Info Update (?) — Being Sick Sucks, But…

So my sister got sick a few days ago from the children at her workplace. Two days ago, she coughed straight at me… much to my disgruntlement.

Last night, I felt I was getting sick and was like, “Egh. Drink waaaaater! Throat dry!” This morning, wake up with my throat in paaaain. Egh. Hello Honey Tea-san, I love you.

At least it means I get to translate all day? Working on Chapter 36 of Dragon’s bloodline right now… Here’s the first few sentences as a teaser because YES!

Ria didn’t think about something like how to win.
She knew she was going to win. Her objective was how to give as disgraceful a defeat as possible.
Since coming to this world and becoming royalty, she’d done the opposite of repressing it.
Ria was a sadist.

Again, sorry that it’s taken so long, awesome people who donated! I’ll knock Lazy Dungeon Master’s queue out today as well!

For ‘reasons’ (aka no homework because miracle), I have lots of time open next week. I’ll be working on Guild’s Cheat Receptionist a lot and keep the queue at 0 if anything appears in it.

Free time is nice… anyone else enjoying a sick day right now?



12 thoughts on “Info Update (?) — Being Sick Sucks, But…

  1. I donated under cheat receptionist… (in truth I am looking forward to all three). Keep up the good work and hope you feel better (kind of).

  2. I’m also too lazy to TL myself… I lived in Japan for about 6 years but the way old people talk, certain bens, and super formal speech kills me…. Kanji too, f_ing ridiculous.

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