Info Update — Schedule of the Week


Up this week on the chapter pipeline are:

  1. Thursday: Happy Peach — Chapter 6
  2. Friday: Forsaken Hero — Story 4-9
  3. Friday: Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 17 (Extra Chap)
  4. Saturday: ~Special~


First, I’ll say that Chapter 6 of Happy Peach–the final chapter–is long as heck. Accordingly, translating it takes a while! So that’s why it’ll take ’till Thursday…. sorry, ne~


Also, I’m going to disable the Happy Peach donations now that it will be ending. Thanks again for the support!


Stay tuned and enjoy your day!


22 thoughts on “Info Update — Schedule of the Week

  1. But…but… “my” happy peach :'(
    Is it really the “final” chapter?? If it ends, I won’t be able to fap anymore! *cries*

  2. Thanks you very much!!

    How long is the final chapter compared to the previous chapters? Is it too long to not fit on the hole of the Kurihara-san’s peach?

    1. It’s the same length as the first chapter.

      ~9 hours of seriously working on it, but I’m also preparing something for this weekend on the side.

    1. Next one probably won’t be lewd, but a few weeks from now Forsaken Hero should be completed and I’ll be on the hunt again.

  3. 8x donations requested for dragon bloodline =1 chapter

    60% donations requested for forsaken hero =6 chapters

    Not feeling any love…😒

    1. Dont complain he’s only been doing db and happy peach when he started with forsaken hero.
      Plus it’s only one chapter suck iit up.

  4. So ziru are u gunna lets us vote on a group of series that u would like to translate or are u open for suggestions.
    What i means is like will u let us pic from ur top ten novels to translate. Also what are u studying in college to become?

    1. For picking series for me to TL, I’ll have to decline for now. Though… I’m pretty sure the ones I’ve been eyeing will be liked =)

  5. I’m absolutely giddy awaiting the last chapter of Happy Peach, any estimation when it will drop today?

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