Info Update — On the Topic of Forsaken Hero

Author of Forsaken Hero. Going to delete volume 4 entirely and re-do it.

I was almost done with 4-16 too… Well, I didn’t proofread(lol) what was finished.

Screw it.

I am going to post what I have of 4-16 now, if anyone wants to finish it/the rest, go for it. It is no longer canon material. The entire arc(volume) will be re-done by the author in the future.

I am both happy and angry at these turn of events.

On one hand, his colleagues told him to not ____ Shield. I don’t like what happened to Shield. They also mentioned pacing issues. Well, I don’t think I need to TL/relay the post since google-sensei does a decent job at it.

On the other hand, I’ve said before that I won’t drop series, and I stand by that. I’m not dropping Forsaken Hero. At the same time, I’m not going to spend another 20+ hours working on content that the author himself regrets writing. This isn’t how he intended it to be, and I will respect that. When he begins revising the chapters, I will work on them. When this happens, I will post more information on how this will affect my translations as that will effectively bring my concurrent series up to four.

I do not want to thin myself out so much that everyone feels the series are updated too slowly.

Thanks to anon for informing me that he updated his page saying all of this.

Here’s the link to the unfinished (Story 4-16).

Sorry for those hoping to see how Forsaken Hero ends… but I believe waiting for the ‘true’ ending will be better when all is said and done.

In the end, I am slightly off-put by this turn of events. Not sure if I am going to work on Dragon’s Bloodline right now. Maybe tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding.



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  1. Say what… you didn’t like what happened to shield? Though I stopped reading when vol 4 started. I can say I was honestly disappointed ledread wasn’t a heroine… Shit happens man, authors fuck people over. Lets read some novels tho ^_^

  2. Nice, now er just wait for the perfected forsaken hero, in the mean time, will you go on with The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist or will you wait for the perfected volume 4 to come out and translate that first?

  3. This seems fair. The author definitely messed up with the sudden “oh this guy overpowers your entire part combined, steals the healer, and can kill you permanently, but spares you while killing best girl instead.” Something here just doesn’t sit right with me like the part where he doesn’t go hunt for the MC and wipe him entirely as soon as he gets into decent condition using elites while the mass of the army can act as a delaying factor to make fleeing nearly impossible due to the MC being out-experienced, out-manned, out-supplied, out-gunned, and out-everythinged. This should’ve been a BAD END situation. Terias is no fool, and he obviously knew much better. The betrayal was abrupt, the flow was shattered, and the entire volume was a fucking mess. It’s good to see the author taking responsibility and putting in the effort to craft the story he wanted to see.

    1. Nice one! Seems many also consider volume 4 to be fucked up…

      Also, why spend 3 volumes depicting OP MC only to lead MC to bad end at vol 4?

      1. Why do you think I consider it such a fucked up mess of a volume? There is no end other than bad end in that situation without obscene plot armor and unbelievable stupidity from Terias that we should all know isn’t an option.

    1. Yeah.

      I might work a bit on that tonight.

      It’ll be around 20 hrs of working on it for chapter 1, though. 40 for chapter 2 and 80 for 3. As much as possible, I don’t want to mistranslate anything…

      It takes much longer.

      Chapter 1 = A Happy Peach chapter length
      Chapter 2 = 2 Happy Peach chapter lengths
      Chapter 3 = 4 Happy Peach chapter lengths
      Epilogue is about the same length as the prologue (iirc).

      It’s pretty long ^^

      1. Wait, is it due to the difficulty in translating or is the size of each chapter is as you said, Ziru?

        If so, It is no wonder for it only to have prologue and epilogue, along with 3 chapters…

  4. Hmm, while I’ve been reading everything else that Ziru’s translating, for some unknown reason I have been pilling up Forsaken Hero since Vol 4 started… I mean, I have a freaking list of things to read and all of the releases for Vol 4 are listed there as “read only after the volume is completed”.

    What with this development!? I’m kinda curious about what happens in this version of Vol 4, but since it isn’t going to be translated anyway I think that having read an incomplete thing would be worse.

    Banzai for sixth sense!
    *proceeds to remove the old links from my list*

  5. I have not read the fourth volume because I want the whole volume to be finished yet… but seeing the comments, it feels like it will leave a heavy mark in my heart for a couple of hours (maybe even days!) if I read it so… When yeah… Dragon’s Bloodline then? Anyways, thanks as always for translating these works for us 🙂

  6. Is it me or did the author mention that there was an intention to have a fifth arc, but that he cut it short since he rushed it (chapters 10 to 18 were published on an almost daily basis)?

    1. He stopped updating for a while after intending to finish it during the summer, then wound up… Not. Then said he would post 5 more after vol 4, then… Didn’t. Now he’s redoing Vol 4.

      Well, it’s sure as heck is better than Shield dying!

  7. So shields going to be alive again in the rewrite? I was like no no no when she kept attacking terias. Its a kind of twist i like but the way it leaves a bitter aftertaste is horrible. Im pretty sure she was one of the favourite heroines and it would be fair if the rest eventually died and MC is now an emotional wreck but plot wise, it doesnt fit in the ‘started from the bottom’ theme

    1. True, MC losing something important on a “started from the bottom” story would be inappropriate. since he already lost everything. Now he’s going to lose more? That’s just some bullshit.

  8. Not surprised, volume 4 was crap. Even volume 3 had pacing issues, but volume 4 was even worse, this is possibly the only, out of the hundreds of translated and raw web novels I’ve read, that I stopped reading because of how loose the story became. The author was right to re-do it, honestly the whole volume needs to be mostly scrapped, there are all sorts of issues with it.

  9. So how did the old vol.4 end? Did it end badly? If you have read it, could you post a short summary of the last chapters? No need to translate them, but would like to know how it went as an alternate version.

    Also, looking forward to more of Lazy Dungeon Master. 😀
    And thanks for the translations!

  10. My biggest problem with this volumen is that Nanamin´s reasons for her betrayal don´t make sense at all. Let´s see:
    * Claria is who started the war an wanted to anhilate the demons.
    * The human forces and Terias isolated the demi-humans and annihilated them.
    * Messiah´s demon forces tried to help them but Terias didn´t allow them.

    So how come “Messiah abandoned the demi-humans”, “Terias-sama tried to save them” and “Terias-sama inherited everyone’s wills”? I can´t make a sense of it.

  11. Oh great and wonderful Ziru… I am unsure if it has been said yet, but as of now there are 11 parts into the revised chapter 4. While I understand if you are already taking on too much, humbly do I offer services as an editor if it would be of assistance.

  12. honestly, I stopped reading @4-2 back then, I can’t remember why. Now, after all those months, re-read from beginning to 4-16. Just finished now.

    When I read Shield died (the second time), sweat permeated… lots of it. Fuck it. I said. And then, the moment Shuri started to redeem herself it gets cut short. Unfortunate.

    Well anyway, all of Daichi’s lovers are likable. And even though I like Daichi as a MC, I still think he should not focus solely on “Magic” and starts learning physical combat and sword play in the revised vol.4, I mean, wtf is the point of those absurdly high Physical, Endurance and Agility, if he just relies on magic and fight like a kid. The Author seems to be poor at that. And is inconsistent on his Stat system and Magic ranks. Not showing it’s desired effects. To give one; how is a plain long sword able to withstand his stat-growth? or a bunch of devotees even denting Daichi?

    Anyway, that’s all for that.
    Thanks for once translating this.
    I don’t think I ever expressed my gratitude since I was reading the pdf then.

    1. thinking about it, this is your only work that I had ever read. I want to give LDM a try soon. For now, time to nab some more… probably just another Ratatas… GO just released in my country today. Lol

      1. A poster put up a link for pdfs of LDM though Act 9. Its in one of the comments for a chapter in Act 10. Its missing some edits but its mostly accurate.

        1. Oh, a familiar name.
          It’s a godsend that there’s a pdf of the translated volumes. It’s a bit late but, thanks for informing me, appreciate it ”)/

    1. Well, there’s been a LOT more posts concerning Forsaken Hero since this one that explains everything.

      The author decided to stop updating FH and take a “My Pace” approach to it while he works on other series.

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