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Just to give everyone an update in no particular order:

  • Money situation still sucks. Still figuring that out.
  • As a result of that, I’ve had trouble sticking to a single thing and tend to switch before finishing a chapter.
    • Forsaken Hero and Happy Peach are halfway done with their next chapters but… I kind of want to write a chapter of The Restart now.
      • Yes I know this is the definition of “spreading yourself too thin”. Shove it (in the peach)!
  • I’ve been playing a lot of Heroes of the Storm. Yay escapism. Reached 3100 MMR on Heroes of the Storm finally (somewhere just above Rank 1 hero league), but haven’t played enough games yet…
    • Note to self: Stop playing quick match and play ranked
    • Abathur is fun as heck. 72% win rate with him right now.
  • I will likely have a chapter out by the weekend, and another before the weekend is over. Upside to having two half-done chapters is that they are much less daunting to finish.
    • If anyone knows why it is so hard to decipher the cryptic cipher known as Dragon’s Bloodline as compared to almost every other raw I’ve read, please let me know. It’s like the author is trying to screw with me. *eye twitch*

My inactivity lately has caused so many less readers per day. /sad


6 thoughts on “Info Update #Lost Count — Things, Stuff

  1. Glad to hear about more Forsaken Hero, recently found the blog and enjoyed that and Dragon’s Bloodline a lot. Shame Dragons Bloodline is a pain in the arse for you translate. And I know all about escapism, I’m heading for mastery myself. Currently only reading these kind of novels(Cheat kind, reincarnation, summon etc) and Xianxia. Just started reading Death March, really wish is would happen to me 🙂

  2. As a storyteller myself, I would actually encourage you write Restart, or at least let it take a priority among the translations.

    Inspiration is something fickle and can either overflow or disappear quickly so it’s best to capitalize on what thoughts and ideas you have quickly. The translated stories are already written and probably be there(in another language, but still) even if you leave it, but The Restart doesn’t quite have that luxury. When you hit writer’s block or don’t know which direction you want to take the story, then you can focus on the others to draw some si

  3. Thankyou for the information dear translator!
    I will wait patiently for happy peach and forsaken heroes!
    I am just starting to read the dragon bloodline tho.

  4. you should go what wuxiaworld and accept donations for bonus chapters. 100 $ per chapter or something

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