Info Update #7 — Plans for the Future

As you should already know, I have been working on translating two web novels; namely: ‘Dragon’s Bloodline’ and ‘The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero’.

Currently, I see somewhere around 17 more chapters of FH to translate before catching up to the current release and DB has a very long way to go–more than 80. I have decided that as of today I will be focusing on FH until I run out of chapters.

Why? Well, there are primarily two reasons for this decision. The first is that I want to see what happens with the plot. The second is… I found another web novel (completely released, R18) that I know readers of FH will love, but I don’t want to juggle three series and become one of those TLers that never releases consistent chapters. Two is my limit, and I am personally enjoying DB too much to consider dropping it. Hopefully I can manage catching up in that time… I hope you all will understand where I am coming from. (Note: if/when FH begins being updated by the author again I will also continue to TL it.)


tl;dr: For now, DB will be on a 2-3 week hiatus. FH will be my focus.


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              1. I’m not sure if the author has published anything more. The only reason we have chapter one is because it has not been completely rewritten.

          1. It’s in solistia’s blog, google haruparty. It’s being retranslated since the author rewrote all but the first chapter…

  1. I didnt like when the mc of DB was a girl (cant remember but a female deagon right?) (im not a sexist but i dont like imagen myself as a female) so i am very happy of the course of your actions!

    1. Well, once FH is caught up I’ll focus of DB for a bit before picking up the other one at least

  2. Understood

    So first “finish” (available material) of FH, logical

    In this case, will you become DB in your main project after this?

    Pd:Do you have any intention to create a FH volume 3 pdf or no?

    1. Finish FH to open [Slot A].
      Move FH in to [Slot X]. Obviously X means current right?
      Catch up a little on DB in [Slot B].
      Put super mega amazing novel in [Slot A].
      Continue as I have been.

    1. brief summary”One day in a sunny leisure day, a woman visited my house and asked me if I’m interested in managing a dungeon along with support offer from goddess. But of course, I refused. Eh? I shouldn’t ignore person in trouble, moreover if it’s beautiful woman? No way that’s too bothersome and why do I have to do that? I’m perfectly satisfied with my comfortable life now, throwing it away is just overly stupid…… …sigh, fine, so it’s go to another world, become a dungeon master, manage a dungeon and deal with Mana circulation problem? Understood, but how to do it? Let me show you how to “

        1. I realize my folly for bringing it up now, but I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up in the case I decide on another web novel. Though unlikely, the possibility always exists!

          1. Honestly, I’ll read whatever you recommend and TL. I mean I love both SYNE and DB, so I’m sure you’ll pick another awesome one,

          2. Fine, can’t be helped i suppose, then could you just give some tags so we know what kind of story it will be ? Considering the R-18 i’m hoping for a gender-bender too^^

            Though if anyone else knows a good one like that i would appreciate a direction 😉

            1. R18, BBEG MC, extreme violence and sexual activity.

              Thought it would be a good fill-in for FH.

              It balances out the cutesy yuri genderbender 😉

  3. ok. do what you want. Its smart that you’re sticking to 2 novel. Ive seen Tlers pick up a dozen and only translate one chap per week for a new project then stop and pick a new randomly.
    There needs to be a system placed where Tl groups are limited to a certain extent if they cant handle the workload. Im not saying to offend any groups. Heck most are doing great. There just those few that dont think they got a limit.
    Im personaly annoy by a certain group. Though I cant do anything since TLers use their own time for us readers.
    I respect all TLer groups but respect the ones that know their limits even more.
    Guess what Im saying is -Dont bite off more then you can handle-
    Srry for going NAG MODE. Just needed blow some frustration.
    Thk for all the work that you do for us readers.

    1. No need to apologize, in the end this is the internet and it’s all of our hobbies, be it reading or translating. You put emotional investment into something, and in my opinion that gives you the ability to speak your mind.

      1. I think part of it is that its quite demoralizing to translate something thag isn’t popular. It makes you feel like you are wasting so much time only to not have people read it. This is one of the reason why i really appreciate things like flower’s synopsis sundays to advertise and help out new translators

    1. Well… my quality is pretty bad compared to yours. Like, if there is a complicated sentence I won’t spend the 30-50 minutes to figure it out completely at this point — I will leave a note that it is off and continue on. This hurts the quality of pieces quite significantly, though it is in exchange for having the releases at all. For higher quality works like yours, you don’t have that option!

      Speaking of stupidly ridiculous bits, there is one in 4-3 that I can’t even. I just can’t. It starts talking about tomatoes OUT OF NOWHERE

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