Info Update — Definitely Worth Reading

Good News: Author of Forsaken Hero finished posting volume four.
Bad News: Five chapters to go until the series ends. That is, up to 4-18 + 5 more

Didn’t finish the chapter yesterday because I became an errand boy for my family. I’ll finish before tonight. Current roadmap looks like:

1. Forsaken Hero
2. Dragon’s Bloodline
3. The Restart (Tentative)
4. Dragon’s Bloodline

Also, altered something at the end of the newest chapter in The Restart that refers to Aden’s identity to make a possible misunderstanding go away, sorry for any confusion in advance! Honestly I’m quite happy that for every three readers of DB one reads Restart even though its plot is still a ways from kicking into full swing! ^^


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        1. I have a webnovel I’ve been wanting to TL but not sure if I’ll be able to that well.

          I have an easier time with translating DB because it has less references and simpler sentences, I almost don’t even need to use the MTLer at this point for it (save for some randomly frustrating sentences…)

          Forsaken Hero, as well as the one I’ve been eyeing, is much much harder. There’s a reason FH takes about 5-7 hrs per chapter while DB only takes about 2-3 even when their actual words/chapter is about the same.

          But… dungeon master… HRRRNGGGG. Really want to read/TL it.

                  1. insofar, I have read two(four) wn that has a Dungeon Master as the MC….
                    1. from our world, was asked by a goddess to help out a ‘troubled’ world
                    2. an old-then-turned-young-again mage who wants to do a world domination while corrupting poor helpless girls (who wouldn’t) with the aid of a summoned/contracted demon girl (surely it is plain to see what kind of demon girl this is)
                    3. a class died during a field trip, greeted by a ‘Admin’, made to draw lots on what Class they’ll have in another world, MC got [Slavemancer] (I think) ..easy to image where this is going..
                    4. a half-demon/human…. [Man-Eating Dungeon]
                    =====any of these were your desired dungeon master wn or none of them???

  1. tis a shame but every good thing must have an end or else it will become crap

      1. But that would be implying Bleach was good in the first place. Everybody does have their own opinions after all I guess.

        1. I liked everything up till Aizen’s death. They built him up as the big bad evil dude the entire manga that far… then killed him in like 4 chapters (or something small like that). Honestly the fight vs Ulquorria was my favorite part… it’s been downhill since there for me. *Shrug*

          1. I’ve liked a few separate arcs here and there but other than that it drags on too much. That’s sadly one of the main downfalls of long running manga, they’ll have good and bad arcs and sadly can’t cater to everybody’s interest.

            1. Yeah.

              I’m quite happy I haven’t grown bored of One Piece, even with the incredible amount of repetitive/drawn-out arcs, I’m still thoroughly enjoying it.

              The new power thing they introduced by way of Doflamingo seemed a bit forcibly contrived, though.

  2. He ended the series? Wasn’t the MC supposed to lead armies and stuff? To think it’s ending so soon.

    Did he have a reason to axe it?

  3. I read Dragons blood line but haven’t read book 3 or 4 of forsaken (I plan to fix that after book 4 is done) but I only plan to read restart once there’s a bit more done sorry 🙁

    1. It’s all good. I decided to have the flow of the story move at a slower pace than most LNs do anyways.

      Because it’s like that you’d obviously want to wait for there to be more chapters ^^

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