isn’t this a Schedule!?

Yo, everyone!

Hope everyone’s had a good week. Don’t know about you guys but I can’t wait to see what happens next in LDM… and DB… and GCR… not so much FH though. Hrm.

On to why this isn’t a Schedule of the Week post!

Well, here’s reasons in bullet format!

  • At Chico, CA right now and a good ~150 mi away from my computer. I have my laptop, though TLing on it is a slight hassle.
  • At Chico right now to talk to a counselor, followed by an adviser, about transferring into it next Fall semester and what the focus of their Computer Science program is, etc.
  • With the two above reasons, I’ve been spending my extra time the past few days revising the approximate 12k words from The Restart into a single chapter, fixing the two major inconsistencies, giant plot hole, and making everything—specifically dialogue—sound much less cheesy. Replacing a few of the longer words with, err, ‘dumbed-down’ versions has helped immensely with the overall flow of reading. I’ve been wanting to work on it for a while and just haven’t had the time, so it’s been pretty nice to do so now.
  •  “So you’re spending time on The Restart but not TLing!? Why?” — Ignoring that I want to work on The Restart, it’s as I said, TLing on my laptop is a bit of a pain. A three hour chapter can easily turn into five, eek. That and I’m staying at a friend’s house and I think it’d be pretty rude to ignore him for hours at a time… (~’.’)~
  • That said, I’ll be starting to working on them when I get home Wednesday night. I can’t guarantee anything but I’m going to try and release 4 ‘guaranteed’ chapters to make up for last week.

I’ve also managed to horribly mess up my sleep schedule. 10:30PM and I just woke up a few mins ago… hehe… BlizzCon happened~

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