Info Update — Soon(tm)

Have some time today and tomorrow. I’ve been teaching myself c# lately through making rather simple things in Unity to prepare for a certain class I have next semester. Also may or may not have spent an exorbitant amount of time with Terraria 1.3 … I ADMIT NOTHING. >.>

Seriously though, I’ll have more time to do things here again now.

Going to try and release 1 chapter of Restart, Dragon’s Bloodline, and Forsaken Hero before tomorrow is finished–in that order.

If I have more time than expected, I will continue after that with another Dragon’s Bloodline and Forsaken Hero.

P.S. I’m going to attempt to keep the chapters of Restart to around 2k words per. For comparison, DB is ~1.2k and FS ~1.4k (Estimates from memory here). This is mainly to challenge myself, as I usually try to keep my writing concise and would like to be able to expand areas where needed… as some of you probably noticed I skimmed over some parts in previous chapters that I probably shouldn’t have.

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