Info Update #7 — Plans for the Future

As you should already know, I have been working on translating two web novels; namely: ‘Dragon’s Bloodline’ and ‘The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero’.

Currently, I see somewhere around 17 more chapters of FH to translate before catching up to the current release and DB has a very long way to go–more than 80. I have decided that as of today I will be focusing on FH until I run out of chapters.

Why? Well, there are primarily two reasons for this decision. The first is that I want to see what happens with the plot. The second is… I found another web novel (completely released, R18) that I know readers of FH will love, but I don’t want to juggle three series and become one of those TLers that never releases consistent chapters. Two is my limit, and I am personally enjoying DB too much to consider dropping it. Hopefully I can manage catching up in that time… I hope you all will understand where I am coming from. (Note: if/when FH begins being updated by the author again I will also continue to TL it.)


tl;dr: For now, DB will be on a 2-3 week hiatus. FH will be my focus.

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