Info Update #8 — Ease of Use & Original Story

Hello again, everyone!

So, I did some things in the pages at the top of the screen. ^^ That way! ^^

From now on all posts of [Forsaken Hero] will be using the English name, rather than romaji. Also, (Full Text) links have been added for all three of the web novels and the pages have been standardized.

Speaking of that — yes, three! I’ve taken my first steps into writing my own with [The Restart]!



… [initializing]… [failed].

I am full of shame.

I was almost too embarrassed to start writing it.

“But why doesn’t it have tags!?” you ask?

Well, that’s simple. I’m about 80% of the way done with fleshing out the plot and was holding back until I finalized it… but, well… that bit me in the butt! Haha. Well, here are some tags. I understand some of you may be turned off by things like this–there is a spoiler in the summary(DISCLAIMER: Things in the summary are subject to change depending on how the events eventually get written)–but here’s how it is:


[The Restart]


[Fantasy] Check.

[Summoned Into Another World] Check.

[Cruel Depictions] (~’.’)~ Tee-hee. ~(‘.’~)

[Harem] A definite maybe. Won’t appear early in the story–probably, at least.


Aden Asteri, a now-fourteen year old boy, was raised in an orphanage before coming to a place known as the Haven Academy; known for its advanced academics. Just before his eighth end of year exam began, the world suddenly lost color and time stopped for all but him and a mysterious white fox with two tails that could speak. With his blood burning and his body freezing, he couldn’t follow the situation at all.

Unable to suppress the abilities that appeared from his Awakening and unable to atone for dragging everyone into his classroom into the battle that was thrust upon him, he chose to protect them all. However, they were scattered from the forced teleportation. How will Aden fulfill his goals?

“It’s almost time for your dream to come to an end…”




[Dragon’s Bloodline] will resume in a week! However, my focus will still be primarily on [Forsaken Hero] until it’s completion!



Thank you for your patience with my ramblings, everyone. *bows*


Have a nice day!

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